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By no means was it a normal end of the week workday due to all the phone calls I was getting on various listings, and most being from Realtors inquiring on my acreage listing at 10089 – 230th St. in Clear Lake. Since I didn’t post it in our MLS until early this morning, I figured it best because I’d then have the entire day to field calls on it.

Since the owner of 207 N. Hampshire moved out yesterday, I decided to host an open house on it tomorrow afternoon from 1 – 3 pm. With it now completely vacant, I drove over and took new photos of the interior which will help present it in a better light for those who prefer to see homes online before scheduling viewings. Yes, times have definitely changed with way in which homes are now marketed. We used to tell all our sellers to make sure the exteriors of their homes were inviting enough to where the buyers would drive by, like what they see, and then schedule appointments for interior viewings. Not any more, because back then, our MLS allowed for only one exterior shot, instead of the upwards of 20 they’re now posting. Yes, the arrival of the internet has changed the way in which we promote our listings.

I’m of the belief these 360 degree photo shots, along with all the staging being done, is creating online illusions of what’s really being offered. It will not surprise me if our National Association of Realtors will soon be enacting rules against such, because it’s bordering on being unethical, of which I fully agree.

I was finally able to catch up with the seller of a home we’re closing on next week, just so I’d have all the transfer documents signed beforehand. I’ll be greatly relieved when that home is finally closed. When I stopped out there to place my sold sign, the owners across the street were working on their yard, so I walked over to tell them they’ll be having new neighbors arriving next week. After giving them a little background on their new neighbors, I assured them they’ll be a good long-term fit.

One of my appointments today, was a scheduled showing of 404 S. 9th St. in Clear Lake. It was a second viewing, so it looks like there’ll be an offer coming in on it soon. If they do get it purchased, they’ll be another good fit for that neighborhood. They had their parents with them, and from what I was hearing, they also seemed in agreement regarding that home’s quality. A number of our mid-century ranches were exceptionally well built, and that happens to be one of them.

Just after I got back to my office for an hour break before my next appointment, one of my relatives called and asked if I had time to meet at one of our local restaurants, and since I had a free hour, I agreed.

When I arrived, I found another one of my relatives seated, so it ended up being a double reunion with familiar faces out of my past. It had to’ve been going on a full year since I’d seen them, which made for some catching up to do with each other. One of them usually has something witty to say, which nearly always prompts me to share another even more clever. I got the both of them laughing when speaking about a very naughty person we both knew who’s been dead for a number of years when saying, “Whenever talking about the recent death of an evil-minded person, I usually say they’d better be screwed into the ground left-handedly, just so if someone tries to screw them back out, they’ll be sending them down all the farther.” Yes, even I have a few wickidish thoughts from time to time. I’m so glad they called because it’s always good to revisit our youths when in the company of those we truly enjoy.

A young man called about the Clear Lake acreage today, just to get a few more details, and after telling him about it, he was all the more interested in it, but then became fearful someone else would end up with it. All I could say, was for him to go to an area bank and get himself pre-approved before I’d schedule a showing, and only because if he should like what he sees, but then can’t get financed, he’ll be even more dis-appointed. After telling me what he’d be doing with it, along with his ability to do most of the work himself, I figured he’d be a prime candidate for owning that homesite. Before hanging up, I strongly recommended he not waste any time in getting to a banker.

I had a little time to kill this afternoon, so I picked up the phone and called a dear friend, just to hear how things have been on her side of the fence these past weeks. For goodness sake! I couldn’t believe hearing how several of her older relatives have been acting, yet not a real surprise considering the amount of “fake” news they’re polluting their minds with. Unfortunately, their likes make absolute arses out of themselves in front of not only the rest of their family, but the general public as well. I’m still shocked.

I couldn’t help reminding her how in the old days when we were children, we’d rarely ever act up when in the company of any non-immediate family members, because we knew we were going to be in for a deserved punishment when we got home. The hard and fast rule for such regimented families back in those days, was to never talk about personal happenings outside our households. Oh how times have changed with it being out there for all to see and hear. I can assure you, there’s been many of our dear old ones who’ve gone before us, now rolling over in their graves after hearing those near-daily crossings of lines by their children and grandchildren. It’s all quite regrettable.

Before heading home, I noticed part of our Downtown’s streets were blocked-off for their Friday Night Live celebration. There didn’t seem to be that many people out, but it was still early. I hope they don’t get too giggle-watered up before driving home, because that’s when a fun night, turns into a long-lasting nightmare.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The smallest deed is better than the greatest intention.

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