Any Sort of Respect for our Struggling Elderly

We didn’t get the expected rain last night, but it was misting out earlier which made for a feeling of being in a sauna while outdoors until the cloud cover cleared and the sun started drying things off.

With no real estate appointments or accompanying at a church, my only scheduled task, was to head to my darkened corner and get my Sunday morning spiritual exercise done while it was still early and quiet outdoors. It was another good session which left me refreshed and expunged of all that nasty stuff I’d accumulated this past week. As I’ve said before, these many months of contemplative praying, has helped me far more than I would’ve ever imagined.

With a number of outdoor tasks on my list for today, I hurried and changed my clothes and headed off to work on some additional yard clean-up. I wasn’t beating myself up to get it done, because it’s just not worth it when having to pay for it the next day or two, so I just took my sweet time, and stopped for a few short rests and water breaks when I thought were needed.

Since I don’t plug myself into any music like most do, I just enjoyed the outdoor silence, but unfortunately there’d be a song or a hymn that would suddenly start playing in my mind, and one of them was stuck far too long, to where I had to finally say to myself, “Stop listening to that!” I finally managed to make it stop by tuning in “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” which was sung by Judy Garland. Yes, her voice did the trick. I’m still wondering why that one came to mind when trying to think of something that would distract me from that hymn. Oh well, it worked and that’s all that mattered.

While toiling away and in deep thought about a number of things, I couldn’t help thinking about a very good article I read in The Economist magazine a few years ago which talked about how meritocracy is ruining our middle class. When I saw the graph they’d shown which followed decades of rising division in incomes, I was completely in agreement because I remember too well how things used to be before meritocracy got a good stranglehold on America.

First of all, back before this all got started, we didn’t have City Administrators, or paid City Council members, along with all the other department heads that jump around from one community to another until they finally hit “pay dirt” with their salaries.

When I see how much school superintendents, principals, and even some of their staff make, is just another reason why our struggling middle class is fast-falling from being the backbone of America. I can understand people with exceptional talents being paid such large amounts, but pencil pushers who do nothing but sit and follow their prescribed duties? Absolutely not.

You many wonder why so many municipalities and corporations are sub-contracting now instead of having their own workers do it. Well, it’s all about cutting payrolls and benefits, just so those in upper management can keep their fat paychecks coming in. If I were any one of those bloated salaried people, I’d be personally ashamed of myself, and especially when seeing it published in the paper.

It’s no wonder why there’s such willful waste in our local governments and school districts, and mostly because they’ve not actually worked hard for the money they’re given. It’s like they’ve said in quiet corners, “If it’s there to take, then let’s take it.”

Have you ever noticed how cumbersome it is whenever wanting do something which requires a permit? Well, in my mind, it’s another example of meritocracy attempting to justify their over-paid positions. There’ve been times when seeing how hard it’s been on certain people to get something approved, my having a deep feeling that some of those in power, having their own hidden agendas. For the life of me, I’ll never understand why such people in such positions would do that to the general public.

Just this past week, I heard a story from a dear one who’s lived here nearly his entire life, and since he’s retired, the watching of monthly expenditures is always at the forefront, and mostly due to his belief in not ever accepting charity. Well, I thought the top of my head was going to blow off when he told me he’d endured hours of run-around about getting his taxes lowered. Since he doesn’t know how taxation works, he went to the Country Treasurer’s office where he had to wait far too long to get an answer. Well, someone from the Treasurer’s office told him it wasn’t their call, so they directed him to the City Assessor. There he waited another good spell, and when he spoke his peace regarding the overly-high taxes on his home, that office sent him back to the Treasurer’s Office. Now if that did happen, and I believe it did, then shame on them. How could any person in a public office with any sort of respect for our struggling elderly, do that?

I had to finally find something else to think about while I was toiling away because I was getting internally stirred-up over the unfairness I know fully-well is going on across our Country. Instead of thinking about such stuff, I decided to slow down a little and focus more on my natural surroundings. I did manage to snap the above photo of what looked like migrating birds. Yes, it was a good long day of menial labor which produced an even better looking landscape. I even found several small and semi-rare tree seedlings which I’ll be digging up and planting in more appropriate places.

Tonight’s One-liner is: We’re all going to die, all of us; what a circus, which alone should make us love each other, but it doesn’t.

Joe Chodur

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