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I’m hoping everyone had a safe and memorable 4th of July get-togethers, while being quite certain there were some awakening with cotton mouths and pounding heads from the amount of alcohol they imbibed yesterday. Oh well, I guess we all have to let our hair down once in a while, and especially when in the company of favorites.

When thinking about my memorable 4th of July gatherings, I would say most of my favorites were gatherings at home where not more than six or eight would be in attendance, and if the weather was rain-free, we’d have a thrasher’s table and a picnic table set up under those tall sugar maple trees which always offered a cooler place to be seated while enjoying our pot-luck style early evening meals. Of course my mother had to be the one who’d insist on supplying all the oven-fried chicken a person could ever possibly eat. Whenever I make oven-fried, it’s almost always done her way, as most I’ve eaten elsewhere, are coated with too much breading, along with being dried out. Her trick for making such good chicken, was to give it a good browning in a cast iron skillet, and then sent to the oven for a quick high-temp bake. I think the process of skillet-browning it first, sends all the juices and flavors inward. Several of my uncles used to always insist she supply her chicken if there’d be another pot luck gathering scheduled. Yes, it really was that good.

Speaking of chickens, I’ve been hearing all the more people telling me they’re raising them this summer which I think is a great idea, and especially if they have larger yards or live on acreage settings. There’s no question yard eggs are more flavorful as well as their true “free-range” meat. Believe it or not, I quit eating chicken a number of years ago until the groceterias started selling the more expense all natural ones. Most would tell me that chicken tastes like chicken, but yours truly can taste something in that meat that’s not natural. I was likely spoiled by the taste of home raised chickens, which caused me to back away from those doped-up and cage-raised ones. As I tell everyone, “If you don’t like it, then don’t eat it.”

Four hours of my morning was spent laboring on yard work, and by quitting time, I was nearly exhausted from the high humidity and heat. I did take a water break about every hour because I was sweating like a butcher. Once again, when looking back at the progress, I’d say the change was noticeable.

When I got back to office, I quickly cleaned myself up, and then changed back into my office clothes, delivered several boxes of fabric to a dear friend, and then headed off to Clear Lake for a showing a 404 S. 9th St. which was a first-view by some buyers that’d inquired on it yesterday. I arrived just early enough to get all the lights turned on before they arrived.

They were there a good half hour, and from what I gathered, I’d say they’d be the best fit for that home because the husband is an experienced home builder with an eye for quality. I actually didn’t have to point any of that home’s features, because he was looking at its quality of construction which most overlook. They don’t have anything to sell, which would be a good thing for my seller, due to him not wanting to get tied-up with any subject-to sales. I’m hoping they have a good sleep on it tonight, and then give me a ring tomorrow wanting to make an offer on it.

When I arrived back at office, a phone call came in from some buyers I’ve been working with who were wanting to look at a home that just came on the market. I did manage to get in touch with the listing agent, and wouldn’t you know, it was already under contract. I called them back and told them it was already sold, while also mentioning the home I’d shown them several weeks ago, being still on the market. I have no idea why they don’t buy that one because it’s a very well-built home needing only a few cosmetic updates.  I think even our older crowd has been watching too much HDTV.

Before heading home, I stopped out to Fleet Farm to check out the remainder of trees and plants still being available for sale. From the last time I was there, I could see they’d sold a number of trees I’d been looking at, but there are still several of them left I may purchase if I have time this week. I’m thinking if I would buy them, I’d keep them well-watered in their pots until our Fall planting season arrives. I really don’t like planting trees in high Summer because it’s a crap shoot if they’ll survive their plantings. Been there, and done that enough times before.

Not only did I get a photo of that nest of black raspberries yesterday, because I also got a good shot and “sniff’ of a near six foot tall heritage rose bush which I’m now sharing with you. Now, those are the types of aromatic roses I enjoy smelling. The many different varieties they’re growing in these times, have only a whiff of rose scent, which takes away much of their beauty. I should’ve started several of them years ago, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. Should’ve, would’ve and could’ve are oft-used words when seeing something so beautiful in another’s garden. I think the reason most don’t plant them, is because they’re loaded with pricking thorns, but as we must remember, every rose has its thorns.

Once home, I changed my clothes and went out and worked in my garden for a short while, and by the looks of those peppers and tomatoes, there’s going to be a number of give-aways after they start ripening. Since I normally save my seeds over, I’ve always been careful about not allowing them to cross, which is why I keep those different varieties at a good distance from each other. It’s always worked for me.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The best things in life, are waiting for us on the exit ramps of our comfort zones.

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