A Sun Rising

Another whizz-by day happened, but fortunately I did manage to get the remaining continuing education hours I needed for my real estate license renewal by taking my last four hour class on Zoom this morning. Since I was in a class with 96 people, and most of them being those who’ll be sitting for their real estate exam, I was a little more vocal than I usually am whenever in those classes. I’ve become quite endeared to the way in which I preface my opinions by saying, “Since I’ve been doing this before the trees arrived…”, which nearly always prompts a smile on everyone’s face, but the main reason I say it, is because I’d rather not be like some “old bull” who enjoys pulling rank on his juniors, and believe you me, there are enough “old bull” mentalities already in our midst.

My last, and hopefully most memorable comment, was my encouragement to those newbies to work at setting themselves above the rest of their peers by they way in which they’re able to be noticed by doing things that most wouldn’t take the time to polish a skill two, only to freely share with the world. Unfortunately, most of our real estate instructors focus on things we have to do, as well as those we shouldn’t, but leave out those endless possibilities of “branding” ourselves in a good way. I’d much rather swim against the current, instead of following everyone else’s lead, as far too often, their lead ends up being trapped in that giant net of mediocrity. Yes, such poor souls remind me of army ants following each other around in search of morsels to drag back to their nests.

As much as I wanted to climb up on my perch this morning and start chirping about how all the many are relying on apps and gadgets to do their work, after realizing how much more specialized real estate offices are in the larger cities to where their real estate agents aren’t fully involved in the whole process of buying and selling. Since I worked in a bank many years ago, I’ve also found they too, have become overly-specialized to where most loan originators aren’t able to fill out a closing statement for a buyer, as that’s work now now being done by their processing departments. It’s no wonder I’ve been finding all the more annoying little errors made which should’ve been caught by Realtors and some lenders. Yes, we all make mistakes, but I’m still of the belief that too many cooks spoil the soup.

I fully empathized with those beginners this morning because I was faced with many of those same fears of failure when knowing I was jumping from the banking industry, into the uncharted territory of being on 100% commission in real estate sales. Those first five years were my greatest struggle, but after creating my own hard-coded regimen, it became easier. I almost interrupted the instructor by saying at an appropriate moment, “You’ll never understand the concept of kick-starting until you’ve been raised on a working farm, and then had to sell real estate for five years on a 100% commission basis.” Yes, I just about said it, but that little voice inside me said, “Don’t go there.”

One of my clients text me this afternoon asking when I was going to come and pick up a sink that he pulled out of a home he’s now working on which is another one of his family’s “flips”. I assured him I’d be over to pick it up now that I’m out from under the yoke of getting my real estate continuing education hours completed. He sent me an emoji of rolling laughter after my text reading, “I’m all Zoomed out, and now working at zooming myself back into the real world.”

My afternoon was packed with chores, and one of them was paying a visit to one of my dear elderly clients who’s moving out West to live with her niece. I met her niece for the first time today, and after a nice chat, I was convinced my dear friend will be in good hands. I couldn’t help getting a good laugh when my friend mentioned her having shared a few stories out of her mis-directed youth. After I quite laughing, I also added, “I’m waiting for the day to share my own mis-directions back when I was also young and semi-good looking.” Since she’ll be heading out on Thursday, I gave her a good hug while wishing her a safe journey and a happy life in her new digs. There’s no doubt I’ll miss her, but deep down, I know it’s for the best.

Now don’t think me one of those enablers who does everything for everybody when mentioning my decision to take care of the lawn on a home I’ve had around my neck for far too long. It’s been a “problem child” for me, so instead of racking-up any more expenses the seller can’t afford, I loaded up my spare mower and headed over to mow it again. We now have it under contract, but I’ll continue holding my breath until I walk out of the closing office. We’ve had far too many close-calls on the sale of that home to where I’m now doing everything I can to keep it on track. I’m hoping today’s “mow” will be my last. Since I know the buyers well enough, I’m confident they’ll be a good fit.

Having received full loan approval on my Fertile listing, I decided to take a quick trip to that sleepy town and place a sold rider on my sign. While driving there, I got a good viewing of our many corn and soybean fields which looked pretty healthy to me, and if we continue to get the rain they’re predicting, there shouldn’t be much if any complaints from our farmers.

Every time I pull into that town I think of that old newspaper headline reading, “Manly man marries Fertile woman”. Keep in mind Manly is only a short distance from Fertile, and back in those days, the young men and women usually found their mates in a close proximity to their homes. Yes, this digital age has up-ended many of our old customs.

Tonight’s photo is one I captured several days ago which I found hauntingly beautiful.  Now truthfully, do you think it was of a sun rising or a sunset?

Tonight’s One-liner is: Live your life and forget your age!

Joe Chodur

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