Their Tenured Traditions

Now if the temps were just a wee bit lower today, I’d say we would’ve had a perfect August day. It’s beginning to look like the smoky air is thinning out, so perhaps by the weekend, we’ll have blue skies again. If nothing else, a good rain would give them a cleaning-up.

With having sold a home yesterday, I busied myself with getting all the appropriate documents emailed to the parties involved. As chance would have it, my buyer paid his earnest deposit in cash, which required me to drive over to my bank and have it converted to a Cashier’s Check, just so I would have a paper trail on it by making a copy, and then delivering it to the listing agent’s office.

Speaking of cash, I’ve been noticing more people going back to paying in cash, and for whatever reason, it began about the time this pandemic arrived. Some day I’ll have to ask one of the cashiers at a groceteria I normally frequent, just to get a confirmation. I wouldn’t be surprised if those numbers are indeed growing, and likely because so many people are getting their debit and credit card information stolen and then having to go thru all that bank security protocol to get it corrected. One particular gentleman recently told me his debit card was compromised after ordering something online. I didn’t have to remind him that he should never use a debit card to pay for something because it just opens the door wider for online theft.

As I’ve mentioned before, I really will never understand why some go to such great lengths to take something of value from another, instead of just going out and getting a real job and buy it themselves. Over the years I’ve known enough who’ve worked harder at getting out of doing something, than if they’d just gone ahead and done it. For a very many years I’ve known a handful of people whom I consider masters at getting something for nothing from others. Even in their old age, they’re still working the crowd.

I was playing telephone tag with a woman who called earlier today, but when we finally got connected, we had a very nice chat regarding her plans of moving here in the coming months. It sounds like she’ll be renting before purchasing, just to make sure she’s not being pressured into buying something she’ll regret. I think she’s got a good plan, so let’s hope I can find something for her to rent, so if you know anyone that’s got at least a 2 bedroom, 1 bath, and a single-stall garage for rent, please have them give me a call. She does have a dog, but I’m sure it’s better cared-for than some take care of their own children.

I have my monthly MLS meeting tomorrow morning, which will be the first “in person” one we’ve had since the pandemic arrived. I’m still going to try to keep my distance from those in attendance, just to be on the safe side. That meeting will also include an auction of donated items, and for the first time, I decided to take several pieces to be auctioned. They’ve held bitter-sweet memories for me, so I figured it was time for someone else to enjoy their beauty. Just this past week when noticing them, I had another “pang” of a bad memory regarding what someone had wrongly done to me, which was my queue to property dispose of them via a worthy charitable auction.

Much to my chagrin, the agent I have a long-standing offer on one of their office’s listings, didn’t call me back yesterday as was agreed, so I had to call again this morning. From what I’ve gathered, the sellers felt the offer was too low, but instead of rejecting it or counter-offering, they’re sitting in limbo. I’m beginning to wonder if there’s some sort of link missing in our lines of communication. Yes, all real estate brokers manage their offices differently, but you can be sure I wouldn’t be dallying around like that. Now if it were in the midst of a short sale or multiple owners involved, I would understand, but not the way in which this current situation stands. Oh well, I’ll be waiting to see what my buyers are wanting to do.

I was being wicked today when speaking about this business of having one’s home staged with used furniture that was likely purchased at garage sales, estate auctions, or even at a curbside with “free” signs on them. You can bet I would never allow such in a home I’d be personally selling, do to the fact we all know anything that’s covered in fabric and you don’t know where it came from, all it would take is one bed bug carrying eggs, to turn a home into a living nightmare for the next owners. Just for your information, Mason City does have confirmed cases of bed bug infestations. The thought of even walking thru a home with bedbugs makes my skin crawl. Yes, they will even drop on you from above, just for a free ride and a late supper, and all being on your tab.

When visiting with a well-know today regarding the shenanigans several “touched” people we know have been up to, she interjected by saying, “Not to worry, they’ll some day pay dearly for what they’ve done.” Of course my knee-jerk reply was, “Can you give me a date and time, just so I can be there to watch?” Truth be told, I wouldn’t even waste my time watching such people getting their comeuppance, because even in pain, they’d revel at the thought of having an audience. Yes, due to their tenured traditions of embracing the dark side, they’re too far gone to even bother with counseling.

After my arrival home, I took some time to inspect my tomato and pepper plants. They’re looking good, so if we don’t get anymore 90+ degree temps, I’ll be harvesting some beauties.

Tonight’s One-liner is: A man can fail many times, but he isn’t a failure until he begins to blame somebody else.

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