A Good Death Squeeze

My day was so filled with running, I was beginning to wonder if I would ever have a break. One of the first errands of my day, was to re-gift several things I purchased at that auction yesterday, so I made sure to catch them before they got busy. Both were well received, which left me a little teary-eyed while walking out. As I was driving back to office, I reminded myself how much more uplifting it is for me to give, than it is to receive, and especially when giving to those the most deserving.

Just as I was walking into my office, it began raining, and wouldn’t you know, I had to grab a file and drive in it while on my way to an appointment I had in Clear Lake. I did take a different route over, just to get a good look at a particular street I rarely drive down. I do have to admit, the Clear Lake residents take much better care of their homes than those living here in River City. I’m sure much of it has to do with the ratio of rentals to homeowners we have here, versus those in Clear Lake. As we all know, most tenants aren’t that particular about how their porches, front and back yards appear.

After getting all the docs I needed signed by the seller, we spent a few moments visiting about his new job over in South Dakota. After giving me the general whereabouts of the town in which he’s living, I suspected he’s going to be doing so major driving, just to get to any of the major shopping outlets. He likes it there, so I guess that’s all that matters.

On my way back, I stopped at the Quick Star across from Walmart, just to get a small cup of coffee, and wouldn’t you know, I happened to walk past a previous tenant of one of my clients. He had a hairnet on, and busy stocking the take-away food shelves. I know he saw me, and when I turned around, he was gone, and likely because he was afraid of a possible confrontation with me over the way in which he left the house he was renting. One of the first things I would’ve said to him was, “I discovered you are your father’s son, in more ways than one.” In truth, I was relieved he made himself invisible. Since he was part of this “pandemic buying exuberance”, I’ll some day soon have to drive by the house he and wife purchased, just to see if he’s taking better care of his own yard, than he did the one he rented.

When I got back to office, I spent a good hour working on the final docs of another closing that’s coming up next week. Just when I thought I had the numbers all put together, I received another bill from a vendor, so back to my worksheet I went. When I did get everything typed and proofed, I scanned and emailed them to the attorney representing the seller, along with the banker who’s handling that loan. I wasn’t very happy when getting an automated response back from the banker saying he was going to be out of office the rest of this week. He’s going to be cutting it short in getting his side done, but that won’t be on me because he now has everything from my side of the fence. Now tell me, wouldn’t you put an alert out to those involved before taking off for a week? Oh well, these are rough and tumble times in which we live where anything and everything goes.

By the time I had that closing file completed, it was approaching the Noon hour, so I grabbed a quick bite, and then packed up my pre-listing file and headed over to a client’s home to give my presentation. After playing catch-up on our lives, I took the time to do a full tour of his home and monster garage, and since I was fully familiar with his home since I’d since been in it before, I was pretty much prepared for giving him my valuation. My goodness how the prices have climbed over these past five years, and mostly due to the pandemic.

We were pretty much on board with pricing, and thank goodness he won’t have to sell before he can purchase, which will make a great bargaining chip when it comes that time, as we all know a, “subject-to sale” condition on a purchase agreement, does not fare well with a seller, because in these times, there’s usually enough buyers waiting for the “good stuff” to hit the market with no subject-to’s and pre-approval letters in hand.

Since he’s a big gardener, before I left, he offered me a few tomatoes, a huge onion, and several varieties of peppers which I gladly accepted. Of course I had to talk about my late garden which if we continue to get rain, and a late frost, I’ll be delivering back to him all the more. I found he’s definitely a kindred spirit when saying he doesn’t fish or hunt, because gardening has always been his first love.

After I got back to office, there was another problem file I had to attend to, and mostly due to a quirky opinion of title I had to read and then re-read, just to be in understanding as to what that attorney was objecting to. After visiting with the seller, I wasn’t sure if there was some abstracting that was not included, or if he missed reading a full entry. Since the seller’s attorney is on vacation this week, I’ll have to wait until Monday to have a meeting with him. Thank goodness that sale isn’t scheduled to close until the end of this month, which means we have enough time to get those objections removed.

I have some plants at the back of my office which the Japanese Beetles are trying to destroy, but luckily I’ve been managing to catch and kill the ones I find. They think they’re so clever with those two thorny spikes on their backs as a defense, but after yours truly having only once received a good pricking, I have my pair of thick leather work gloves close by, just so I can catch and then give them a good death squeeze. I figure if I give those plants a good looking-over every time I leave, and then upon return, I’ll been able to stay ahead of those opalescent devils. I’ve discovered they not only strip the leaves, but the flowers as well which is even more angering.

Tonight’s One-liner is: At first glance, she appeared as if she’d been weaned on a pickle.

Joe Chodur

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