That Charming Senior Housing Community

Another early at office came to pass, and only because I had many things to get accomplished before the hour of eight arrived. There were also phone messages that came in after hours which I had to log and give call backs after my opening time.

Of course when driving down the streets of the Downtown, along with the back alley of my office, the amount of litter strewn about was overly-noticeable. Before heading in, I stopped and picked up what was nearby and threw it in the dumpster.

Those dumpster divers we have on the prowl nearly every hour of the day and night, don’t contribute to keeping that stuff from ending up on the pavement, because they dig in those sealed garbage bags to get bottles and cans, but then just leave them hanging open so the wind can blow their contents in every direction.

Yesterday morning I took the time to sweep the entire sidewalk of the front of my building which was in great need of it due to those thousands of Locust leaves swirling about. Well, so much for the effort because there were just as many there again this morning. What makes me so disgusted with those giant weeds, is I specifically told the “committee” I was involved in back when the revitalization was taking place with the streets and sidewalks, not to plant such trees. See how much people listen. Oh, and I still don’t know why they don’t have them growing in the plaza of the Mall. Hmm… it was likely one of those business owners having done his research and dug his heels in. Gee, why is it they listen to one or two, but not all the others?

My morning meeting with one of the prospective buyers of Prairie Place on 1st went well, and hopefully there’ll be some additional positive feed-back from a relative that hasn’t yet seen it. I did mention my being free to show it again this afternoon, or anytime tomorrow morning. I’m going to remain confident the buyer will continue to move forward with the purchase. If that happens, it’ll be another good “fit” for that charming senior housing community.

About a year or more ago, I encouraged a particular widow whom I’ve known for a very many years, to sell her home and get situated there because she wasn’t getting any younger. She dismissed my idea along with saying, “Why would I want to live with a bunch of old people?” Well, I just recently heard, she’s having some mobility problems which are only going to get worse. Who in their right minds would want to be trapped in a home by themselves in such a physical condition? I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s now come to realize she’s also in an old person’s bucket. My how the weights of time can change our lives.

One of my sale files is back on track, so hopefully there won’t be anymore hiccups with it before it closes. The holding of hands with some buyers is a must when it comes to making big financial decisions. I was soulfully thanked today for being so patient and never pushy with their life choices. I’m glad they finally realized yours truly is not one of those “buy it now” Realtors, because I never was, and never will be. Yes, I do get rather matter of fact at times, but at least there’s no accompanying hidden agendas.

It looks like we may be getting some rain tonight, which means anyone who has a garden, won’t have to be watering tomorrow. I just happened to notice some tomato plants in those gardens along S. Kentucky, and they didn’t look the healthiest. Some of them appeared to have blight on them, which usually appears when a plant is weakened by drought or not getting enough nutrients. I’ve been watering my garden just enough to keep it green, and thankfully none of the tomatoes and peppers show any signs of blight.

I took the above photo of the first picking of my Shishito peppers which will go into a stir-fry I plan on making tonight. I’m so thankful one of my dear relatives sent me a packet of their seeds last year, and what few I managed to keep out of the mouths of those vile deer, I saved-over their seeds, and now have two short rows of them.

I’ve eaten a great variety of peppers in my day, but I can say they’re the best tasting. About every tenth pepper is hot, but that’s just the way they are. When I was in Hy-Vee about a month ago, I noticed they’re now selling them packaged, but of course they’re not fresh like mine. From what I’ve heard, the high-end restaurants make appetizers out of them by par-frying them whole in olive oil and then salted and served. The few I had last year, made a believer out of me. From what I read, they’re originally from Japan and still held in high culinary regards by the Japanese.

When talking about those Shishito peppers, there’s no question in my mind that many of our wanna-be Farmer’s Market vendors, would be doing more than well if they’d grow the cadillacs of the various vegetables, and then market them as such. Back when we used to sell veggies, we focused on what the customers preferred, and then catered to their needs by providing the best that could be grown.

I’m not so sure this growing of micro-greens is ever going to catch on with our general public. It’s too bad they don’t realize that most of our citizens with discretionary money, are the older ones who’re not that keen on making such big changes in their diets. Perhaps such produce would be profitable in the gas light districts of our metro areas, but not up here in North Iowa where most are still behind the times with such produce.
One of my older “monied” clients recently said, “That’s all I want is a good old-fashioned meal made from fresh organic produce.” It’s that what most of us really want?

Tonight’s One-liner is: Perseverance is the secret to all triumphs.

Joe Chodur

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