When I Very Much Don’t Like Myself

It was a bit chilly outdoors this morning, but once the sun grew higher, it ended up being a delightful day. If our days drop from the 80’s into the 70’s, that’s when our gardens and plants will be doing their best. Believe it or not, many plants are like animals when it comes to high temps, and instead of doing their best, they’re busy trying to keep from being overheated.

My first duty on this Sunday morning, was to return to my quiet little darkened corner where I perform my religious exercises. With it having been very quiet outdoors, I was able to focus all the more on my contemplative prayer. I’ve found it quite interesting how over these many months, I’ve become more proficient in getting my soul/spirit to the depth I’ve found the most effect in getting myself cleansed of all the temporal gunk I’d picked up during the week, as well as being able to pray more soulfully.

After my session was finished, I proceeded to change my clothes and head out to an all-day workout. With Fall around the corner, I’ve been focusing on all the outdoor projects which I’d like to have completed before the cold arrives. We’ve all had set-backs due to the those extended days of upper 80’s and 90’s in temperatures, and yours truly can freely admit that high temps are not the most pleasant to work in.

I can now laugh about it when saying there were some days when I was out working, my having become so wet with sweating, the billfold in my back pocket was even wet, along with the belt I usually wear. I now know what it’s like to get a soaked belt out of wet jeans, as well as a sticky billfold out of a wet back-pocket. Even the little cash I had in it was feeling like it needed to be hung out to dry. Too funny.

Every morning since I set out that small plastic bowl of my boric acid and peanut butter mixture, I’ve been checking it, and up until this morning, it appeared there’d been not takers. Well this morning was an entirely different story when I opened the door to check it out. Oh my goodness, there must’ve been at least 500 ants helping themselves to that mixture. Now that’s all I have to do is give myself good three day wait, and then I’ll see if I’m fully rid of those nasty creatures. I’ve always known that the worker ants are always on the prowl for something to take back to their nests, but evidently that bowl was in a place where they must’ve given up as being a dead zone for food.

The expensive bottles of ant spray I used, along with the two insect bombs, didn’t do the job, but if that inexpensive concoction of boric acid and peanut butter gets them exterminated, then you can be sure I’ll be spreading the word far and wide. When thinking about it just now, I can only imagine how many other tried and true cures there are that our corporate world doesn’t want us to know about. I still can’t believe what that one pharmacist said to me regarding the reason they don’t carry Boric Acid. It was so silly, I dare not even repeat what she said, but I did share it with the pharmacist at Houck Drug. Yes, she got a good laugh out of that.

While out working today, along with a little driving about it did, I took a number of photos which I’ll be sharing with you these coming days. Most of them turned out just fine, and likely because of how well the lighting was outdoors. Yes, it was a gorgeous day, and I’ll be hoping for all the many more these coming weeks.

I forgot to mention to all of you how wonderful the stir-fry was I had several nights ago which contained my fresh Shishito peppers. It’s no wonder they’re highly prized with the Japanese, as well as the high-end restaurants. Isn’t it wonderful when knowing we’re able to grow fine vegetables right here in North Iowa? Just remember, the soil up here in the north, is considered some of the best to be found in the world, which is why I prefer homegrown veggies to those that are being shipped in from down South and out West.

There wasn’t much of a chance for me to check the news today, so whatever happened in the world, will have to keep till tomorrow. I’m now reminded of my one-liner which spoke of changing the world one person at a time, which is pretty much how I’ve evolved over these past ten years, because the problems facing are world are too big for any one person to fix. I can’t tell you the amount of worrying I used to do over things I couldn’t control, so I finally “got it”, and returned to my sensibilities.

While at a groceteria late this afternoon, I ran into an old client whom I’ve know from the time I sold he and his wife their home. Their children are grown and beginning to leave the nest, but they’re still hanging in there with their meticulously well-kept home.

We somehow got on the subject of how divided our Country is to where we have to watch our words for fear we’ve lit a firestorm with someone out of one of those alt-right or alt-left groups which are growing in numbers. We both spoke freely about the problem facing our Nation, and all I could say was, “There’ll be no one changing my core beliefs because they’ve worked for me since I came down the chute.” Some say being a centrist is a cop-out, but I say, they’re very much wrong because if we can’t meet in the middle on issues that affect everyone, then that’s when our Country’s binding fibers become weak and frayed.

I’ve been saying more often than not, “I sure wouldn’t want the world to be filled with people just like me, because there are days when I don’t very much like myself.” Yes, we do need refreshing insights from those who’re on the other side of our fences.

Tonight’s One-liner is: We are here to laugh a the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us.

Joe Chodur

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