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Another sizzling day arrived once the sun broke thru the clouds, and when seeing on August the 9th, our outside temps at 87 degrees after quitting time, was just one more indication we are in the midst of climate change. Whatever happened to those pleasant 70’s we had for daytime temps? Perhaps we’ll have extended summers reaching into October, but if that happens, we’ll be cursed by those nasty chiggers until the first frosts.

Most of my day was spent running errands and finishing up on last month’s accounting, which I actually had almost all of it completed days ago, but there are always those last bills and statements that I have to wait for each month.

I did visit with the owner of 207 N. Hampshire today, and we both agreed it was time for a price reduction, so I filled out the form and emailed it to her for signature. When it arrived back, I went ahead and did an online price change. It’s now priced at $68,500.00 which should create more interest in it. When seeing so many homes and acreages selling for over a quarter million dollars this year, I sure’s heck would rather start out with something safe, sound and secure like 207 N. Hampshire, instead of jumping off the “tall diving board”, while wondering if I’ll be financially sinking or swimming.

Not long ago, I had a good sharing of thoughts with a gentleman I did some real estate work for about 25 years ago. I knew at the time, he was a go-getter, and this time around he was buying an investment property. One afternoon he pulled me aside and said, “You know Joe, it’s really not that hard to get ahead because I learned a long time ago that I wasn’t going to buy anything I couldn’t pay cash for, and if I really wanted something bad enough, I’d work all the harder at getting it.” His words were those I’d not heard for decades, and thank goodness he didn’t get sucked into this business of having everything now, and then being strapped with payments until retirement. I gave him a good pat on the back while saying, “Good job!”

I couldn’t help sharing my thoughts on this entitlement that’s running rampant in our country, and most of it I blame on corporate advertising and poor parenting. Back when I was growing up, my parents never gave us allowances for the daily chores we were given, and if we needed money, we had to either go out and get part-time jobs after our own chores were done, or find others who needed help around their homes or acreages. Heaven forbid if you’d even think there’d be any monetary hand-outs in those days. Yes, I do believe today’s work ethic is in need of a major overhaul.

Late this morning I received a call from the pastor of another church in our City, and without any mincing of words, he asked if I would be willing to play for them on a regular basis. All I could do, was agree to play for them one Sunday, and if it happened to go well, I would consider making it a long-term commitment. I asked if it would be possible for me to run over to his church and have a look at their schedule, and since I had about an hour free, I headed over for a short visit. While driving back to office, I couldn’t help wondering what the music departments are going to be like in say 20 years, as I’m now coming into full understanding how few keyboardists there are out there who’re will to play publicly. Unfortunately, there are a number of organs which are sitting idle, and likely only being played for weddings and funerals. It’s no wonder the funeral homes have a list of willing keyboardists who’ll come running when called.

Early this afternoon I received a call from a woman who’ll be arriving here this coming Friday to look at a rental that’ll be available next month. They have a dog, but I don’t think it’ll be a problem because the owner has allowed them in the past. I fully understood their not wanting to purchase right away because they know nothing about our community, and having six months to a year to acclimate, will give them enough time to decide whether they want to permanently plant their roots. I fully agreed with her plan, so let’s hope they like the unit they’ll be looking at.

While driving over to place a sold sign on one of my listings, I happened to notice a young man I know seated on his front porch, so I stopped just to say “Hi” while letting him know another one of my listings is on its way to closing. I’m glad I did stop because he proceeded to tell me he’ll be moving out of our area due to job transfer. He could tell I wasn’t the happiest over it, but I once again reeled myself back into reality and soulfully wished him the best. He asked for my business card, so we’ll see if he decides to list his home with me. As I’ve said before, no matter how many night-life and off-hours benefits our City offers, most of our young will not stay because we don’t have a large enough pool of employers offering advancements. For them, it makes no sense to be waiting decades for someone to retire, and not have the assurances they’ll be able to step up into a better paying position. Talented workers have been in high demand since this pandemic hit, and most of them are taking advantage of it.

While working on a file this afternoon, I received an unknown text from someone asking how I’ve been since we last talked. I was forced to ask who was sending it, and when he gave his name, I was a bit embarrassed because I’d not saved his name in my phone. From the back and forth texting, came a phone call from him saying, “My fingers are starting to hurt from this texting.”

Oh how the memories of our years of middle school came rushing back, and of course wicked me had to bring up a few embarrassing times we both had to endure. He lives in a small town near here, and before hanging up, I promised to call the next time I had an appointment in the area. He’s another very good person who’s gone un-noticed.

Tonight’s One-liner is: An inability to stay quiet is one of the conspicuous failings of mankind.

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