Someone Repeatedly Lighting a Stick Match

More rain again today, and by the looks of it, the creeks are starting to fill and our soil is certainly getting the rain it’s been needing all summer. I am afraid if the hurricane headed toward Louisiana does come ashore, we’ll be getting more heat and moisture as a spin-off from it. It was kinda creepy when reading that Hurricane Katrina hit on August 29th, which happens to be the same day they’re expecting Hurricane Ida to hit New Orleans and the surrounding area. How creepy is that? I’ll never forget seeing its aftermath containing such wide-spread destruction.

Since I had no appointments today, I called a dear friend of mine to chew a little fat, and then changed into my old work clothes and drove over to my little/big project to get myself back into the grind.

When I got there, I thought it best to continue on where I left off, but when looking at that black rocking chair that was given me some weeks ago by a client, the more I looked at it, the more I figured it best I at least get started at getting all those many layers of paint off of it, and of course the top layer being a shiny black.

I took it out in the garage, just so I had enough ventilation while using that paint stripper, and of course the humidity was close to 100% which had me dripping wet nearly the entire time. I also made sure I had a large area of the garage floor covered with cardboard, just so I wouldn’t be staining its floor.

Hour one lead to hour two, and then three which prompted me to have a lunch break, and while I was having my sandwich, I told myself to stop with that rocking chair and work on something else this afternoon. So much for listening to my own scolding because when I arrived back, there I went right back to that daunting project.

Due to the heat and humidity, I had to take a few water breaks because of how much I was sweating. I wasn’t paying much attention to the time until I noticed the sun was well into the west, and when I looked to see, I was shocked when finding it nearly 5:00. For sure it was time to call it quits, and after getting everything put away, I gave that rocker a good looking-over, and then shook my head while saying, “You know Mr. Chodur, you really can get possessed over something that’s not high on your priority list.” Oh well, at least I’ve got everything on it stripped with the exception of the legs and rockers. I’m still in dis-belief I managed to get that much of it stripped in those 6+ hours.

When I have time, I’m going to do a little research on vintage rocking chairs because I have a feeling it’s much older than I suspected, and the reason being, is the way in which it was put together which I’ve never seen before. After I get it completely stripped, I’ll have to have it taken apart and re-glued because there were a number of nails I found in areas near the spindles and rungs. With it having a wider seat and higher back than what one normally finds, I’m pretty sure it was made for a man. One of the bentwood arms has a man-made groove in it which looked to me like it was created by someone repeatedly lighting a stick match. Yes, I’ve seen those grooves on wooden chairs in the past. If it’s as old as I’m suspecting, there’s no doubt if it could speak, there’d be many jaw-dropping stories to be told.

Believe it or not, I’ve not yet sat in that rocker, an only because it was so dirty and layered with paint. It looks very comfortable, so when I do get it completely restored, I’ll be having a good “rock” in it. The guy that gave it to me, said it was owned by an old gent in his 90’s. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if it was his father’s or grandfather’s?

It’s a little premature for me to say, so I’m just sharing my being confident my peanut butter and boric acid mixture is doing its job by getting rid of all those ants at my office. Every morning I’ve been checking that little bowl, and each time, there are fewer ants. What has me most convinced, is my finding dead ants. I will be elated if that mixture gets rid of them completely, and if so, I’ll not let any ant population get out of control at the front of my office again. Such problems must always be nipped in the bud.

I ran into a near and dear cousin of mine this afternoon while at a groceteria, so we walked together while shopping and visiting. She didn’t have much news to share, but yours truly surely did. We both agreed that either sooner or later, karma will enter the picture and get everything back into balance. She’s had to endure many pains in her life, but at least she can now enjoy her remaining years in peace and comfort.

Whenever near that intersection of Hwy 122 and Hwy 65, I grow frustrated with the traffic jams enough to where I’m now making a point to go around it. When are they going to get rid of those cones and fencing around that building that lost one of its parapets? You would think by now the engineers have given their report on the safety of that building.

Another building which has me wondering, is the Mohawk Square. I was led to believe the insurance claims were paid and it was set for demolition. Someone said there’s still that huge hole in the roof which is now being populated with pigeons. While driving by there today, I noticed they still have a few lights on.

I also heard yesterday that the Brick and Tile Building and adjoining the adjoining to the south were recently sold to an out-of-State investor, and had hired one of our real estate offices to manage it. There’s no way I’d want anything to do with managing that tower.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The thing I fear discriminating against, is humor and truth.

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