Back at it Again

I was an off and at ’em with my early-morning office routine, and due to my having an all-day Zoom class to attend, I was racing to get all things requiring my attention finished-up before the hour of eight arrived. With it being a normal Monday, I had more things to take care of than if it were another day of the week. I’ll be sure to remember not to sign up for a Monday class again. Thank goodness the instructor allowed for a ten minute bread every hour, along with a full hour’s lunch which afforded me time to get time-sensitive phone calls made, along with returning emails and text messages.

I couldn’t believe it when seeing nearly a hundred students in that class, which certainly made for some difficult monitoring of those in attendance. It was an OK eight hours, and glad I was able to help the instructor along by answering some of the questions for which she didn’t have answers. Unfortunately, I had to watch the message bar more closely due to some of the students private messaging me with questions of their own. I had to smile to myself when one of them asked if I was an attorney. Too funny.

Since many of the students enrolled were newbies, I was quickly reminded how much more I understand my profession, which at times has made me think everyone is supposed to know such things. Yes, like in every line of work, we soon forget that what knowledge we have, was hard-earned over the years.

Another reminder I had, were the customs Realtors have in the various areas of our State when it comes to listing and marketing homes. The Des Moines metro area has some requirements we don’t have, yet lacking in some rules and regulations we’re bound to uphold. With our instructor being an agent from Des Moines, I got a good taste of how they list and sell homes in their neck of the woods. I know our market is tight, but theirs is even tighter. I do feel a bit sorry for some of those young ones, as they’re knowingly entering the real estate profession in a seller’s market which will make it more difficult for them to get homes listed.

One of the students did ask about how he’d be able compete with the many seasoned agents, and since the instructor didn’t give much encouragement, I jumped in and said, “If you’re out on a listing appointment and it being your fist, tell the sellers you’ll be focusing 100% of your time with your one and only listing, which will cause them to think twice about going with someone who may possibly have 30 active listings.” Now you see, there are ways of promoting oneself when entering a new field. A fresh face and oodles of enthusiasm, will oft times counterbalance someone else more seasoned.

During my lunch hour, I made a trip to the bank, stopped at a convenience store and picked up a hot dog, and them returned to office for my lunch snack. A phone call came in while I was in class which I had to return, and luckily I managed to connect with the owner. I’d met with her many months ago, and delighted to hear she’s ready to list. If that property’s priced right, it will sell quickly, and likely have multiple offers on it.

Speaking of selling quickly, as chance would have it, my agent Brandon Neve listed a home yesterday which I managed to sell right out of the gates. I’d been working with my buyer for several weeks, and since he was brought up to speed on values and quality of construction during that time, we managed to get it under contract within several hours. My buyer couldn’t have thanked me enough for keeping him in mind when my agent mentioned it. Of the dozen or so homes I’d shown him, yesterday’s purchase was in my opinion, the best fit for his long-term needs.

My afternoon Zoom class was a little slow-moving, but at least I managed to keep myself from falling asleep, as I’ve been known to nod-off a time or two in those sometimes terribly boring classes. At least the instructor managed to keep most of us attentive.

After my class was finished, I had two appointments which had to be taken care of before heading home. The first one was quick, and the second took a little longer, only because I was enjoying their company. It seems each time I’m with them, we always have some delightful story to share with each other.

Nothing much else noteworthy happened today, and truth be told, I didn’t even have time to read our online news, so I guess there wasn’t anything shattering since I’d not heard anyone making mention of some global catastrophe.

One of my colleagues has an appointment to show my listing at 1724 S. Kentucky tomorrow, and since they’re familiar enough with it, I’m hoping there’ll end up owning it. That homesite would make a perfect place to raise a family, have a big garden and orchard, or even a chicken house filled with various breeds of egg-layers. There’s over an acre and a half of land that goes with it, and in spite of it being on Kentucky Ave., it sets back far enough to where you don’t hear the traffic.

While on my way home, I couldn’t believe having spotted a grown deer standing on an owner’s patio and eating potted flowers, and in broad daylight mind you! Sometimes I think their numbers are dwindling in our City, but just these past two days, I’ve been noticing all the more. Yesterday I spotted a doe in the area of our Downtown with her two young ones tagging behind. Yes, they are back at it again.

Tonight’s One-liner is: To accomplish great things, we must first dream, then visualize, then plan…believe…act!

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