Politically Androgynous

On my way to office this morning, I got a good glimpse of how our smoke-filled air affects the color of the rising sun, because it was about as red as a ripe tangerine at sunrise. It was quite beautiful, but not the healthiest for people to be breathing day in and out. I read somewhere that it’s supposed to continue thru tomorrow. I can’t even begin to imagine how many thousands of acres of timber was burned to create such a cloud. Each time such major disasters happen, has me even more convinced that Mother Nature has decided it’s time to start kicking back.

My first appointment this morning, was to meet with the buyer on the property we’ve been trying to get a contract ratified on for a nearly three days. What I’ve learned over these long years, is that the longer it takes to get a home sale negotiated, the less likely it’ll happen. The countering back and forth ends up creating hard feelings, which is usually why they end up falling apart. I entered another price change and then once again contacted the agent after he left.

With it being the first day of another month, I spent most of my morning paying bills and making journal entries. Every month at this time, I become frustrated when seeing how many of the vendors including Alliant Energy has a way of slowing making their bills higher each month. This business of charging different rates for commercial versus residential is for the birds. It’s no wonder so many of our brick and mortar storefronts are closing their doors because the costs of doing business continuing to skyrocket. You would think it would be the other way around, but it isn’t. Of course the salaries of their management teams seem to always go up which nobody talks about. Many have asked over the years how they can get away with it, and my knee-jerk reply has always been, “Because they can.”

When looking at the online financials today, I was not surprised when reading our 2,000+ billionaires in the world, actually increased their net worth during this pandemic. Having that much money offers even more of an opportunity to take advantage of situations which are bad for the general public, but good for them. I will go to my grave wondering what incites them to continue amassing wealth up until they drop dead. Unbridled greed must be worse than the most addictive drug or alcohol, because they just will not stop. A very many years ago, my accounting teacher sternly announced to her students, “Just remember, the rich will continue getting richer, and the poor will always be with us.” How sadly true her words were.

During my lunch hour, I decided to change my clothes and get the back of my office weeded and mowed, just to make it stand out all the more from the rear-ends of all the other buildings in the back alley. The building next door to me has weeds growing several feet tall which’ll be sending their seeds into the wind and spread all over our Downtown. That community health center they just opened last year, has got an embarrassingly large about of weeds growing around it. You’d think some of our business owners would be a little more pro-active at keeping the outside of their buildings weed-free.

Another gripe I have with our City, are those waste bins they have stationed along Federal Ave which they don’t empty only once a week, and since people throw their sugary soda cans and bottles in them, along with un-eaten food, the ants are having a heyday. In all the years I’ve worked in the Downtown, I’ve never seen so many ants to the point they’re now migrating into buildings. I’ve gone thru two bottles of ant spray, and tomorrow I’ll be buying a third. I think I’m down to getting rid of the last colony outside my front door. Why is it so few of our “powers that be” don’t understand the concept of cause and effect? Some day I’ll have to tell my own personal story about the arrival of ants after the arrival of guests, along with knowing that ants come quickly, but strongly resist leaving.

I received a call this afternoon from an employer asking about a certain person who listed me as a personal reference. He asked the normal questions, and I gave my 100% personal opinion of the woman he was inquiring about. When he asked about the greatest strength and weakness, I again spoke freely. I got a chuckle out of him when saying, “She doesn’t drink, smoke or take drugs, and to my delight, she’s even politically androgynous.” Wouldn’t that be great if all of us had such mindsets when it comes to politics?

I’m working with some buyers who’ve been waiting on a response on an offer, and in spite of my having called and text the listing agent, we’ve still not received an answer.  Unfortunately, my hands are tied because I’m not the listing agent, but it always creates a big question mark with the buyers. The last excuse I heard, was that the sellers are two hours behind us. Really? Now what does that have to do with getting a yes, no or counter-offer.?

Late this afternoon and after multiple counter-offers, I finally got that home sold to the gentleman I’ve been working with. After he left, I couldn’t help saying to myself, “After all this nonsense, I could’ve had three houses sold.” I wrote that offer on Saturday, and it took nearly three full days to get it put together. Wow. At least he’s happy about it, so that’s all that counts.

If you have time, give the article I’m attaching in a link a good read, and I think you’ll even more believe, there are extra-terrestrials visiting our planet. “The Witnesses”

Tonight’s One-liner is: If you’re in trouble, or hurt or need — go to the poor people, as they’re the only ones that’ll help — the only ones.

Joe Chodur

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