Raping our Oceans to the Point of No Return

It sure turned out to be a beautiful day in North Iowa with the sun shining and gentle breezes, and especially our temps being back in the 70’s range. Now that we’re in the first week of September, I’m really noticing the corn and beans beginning to show signs of nearing the end of their life cycles. One of the sweet corn growers in our area decided to grow some very late season corn, and when ready, I’ll have to seek them out and buy a dozen or two. From what I remember, the late corn always tasted best.

With it being Sunday morning, I headed to my little quiet corner and performed my spiritual exercise which when finished, left me refreshed and invigorated. Most of my thoughts and prayers were sent to a family who just recently lost one of its elderly members, and since they’re a close-knit family, I’m sure it’s going to send ripples of grief thru their entire clan. I’ll be sending a sympathy card to them in the morning, just to let them know they’re being thought of in their time of grief.

Today was my Sunday to play over at St. Paul Lutheran Church, and in spite of my having arrived at office earlier, I found myself being a little late getting over there, and when I did, the person who normally unlocks the church was also late, so we walked in together.

There was a visiting pastor who presided over their Service, and unfortunately, I managed to make several noticeable slip-ups with their entrance hymn which stirred me up enough to make other silly mistakes on the others, but luckily not so obvious. After it was over, I walked down and apologized to the group of ladies standing there. They pretty much dismissed it as just something that just happened. One of them said, “I’m just thankful you’re up there and I’m down here.” I did freely admit I’d not practiced that new piece enough, and it being completely my fault. Another happened to be a little shocked I’d not heard it before, and truthfully, I may have heard something of the order, but never seeking it out and playing it on a piano or organ. Each time I’m over there, I make sure to play their vintage organ for about twenty minutes or so before they begin, and only because several of them have asked why I’m not playing it. I just tell them I have to follow my given instructions, and mine being not to play it until it’s been serviced. I did notice someone had played it since I was there because the bench was moved and the stops were changed. For some reason, I felt exceptionally comfortable playing it, which for me was unusual since I’d not played it for nearly three weeks.

With some time to kill after their Services were over, I changed my clothes and went back to my out of doors project, and worked at it for about three hours until I had to meet a buyer at a home around mid-afternoon. Oh how absolutely wonderful it was when finding myself completely immersed in the beauty and solitude of nature, and today was the perfect day for it.

I did happen upon a giant mushroom which was almost the size of a soccer ball and at first glance, I thought it was a piece of plastic that had blown into the yard. When I drew closer, I noticed it was something on the order of what I’d seen before, but this time it was pure white. I took the above photo of it, just so you’d have an idea of what it looked like. It would’ve been complete if an animal hadn’t broken it, and by the looks of it, the imprint on it, was a deer’s. It also looked as if it had eaten a small portion of it. After all these years of living in North Iowa, that’s only the second time I’ve seen one of them. Kinda creepy looking don’t you think?

Having not watched the time closer, I found myself racing to get back to office and get myself changed back into my Realtor clothes, just so I’d make my appointment on time.  Luckily I made it, and thankfully the buyer was a few minutes late, so at least I had the front door unlocked for him by the time he walked up the steps.

The showing went well, and I think he’ll want to take another look at it before making an offer. I’m sure he’ll be calculating future expenses he’ll have if he does purchase it. I made sure to point out everything I noticed including the bat droppings around the chimney in its walk-up attic. As chance would have it, our office had that home listed a number of years ago, which made it easier for me to give him the whole run-down on the property. I’m sure the people driving by were wondering what we were doing when out at the front sidewalk and measuring the width of the lot, and the only reason for it, was a questionable patch of perennials along the property line which looked a bit unsightly. Our measurements confirmed it was on the home I was showing. I won’t be surprised if he’ll want to take another look at it tomorrow afternoon.

Since I was out on the east side of our City, I stopped at a groceteria to pick up a few things, and while I was in the meat department, I noticed they had frozen salmon on sale, and just before I carried one of them off, I looked at the back of the package, and there I found that it had been processed in China. “No thank you very much!”, I said to myself, and forevermore, I’ll be checking the country of origin on all fish I purchase from here on out, because the whole world knows that those fleets of Chinese fishing boats are raping our oceans to the point of no return. The greed of men is what’s going to turn our world into something unimaginable. The concept of sustainability is definitely not in the vocabulary of the Chinese. How terribly sad.

I’m hoping to have a full free day tomorrow, just so I can get some much-needed exterior work done, and with our temps being pleasant, there couldn’t be a better time. I’m definitely savoring each and every day of this weather, and hopefully it’ll continue on into October because I’ll have some late-season veggies to get harvested.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.

Joe Chodur

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