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With a great deal of desk work needing to be completed, I headed to office a bit earlier, just so I’d have a long period of quiet without interruption. My most immediate project, was to get one of my accounts back into balance which happened to be off by a mere ten dollars, but of course yours truly simply couldn’t let that go as an error or omission. Thinking that error was going to be a devil to find, I stepped back far enough from it to go back another month, just to see if I’d made an incorrect ending journal entry. Well, that’s exactly what I did, and what I thought would take me well over an hour to find, it couldn’t have been more than a ten minute seek and find session. When I closed the books, I was again reminded how much easier it is to solve a problem if only we step back far enough to look at the whole picture. Thinking back to how crazy my month of May was, it was of no surprise I’d made such a silly mistake.

When the hour of eight arrived, I took my box of little homemade gifts, and delivered them to an office which has been extra-helpful with keeping up with my sometimes immediate needs. They were all very thankful and well received to the point where several of them sent me an email containing kind words. It’s too bad more in our work world don’t offer each other little gifts of gratitude from time to time. Believe me, a soulful thanks or two goes a very long way in this “all about me” world.

My mid-morning appointment at office, was with the executor of a listing of mine who had to drive a good two hours to get here, just to sign a purchase agreement and deliver that home’s abstract. We had a nice visit before he left, and of course he couldn’t help making mention of the oak bookcase behind my desk, so I had to tell him the story about it, along with pointing out the unbelievable detailed workmanship it contained. Whomever built it, was a true master of cabinet making, as I can’t begin to say how many have made mention of it, along with wanting to buy it. It’s interesting how accustomed people grow when living and/or working in the midst of beauty, to the point they have to be reminded of it by comments of outsiders.

The remainder of my morning was spent driving to Garner to deliver an updated abstract to an attorney’s office, just so there wouldn’t be any more days lost with it floating around in the mail. I was shocked by the beauty of his office to the point where I was making many verbal observations of the work that’d been done within. It actually reminded me a little bit of my own office, but his woodwork was more ornate than mine. There must be a very good woodworker for hire who’s living in their midst.

Since Garner has a groceteria, I decided to do a little lunch-hour shopping. What surprised me the most, was how dimly-lit their store still is since it recently changed hands after being sold to a corporate grocer. I thought for sure they’d lighten it up a bit, but it’s pretty much the same as it was, with the exception of its signage and product labels being changed.

I had an afternoon meeting with a dear one, and when driving back to office, I noticed a client out mowing, so I stopped. We had a nice chat about this and that, and for some reason, I was compelled to ask if he’d read the book, “Man’s Greatest Fear”. After hearing he’d not heard of it, I drove back to office, grabbed my copy, and headed back to his home to present it to him as his next good read.

Since he and his wife are very soulful people with young children, I insisted they both read it because it’ll offer them many hard facts regarding how this world has come to be overly-dominated by willful corporate greed. I went on to say how important that “read” is for anyone, and especially couples with young children. I said to him, “How could any overly-wealthy and selfish father or mother live with themselves when knowing they’re adding to the toxic legacy they’re intentionally passing on to their children?” For as long as I live, I will never be able to understand how they can justify the pillaging of our natural resources, along with allowing our atmosphere and oceans to become overly-polluted. I’m wondering if it’s the mindset where if everyone else is doing it, they why shouldn’t we? Yes, in many respects, money and power walk hand-in-hand as being the root-cause of all our world’s ills. Once again, if you haven’t heard or read “Man’s Greatest Fear”, I implore you to go find it and give it a full reading. I assure you, you’ll never want to leave your heads buried in the sand again.

Later this afternoon, I went out to my new listing at 515 S. Vermont to place my arrow signs for Saturday’s open house, as well as taking a few new photos of it since the owners had noticeably de-cluttered several of its rooms. I’m still hoping to have a good turnout, and possibly snag a buyer for it Saturday afternoon. That home is another one having been built like a battleship.

Since I had an hour to kill, I sent a text the barber over at Market 124 to see if he had time to give me a shearing. Luckily he did, so I dashed over. When I arrived, he seemed upset about something, and wouldn’t you know, it was all about his business Facebook account having been hacked to where he now can’t get into it and see if his customers were wanting to book haircuts, which over these past to weeks, has caused him to lose a great deal of business.

I did mention I’d speak about his problem tonight, so if you can put the word out regarding the Facebook account of “Anthony the Barber” being hacked, please do. He does do a good job, along with being detail-oriented by making sure he’s done his very best. If you’re looking for a new barber, give him a call or send a text. He is good.

Tonight’s One-liner is: In many ways, anger is a mis-directed plea for love.

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