Darkening my Door

It didn’t surprise me how much rain we received yesterday when remembering how soaked I was after showing three homes. Yes, that inch and a half has turned everything green again, and now with today’s likely half-inch or more, our soil’s moisture levels should be nearing normal, if only in these times there’s anything in the realm of normalcy. After reading our extended forecast, it appeared we’ll be getting rain again towards the end of next week.

I didn’t have that much of a work-load this morning, other than taking phone calls, visiting with clients, and responding to emails. Speaking of emails, I’m getting even more annoyed by all the spam that manages to get thru my email filters, and most it is either and invitation for online sex, physical enhancements, getting more real estate leads, quick loans and everything in between. I wish our government would start enacting laws against such aggressive online solicitations. Back in the old days, it was always, “Don’t call me, I’ll call you.” form of interaction with those looking to plug you into something undesirable. My how our world has changed.

With a few hours to kill, I thought it best to call one of my dear friends whom I’d not spoken with for a number of weeks. All sounded well on her side of the fence, and since she’s a gardener, we talked about those nasty Japanese beetles that’ve returned once again. We also visited about how all the more seem to have little interest in bettering themselves by getting real jobs and working for honest wages. I’m beginning to wonder if all these pandemic checks that went out, and then the increased dollar amount in unemployment benefits, has created a laziness in those who were already teetering on not really wanting to work in the first place. Let’s hope they finally realize that riding on the backs of others, just isn’t admirable.

I stopped back over to Hy-Vee Drug on my way back from a west-side appointment, just to see what was left in their outside garden area. Well, at least instead of sending those un-sold pots to the dumpster, they had “free plants” signs posted about, so it took a sickly four-pack of tomatoes and planted them at the back of my office. I thought it would be nice to have a tomato or two to go along with with my noontime snacks. They’d been severely stunted from being in those tiny pots, so perhaps now that they’re in real soil, they’ll kick into high gear.

There just happened to be a special edition of our monthly Realtor magazine arrive at my office yesterday, so I picked it up and did some skim-reading. Just as I suspected, this housing shortage we’re in the midst of, has been brewing for the last five years, and when the China-virus hit, the intensity of buyers increased, which caused our home values to skyrocket all across our Nation.

After reading several case studies of the struggles many of those buyers agents are having, I’m ever-thankful to have a solid base of sellers. I had to laugh to myself when reading where a young female agent had spent six months running people around in a wide circle of cities and towns, and then finally realizing she’d spent too much money on gas, and even more hours showing them homes which when they’d make offers, they’d always get beat-out due to multiple offer scenarios. I personally had to cut-loose three couples last year who’d sucked so much time and effort out of me, that I finally had to say, “I’m sorry I just can’t do this anymore.” Wouldn’t you know, one of them got hosed by a for-sale-by-owner, and the other two bought into more trouble than those properties were worth. Oh well, I tried to counsel them, but they just wouldn’t listen. I’ll continue wishing them the best, along with nevermore darkening my door.

Several days ago, I happened to notice an elderly woman whom I’ve known for years, struggling to get in her front door due to what appeared to be simply caused by the weights of a very old age on her shoulders. For the strangest reason, I couldn’t help wondering if when wicked-minded people die, they take their bad energy with them, or if it’s passed onto their offspring or even worse, absorbed by a structure and then start resonating outward. I hope the laws of the universe instruct it to be sent with them, because she’s poisoned the lives of many people with her mean-spirited thoughts and wicked tongue. I used to think it was her long-dead husband who made her that way, but not anymore. I think some are just born with a good dose of malice from the get go.

I arrived at my public open house a few minutes early, just so I could get all the lights turned on, and just as I was walking up the basement steps, the first lookers arrived. In spite of the rain, I had a very good turnout, and after counting the number of handouts I’d given, there were a total of eleven groups who’d arrived. Because I can usually sense real interest, I’d say there were three who were definite hopefuls. Several even came back with a relative for a second look. As chance would have it, when I arrived home, I received a phone call from another Realtor saying there’d be an offer on it coming my way from one of those couple’s in attendance. I’m pretty sure they have to sell their home first, so it’ll likely be a “subject-to sale” offer. If it does arrive, we’ll see what the sellers have to say.

After getting all my signs picked up, I headed back to office to meet with a buyer who wanted to make an offer on a home I showed him yesterday. I went over all the pre-offer documents and seller’s disclosure, prepared the offer, went over it with him, and then had him sign and initial where needed. While he was there, I scanned and emailed it to the listing agent, and them picked up the phone and called him to say I’d just sent him a very good, as well as clean offer. Let’s hope his sellers take it.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Our built-in human system for mimicry explains why we can transfer our good and bad moods to each other–if we aren’t careful.

Joe Chodur

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