It Melts Between Your Fingers and Vanishes

We’re certainly getting daily doses of moisture, which is just fine by me as long as they’re not like the cloudburst we had earlier this week. Thank goodness I haven’t had to water my garden lately, and hopefully no longer this growing season. As our temps drop, our moisture levels stay higher, and if it wasn’t raining today, it would’ve been near-perfect.

I was back at it with working on next week’s closing file, and as of this afternoon, it looks like everything is finally settled, and we’ll have a soft landing at closing. For sure, there were too many cooks in the “kitchen” of that transaction. Thank goodness I don’t have to deal with out of town closing companies very often, because they make too much work out of simple processes.

With my morning have been taken up with that file, I headed over to a drive-thru and picked up a lunch snack, returned to office to doctor it up, which made for a satisfying meal, and as soon as I was finished, I headed over to a bank to get some payments made before the first of the month arrived. I’m finding that it’s better to stay ahead of the dates instead of chasing after them.

My afternoon pre-listing appointment went well, and after getting a good look at the home, I offered some ideas regarding what I’d do to it if I were them, long before it would get listed. They made some very good improvements to it, but as we all know, the “stuff” we accumulate seems to miraculously appear out of nowhere. I think nearly all humans are hoarders by instinct, and since we Americans have far more disposable income, the want lists grow longer. For some, it seems they no more than get what they’ve always wanted, to where they’re right back out chasing down some other “thing” they absolutely have to have.

When I see photos of walk-in closets the size of bedrooms and filled with racks of clothes, I can’t help laughing to myself when thinking, they must have an outfit for every day of the year. Back in the really old days, we’d have maybe two sets of work clothes, and one set of our Sunday best, but when commercialism kicked in, everyone was out trying to one-up each other. We must also remember that back then, the mothers were making the children’s clothes, as well as their own, and sometimes even their husbands’, so if they wanted something new, they had to wait their turns based on need.

Perhaps this business of making ones clothes fascinates me more because of the time and talent it would take to create a piece of clothing, and most times, they were original works due to the fabrics used and the tweaking of their designs. I can only imagine what was going thru the minds of those women as they were either hand stitching, or running treadle sewing machines for hours on end. I can still see in my mind exactly where my mother’s sewing machine stood when we lived on the big farm. Isn’t it funny how such vivid memories can remain in our minds for decades?

I had to stop at a drug store today and pick up a sympathy card so I could write a few words of condolences in it, and then mail it off to a client of mine who recently lost her husband. He was such a gentle man who nearly always had a smile on his face and more thank willing to share stories from his youth. One if his favorite lines was, “Don’t mind what I’m saying or doing because I’m suffering from old age disease.” Yes, he was another dear one I’ll not forget.

By the time I finished with my meeting with those sellers, I headed back to office where I had more calls that had come in to return, and emails needing responses, and since I was at the computer, I checked the news. Oh my goodness, what more horrible things are going to happen in Afghanistan before we’re completely out of that pit of vipers?

While visiting with some dear ones this afternoon, I couldn’t help getting on my soapbox and saying, “There’s no possible way anyone could convince me that anyone has any right at all to kill innocent people, and especially when those murderers do it under the pretext that it was all ordained by God.” Yes, there are some very sick minds in our world, and for sure their souls are blackened to the point of have turned themselves into sub-human killing machines.

My last call of the day, was to a couple I’ve know for many years, and as much as we tried to stay in touch after I sold their home, we ended up drifting apart. Having run into the wife’s sister several days ago, I made a point to call them.

We had a very good visit, and to my shock I realized that I’d not spoken with them for at least five years. Since we’d got to known each other well enough over the years, my filters were completely off when giving my opinions on family, our society and world happenings. Thank goodness there are still like-minded people living in our midst who’re well-read and filled with common sense. Yes, it was a long over-due call which ended up being the highlight of my day.

I recently read an article about how people view the passing of time, and what I found the most interesting about it, were the great differences there are with various people who view the passing of time in many different ways. After reading it, I finally realized why some think absolutely nothing about the time they’ve lost by not staying focused on what their futures may hold if they do or don’t do this or that. Yes, I’m beginning to believe far too many of our young have themselves trapped in the now, where the past is thoughtless, and the future is unimaginable.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Trying to understand the concept of time, is like holding a snowflake in your hands, and gradually as you’re studying it, it melts between your fingers and vanishes.

Joe Chodur

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