Plumed Heads

When I got up this morning, I felt has though I needed another two or three hours of rest, and likely due to the extra-long real estate workout I had yesterday. A very long time ago, I’d come to the realization that mental fatigue is even more tiring than physical, which is one of the main reasons I do as much physical work as possible during my off-hours. The laborious work helps to eliminate my mental fatigue, and then my mental work in turn, helps to eliminate the physical. I can understand why many go to gym every day, but when having my own personal workouts with endless projects, there’s no need. Make sense?

Yesterday was a good day as well as a bad in real estate, and the reason being, I did manage to get a home sold, along with having received an offer on the home I had open yesterday. Now the bad news, was getting an email request for repairs and improvements forwarded to me from the selling agent on a home that went under contract last week. As I was reading thru it, I was in shock that a buyer would actually have the guts to ask for that many seller’s concessions, which left me to believe he really didn’t want to buy the home, or possibly looking to cut a fat hog.

Unfortunately, yours truly had to be the one to call the seller and read those line-item requests. I wasn’t even half-way thru reading it when he stopped me and said, “Stop right there! You tell that agent that he either buys it as it stands, or go fly a kite.” I’m being kind while writing this because he didn’t say, “fly a kite”. I fully understood his anger, and in complete agreement the was a good buy for that “want everything for nothing” buyer. Thank goodness I didn’t report it as a pending sale, because there was something inside me telling me not to. Now I know why. The only thing I can do, is put such nonsense out into the universe and let karma deal with it. I know nothing about that buyer, but I’d wager he’s had many doors opened for him since he slid down the chute.

The first thing I had to do this morning, was to get my seller to sign-off on the release of earnest money so I could issue a check back to that buyer, because the sooner we had him off our plate, the better, because this is prime marketing time, and not wanting to miss an opportunity to have it sold. I did send several text messages to agents who’d inquired on it while it was under contract, and saying it’s now back up for grabs.

I didn’t get a copy of that inspection report, and glad I didn’t because whomever that inspector was, wanted to be a hero for that buyer. But, at the end of the day, I came to the conclusion that buyer has no concept regarding the cost of quality construction in these times, because if that rock-solid home were to be built today, it would cost upwards of $500K and still not contain the quality. I wouldn’t be surprised if after it’s all said and done, he gets duped into purchasing a lipsticked pig. How unfortunate.

My morning appointment took me out to meet with the sellers of yesterday’s open house for my presentation of the offer that came in late yesterday. I carefully went over it, and then spent some time discussing their options. After all the scenarios were talked about, they decided to counter-offer on it, so I made the necessary changes and had them sign and initial. I spent some extra time having a good visit with them because I think they’re the most genuine I’ve come across in some time.

After I returned to office, I scanned and emailed the counter-offer to the selling agent, and then sent a text saying I’d just emailed it. Early this afternoon, I received a text from the selling agent asking if the buyers could take another look at it late this afternoon, so I called the sellers. They gave me the green light for that couple’s third look. I’m confident it’ll present itself better than it did yesterday, because it was overcast and raining while they were there. Yes, sunshine always makes for better showings. Most don’t realize, that home is situated on a double lot which offers more space for outdoor activities. Believe it or not, it’s sitting on a third of an acre. Hey, that’s big enough to have a small chicken house. Oh wouldn’t the neighbors go nuts if someone would start raising chickens on the most photographed street in Mason City? Too funny.

I spent only about an hour working on my project, and the rest of my free time taken up by seeking out acceptable photo-shots to share with all of you. Tonight’s photo is very plain, yet illustrative shot of how our country roads look during high summer with the plumed heads of grass and old fencing. It’s a summer scene most of us dismiss because they’re all over the rural areas of the Midwest.

While visiting with some friends today, I was again brought up to speed with how politically polarized our society has become which troubles me deeply. Since I’ve known them long enough, I was able to filterlessly speak my mind regarding those loud-mouthed groups who claim to have the remedies for our Country’s ills. I’m convinced the leaders of those banner-waving idiots have their own personal agendas, and you can be sure, they’re not in the best interest of our great Nation. I think we all felt relieved after freely speaking our minds without having some block-head screaming obscenities at us for not drinking their Kool-Aid. Unfortunately, there really are some markedly stupid people in our midst, and like I told my friends today, “They’re in every socio-economic level of our society.” Now that’s what should cause a few more red flags to go up.

It was quite the beautiful day, and I hope many of you spent some time outdoors after the sidewalks dried up after yesterday’s rain. The air was noticeably clear and fresh.

Tonight’s One-liner is: If you do not think about your future, you cannot have one.

Joe Chodur

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