Drive to Lead in a Productive Way

It was an early to office again this morning and back to working at several “problem child” files which at times, seem to arrive without notice. No matter how much we think a transaction at the beginning is going to be clear-sailing to close, there happens to be things that’ve happened in the past that should’ve been taken care of at the time, but wasn’t. What’s unfortunate about such happenings, is we end up peeling back the layers of time to get to the root of the problem, and when it’s discovered, the parties involved at the time, have flown the coop.

You all do remember the financial crisis of 2008 where there were a number of insolvent banks that were forced to sell to banks which were still solvent. Well, more times than not, those lenders neglected to either file mortgage releases on paid-off loans, or didn’t properly assign those mortgages to the banks which took them over. Every time I see a mortgage entry in an abstract dating back to those times, I hold my breath until that abstract is updated and showing the proper chain-of-title entries. Yes, it can be exasperating at times when trying to find a “tail” to crawl up and get a problem corrected. I have to laugh now when talking about the “tail” when knowing there’ve been times when we’d have to start at the head and work down. Too funny.

Part of my morning was spent hanging around a property one of my out-of-State clients owns, and waiting for an overhead door repairman to arrive and get an overhead repaired so it would work properly. I must’ve been there a good two hours, and since I had nothing else to do, I proceeded to have a nice chat with that repairman while he was working. I dare say he was a mover and shaker when it came to his job because he wasted absolutely no time addressing and then correcting the problem. It was good to see someone actually working the entire time instead of spending half of it on a smartphone. Today’s worker never looked at his cell phone once while he was there which I considered remarkable.

I’ve been following a few bits and pieces of news out of Afghanistan, and since I’m still so very disappointed in the way in which this all came down, I’m already seeing everyone blaming everyone else, but one of the articles hit home which rang a clear bell as to what I’d believed all along, and that was the unwillingness of the Afghanistan military to have the heart to fight for their own country. Whenever seeing actual newsreels of our troops trying to teach them how to defend themselves, I could immediately see they were only going thru the motions. Well, here we are today looking back at the 83 billion dollars our government spent on trying to get their military properly trained. The most unfortunate thing, is that the Taliban now has in its possession some of the most sophisticated military equipment which their “puppet” army walked, no, ran away from.

Everyone thought we learned a valuable lesson in Viet Nam, but we didn’t. Then came another lesson that was supposed to be learned in Iraq. We didn’t. So if a third time around is to be the charm, which I don’t think it will be, there’d darned-well better be some unbiased historical military analysts calling the shots the next time our Country even thinks about going to war in some far-off country. There’ll be many scholarly papers written about this two-decade waste of time, money and above all, lives.

Getting back to this idea of the passing of the reigns of power to another. I’ve seen it right here in North Iowa where there’ve been strongly managed companies which provided good products and services, and either thru buy-outs, or re-organizations, they in time, turned into disasters. Whenever seeing such things happening, I can’t help but wonder why those reigns were handed over in the first place. Couldn’t they see they were making a big mistake?

I may sound harsh when saying, “Most people who think they can lead, are nothing more than followers waiting to be told what to do.” In my book, the key ingredient for success, is to have a passion or drive to lead in a productive way. Now just look around your workplace and see how few really have any sort of drive/passion for their work. Unfortunately in these times, workers are living only in the now.

Every time someone tells me they’re going to do something but doesn’t, sends them back down another step. We all have our stories to tell about the many broken promises made which caused set-backs and un-necessary loss of time. I’ll never for as long as I live, understand why most people don’t realize that when there’s lost time, it’s gone forever.

I crossed paths with one of the tradespeople today, and when I looked at him, I noticed his face wasn’t quite right, so I said, “What happened to you?” After he told me what had happened while he was working with a piece of metal, I first became nauseated, and then the goosebumps arrived. All I could say was, “You must have more than one guardian angel watching over you.” Before he left, I made promise to be more careful. Hopefully from here on out, he’ll be wearing his safety glasses. I’ll likely have a nightmare over what he shared with me today.

It’s been back to watering the garden this week, and I’m not holding my breath over getting any rain the end of this week. If we’re now struggling in North Iowa, can you imagine what those fruit and vegetable farmers are suffering thru out West? You’d better get prepared for the spiking in produce prices this Fall and winter.

Tonight’s One-liner is: I believe a person who’s physically active on a daily basis, is more alert, focused, positive, and has better mental health.

Joe Chodur

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