Anyone can be Knocked off their Perch

It was definitely a whirlwind day with it being the first of the month which contained my normal list of to do’s, along with a larger number of appointments I had with home showings. At least our weather has finally cooled down which made for a pleasant day in spite of it being overcast.

One of my noontime drop-ins was a gentleman who stopped by to pick up a small gift I had for him, and while there, we ended up on the subject of the unfairnesses we see taking place within our community. I was somewhat shocked to hear his mentioning the same people and the questionable things they’ve been doing over the years. Of course my big gripe was how some who shall remain nameless, seem to get their wants and needs fulfilled without the miles of red tape our ordinary citizens have to go thru. Before leaving he said, “When you discover what their inside tracks are, make sure I’m the first to know.”

There’ve been several showings on my listing at 2802 S. Jefferson already, and as chance would have it, I personally showed it to a single person who likes it well enough to where she wants me to open it up again tomorrow afternoon for her significant other’s opinion. Considering what her wants and needs are, I’d say she’d be a good fit for that charming one bedroom.

My third-time showing today over at Prairie Place on 1st went well, and this time there were even more family members in the group. I gave them the full tour of both remaining units, and then left them to themselves in the community room to talk about it. In the meantime, I went over to the activities room and had a good chat with three of the residents who were busy working on a jigsaw puzzle.

One of the residents mentioned how she’s going to miss seeing me over there, and without hesitation, I replied how sad I’ll be after those last two are sold because they’ve all become more like an extended family to me. I went on to say how I believe that as we grow older, family becomes less important while close friends grow more, and likely because we share more in common which is why I think it a bit crazy when seeing elderly parents uprooting themselves from communities they’ve lived in nearly their entire lives, and end up moving into areas where their working children are living. I’ve seen such mistakes made far too many times, and usually ending up being hardships in more ways than one. Of course I leave people to do whatever they want, but at least they’ve heard my soapbox opinions regarding the relocating to unfamiliar metro areas.

Perhaps some day after these hair-brained projects our City has put forth with that idiotic Music Man Square, along with its bridge to nowhere, our City Council and Administrator will finally realize that that such money pits are not what are going to keep our City in the black. Whomever got them to drink their kool-aid to where they’re now believing that if we offer all these night-life attractions, corporations will seek us out and start locating factories and offices in our fair City, and only because we’ve spent millions of dollars on things our City fathers believe will be their attractants. I’m sorry, but that sounds more like a fairy tale instead of real life. If we build, they will come, is only part of the script of the Field of Dreams, and not real world.

When we look at the progressive moves Clear Lake has made, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that they’re sitting right at the Interstate, they have a big chunk of seasonal tourism, and a City Administrator along with a Council that’s not only welcoming, but also level-headed. After getting a good look-round their Downtown yesterday, I’d say they’ve got their act together. If nothing else, I’d say our City fathers had best look to them for guidance.

For one thing, Clear Lake doesn’t have the blighted neighborhoods we have, and whenever there are first-time arrivals to our fair City, you can bet they see more than we do, and only because we’ve grown used to looking at it. It’s sort of like whenever you meet someone who’s a little on the homely side, but after being around them long enough, we soon over-look their physical faults. Most don’t realize that first impressions are the ones that last.

Will it change? Probably not because our house and building hoarders will likely never stop until they’ve had some life-threatening experiences, and then finally realize they’re not going to live forever. For those few, it’s very true when saying, “For them, enough is never enough.” Yes, power offers many of those weak of characters, a feeling of security, but unfortunately they don’t realize that just about anyone can be knocked off their perch, and as they’ve said for generations, “The bigger they are, the harder they’ll fall.”

On a positive note, I’ve been sharing some of my own ideas with a select few about resurrecting real commerce in our City, and believe it or not, they’ve not fallen on deaf ears. I shared one of my ideas with another some years ago, but unfortunately that person took it and ran too far with it which was another big mistake. Several times that particular one has thanked me for the tip, but I’ve yet to say, “You went way too far.”

After hearing about Worth County being declared a disaster by our Governor, I asked a woman who owns land up there, and she proceeded to tell me there were some areas that received nine inches or more of rain. Wow! That was three more than we got. No wonder the Shell Rock River went from being nearly dry to running high and free.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Complacency is a state of mind that only exists in retrospective: it has to be shattered before being ascertained.

Joe Chodur

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