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It was another hot and humid day, and by the looks of our weather forecast, we should be getting some rain overnight which will help our struggling gardens. It seems no matter how hot and dry it is, the weeds continue to grow and multiply.

My day was filled with appointments along with my monthly desk-work which I had to squeeze in between phone calls and out of office viewings, but I did manage to get everything caught up after two highly-focused sittings.

One of the appointments I had, was to do an inspection on an estate home for its executor, just so it would be on file in the estate proceedings. Since the death was recent, I could tell there was a great emotion tied to our walk-thru and my taking notes. Before I left, I shared some thoughts regarding the process I went thru with my mother’s estate, which seemed to help with that person’s grieving process. Irregardless if I get that listing or not, I drove away happy I was able to give comfort from a stranger’s perspective on the evolving process of grief and loss.

Another appointment took me out to a home which had just been vacated by tenants. The owner was already there, and the moment I walked in, I was hit between the eyes by the strong scent of a dog or two which is always a turn-off for me.

After getting a good look at all the damage those tenants had done, all I could say was, “Get the repairs done, get it cleaned and painted, and then list it for sale.” It’s bad enough when we see mediocre homes being trashed by thoughtless tenants, but when it happens to a very well-built home in a fine neighborhood, that’s when it borders on being sinful. There’s no question, whomever lived there had some real anger issues, and believe you me, I’ve seen some maniacal damages done my tenants to other homes.

Late yesterday, a low offer came in on one of my listings, so I called the seller this morning and went over it with him. Since he has family members he has deal with, he said he’d call me back with a counter. Well, not but an hour later he called back with the amount he’d sell it for, so I then called the agent. Not long afterwards, I got a long text message back from the selling agent with a list of reasons why the buyer was only going to go so high. I then called the seller again, and relayed those concerns. Again, about an hour later I got a call from him with his rock-bottom price. I then alerted the agent, but haven’t yet heard back. I did mention that if I had it listed at the amount they were offering, it would’ve sold right out of the gates. Just while writing these lines tonight, the agent text me saying the buyer were going to take it. If those buyers hadn’t taken that counter-over, you can bet I would’ve had it reduced and then sold to another.

It looks like we have 404 S. 9th St. in Clear Lake under contract again, and this time I do believe it’ll go thru because we already have pre-approval and a good downpayment. I’m pretty sure that young buyer is going to do very well with the purchase of his new home, as he has a very close family which will likely be helping him with the cosmetic updates it needs. I hope in a year or two, he’ll give me a tour of that rock-solid home, as I’m sure it’ll take my breath away.

It looks like these online scams have now moved into the arena of text messages after receiving a concerned phone call this afternoon from my associate Brandon Neve. When he called, I was in a bit of shock when hearing he received a text message from someone saying he was me, and that he needed to go to the nearest Walmart and buy $600 worth of Google play gift cards, scratch and take photos of them, and then forwarded to a cell phone number which wasn’t mine. Oh, and of course the caller had an excuse as to why “I” wasn’t calling from my regular cell phone. Brandon Neve sent him a tongue-lashing text back which was very much deserved.

There never seems to be a day that goes by where I’ve not heard of someone attempting to extort or dupe others into giving them money. I’m growing all the more convinced our society is un-knowingly caught up in a digital over-load. I dare not even consider what’ll be the next form of extortion. When hearing about all the thievery taking place, it causes a person to wonder if anybody’s working a real job for an honest wage. These robot calls are even getting more sophisticated to where I’m having to listen more closely to their “voices”, just to confirm they’re “bot” callers. I don’t know what the rest of you do, but whenever I answer and hear one of them, I don’t even “go there”, and immediately hang up. Now if I weren’t in business, I wouldn’t even bother answering those “unknown” phone numbers that show up on my office and cell phone screens.

It was a bit of an eye-opener today when receiving an email from another Realtor saying a certain home was back on the market, but the real jaw-drop, was reading that the buyer simply didn’t show up at closing because he’d skipped town. I’m sure those sellers were ready to hunt him down for a deserved pounding.

Then about an hour later, another Realtor sent a message saying a home she had sold is now back on the market. There was no reason given, but I’m sure it was a long waiting period before that one fell apart.

I guess bad news came in a bundle of three today, as just before heading home, another agent posted a note saying her listing was tied up for nearly 60 days, and only two days before closing, the buyers backed out, and the only reason given, was their not wanting it anymore. Do you think all this impetuous pandemic buying is finally wearing off?

Tonight’s One-liner is: I describe a soulmate as a “soul-nurturing mate”, who nurtures you soul, thereby promoting continued insight and growth.

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