Where the Food Chains have been Broken

This weather today was a bit on the scary side, and especially when the tornado warning sirens started up around 4:30. I’ve not yet heard if there was one that touched down, so hopefully it was just a funnel cloud someone saw while driving. So much for watching the weather report because there was no notice given about this afternoon’s pounding.  I’d say our local forecasters are possibly 50% accurate at best.

Most of my morning was spent with drop-in customers at my office. I”m beginning to understand the frustration our remaining buyers are having when knowing they’re ready to buy, but nothing out there even close to what they’re looking for. I still think it’s the best time for some of our rental barons to clean up a few of their more marketable inventories and get them sold to people who’re wanting a home of their own. There are a handful of them who’re trying to dupe the public by opening up LLC’s under various names, just so our general public isn’t made privy to how many properties they actually own. Whenever I see an LLC, it always makes me think those owners are either trying to hide their true identities, or possibly attempting to stay under the radar of our tax authorities. In the corporate world, they’d be considered in the line of shell companies.

Some months ago I mentioned there’d be a time when I would be close by a home that what purchased by a past tenant of one of my clients. Well today I had the opportunity because I had to do an pre-listing inspection of a home about a half block from it, so I parked only a few houses away and got a good look at the current landscape. Yup, it was just as I suspected. The grass was about six inches tall, weeds two feet taller, soggy yard waste bags up against the garage that looked like they’d been there for months, and the long list goes on. What I saw was a yard that was once carefully manicured, now looking like something out of that old sit-com “Green Acres”. The next time I see my client, I’ll have to tell him that his past tenant must’ve felt he had free reign to be as lazy as he liked now that he’s an owner. I can only imagine what the neighbors are saying about his dooryard pig pen.

My pre-listing appointment was very much as I expected to where I could tell the owners were too busy playing with their inside animals, watching their big-screen TV, and finding all the excuses they could to not focus on getting their home readied for sale. I’m going to think about that situation over the weekend, and if I’m in the same mindset as I am now, there’ll be a call placed by me on Monday saying there’s nothing more I can do or say to get them motivated enough to have it at least presentable for showings. Unless they want to take a major beating on price, it’ll set on the market for months on end. I will never understand what some people do with their free time, other than having their noses glued to televisions or smart phones. What a waste of resources.

You may think me being a bit harsh, but when you stop to really think it thru, a real working relationship between clients/customers and their Realtors, is when it becomes a win-win situation. I’ve seen many a time when Realtors don’t educate their buyers, and especially their sellers regarding price points and/or possible increased market values. I’ll never forget showing a home some years ago that was part of an estate of a close relative of the listing Realtor, and in the end, it was sold to an investor who tricked it out and made a good profit on it when it was re-sold. Now if that were me, I would’ve at least insisted the “family” get it cleaned up and cleared out, just so it would sell for a decent price. And yes, there’ve been enough estates that’ve been sold over the years which could’ve brought far more money if the parties involved would’ve taken an active step in getting them presentable. Soap and water is still cheap, and there’s enough trash haulers in North Iowa that are always looking for work.

I picked my first watermelon tonight and had a bite or two. Hmm..how yummy. The main reason I planted those few remaining seeds, was to get my seed stock of that variety replenished. There were but four seeds remaining, and unfortunately only one of them germinated. I had my fears it wouldn’t produce melons because they always do better when there’s two or three in a hill. Mother Nature must’ve had a hand in getting it to offer up another crop of those tasty melons. I’ve never been a fan of regular watermelons, but mine have a distinctly different taste which is much more appealing.  Next year I’ll promise to have enough to share with my dear ones.

While I was getting my haircut late this afternoon, that warning siren went off, which prompted my barber to ask if I wanted to go downstairs. Of course my knowing how that building was built, I said, “No, I think I’ll be just fine under this solid concrete roof.” After the many months of trying to get that building marketed, I dare say I know far more about that building than most. I think he must’ve been a little nervous about the weather because he didn’t do as good a job as in the past.

We did talk about how horrible it would be for most if there’d be some global natural disaster, where most would likely die of starvation or disease, and only because the minds of our younger crowd, have no idea regarding what it would take to survive in a world where the food chains have been broken, and the utility grids permanently out of order. Remember the gas pipeline out East that went down because of the Russian hackers? Well, that’s just a taste of what could happen on a national scale.

Because I was so upset over that suicide bombing in Kabul, I went about researching what ISIS is really all about. Oh my goodness. Did you know that those radical Muslims are hell-bent on taking over the entire world? If you don’t believe me, just spend some time researching their MO’s. Very, very troubling.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The landscapes of our Midwest is growing all the more littered with pot bellies and creeping dementia.

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