Stairways to Another World

From the time I crawled out of bed, I was in near high-gear until arriving home for the evening. The cool morning air was a welcome relief from these many hotter than Hades days which was a reminder they’re the summer days we all want to savor before the cold returns more sooner than later.

My first duty of the day, was to head over to St. Paul Lutheran to accompany them with music for their 9:00 a.m. Services. I was a little late getting there, yet still had time to run thru the pieces they had assigned me, along with going over to the organ and playing a handful of hymns before the hour arrived.

All went better than I’d expected, and mostly due to my being able to hear the Pastor, along with a number of their members, which always makes for a more comfortable session. As I mentioned before, if I can’t hear people singing below, then I start feeling like a soloist which is not my cup of tea. I didn’t hear any comments while walking out, but I really didn’t waste any time leaving because I had an appoint in less than a half hour.

My mid-morning showing was a second viewing of that 2 bedroom unit over at Prairie Place on 1st to the same people I showed it to yesterday. They still seemed to like it, so hopefully one of the family members will be calling me this week to say they’re ready to move ahead with an offer. Since I know them, there’s no question they’ll be another good addition to that most charming community of elderlies.

It was nearing the hour of Noon, so I grabbed a hot dog at a convenience store and returned to office where I had a quick bite before changing my clothes and heading out to get some personal chores done. With it being a near-perfect day, I wanted to take every advantage of it.

After about four hours of being hard at it, I decided to call it quits for the day, and when giving every accomplish of that time spent a good look, I walked away with the belief I’m getting closer to the end. I mentioned to someone just recently how much I personally need those quiet hours to myself, because it helps to wash away all the frustrations of the past week. Yes, some go to gym, while others take long walks or bike rides, but I think I get more of a cleansing of it all after I’ve sweated it all out and still in the end, have something productive to show for it.

My take on why so many in our society, and especially those in retirement, turn into vicious gossipers and pot stirrers, is that too much free time plants the seeds of evil if they’ve not busied themselves with something worthwhile and productive. Like my grandmother used to say, “Idle hands and minds create the Devil’s workshop.” I know now why my dear mother used to insist on her children being busy while growing up. Can you imagine what’s going on in the minds of all those with their noses glued to their social medias?

Before heading home, I made a quick stop at a groceteria to pick up a few items I was lacking. After walking in, I soon discovered it was the wrong time because of the number of people waiting in line to get checked-out. Oh well, I sucked it up and waited right along with the rest of them. In spite of the number of people there, I dare say there was only one other person wearing a mask. I sure hope they all know what they’re opening themselves up for with the spreading of this Delta variant of the China-virus.

When glancing at the newspaper today, I happened to notice another old one had just recently passed away. As chance would have it, I sold the home her and husband raised their family in. Her husband passed about six years ago, so I guess it was time for them to be re-joined. Shortly after he passed, I noticed a distinct change in her, and likely because of the irreparable hole in her heart which was created by his death. I’ll have to send a sympathy card in the morning.

The offer I was working on these past two days, looks like it’s going down in flames, and mostly due to a stubborn seller not realizing they’d over-priced their home for what it is. The buyer is going to call me in the morning, but I’m pretty sure that sale isn’t going to happen because the buyer and sellers are too far apart. Truth be told, those sellers paid way too much for it back when they purchased it about ten years ago. I’m sure the reason it hasn’t sold yet, is because of its funky floor plan. Today’s young buyers do not like homes that don’t fit standard molds, and the home I’m speaking about, definitely doesn’t.

One of my well known’s called today, just to play catch-up on the happenings in North Iowa. In that half hour, we covered just about every topic including the way in which some go thru life with blinders on, and when after many years of holding themselves captive to their ways, they end up re-inventing their past years, and especially their formative ones. It’s sort of like what I spoke about yesterday regarding how people get themselves filled with mis-information, and there’s no changing of their minds. It’s almost like they’ve built their own stairways to another world, which is why I continue keep my distance from such mindsets because I’d rather not take even one step on their stairways, in fear I’d be dropping off into another dimension.

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend of relaxation, just so you’ll be fully fit to face another workweek ahead.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Take the attitude of a student, never be too big to ask questions, and never know too much to learn something new.

Joe Chodur

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