A Wobbly Stroll

When looking at the weather this morning, I noticed we’re not going to be seeing rain in our area any time soon, but at least the temps aren’t as high as they were the last time we had a dry spell. When visiting with a client this morning, I was brought even more up to speed with the way in which people living in the Southwest, are having to adapt to the higher temps and diminishing water supplies. It’s no wonder more people are opting to sell in those areas and head north. After hearing how is son is having to adjust his way of living during the summer months, I can assure you there’d be no way I’d want to be living in those hot boxes all summer long.

I fully understand why many of our elderly don’t want to live in Northern Iowa during the winter, but for me, I’d be perfectly happy with getting out of Dodge for a two week break from our long winters. For some reason, I’ve always believed that if we can just get away for a good 10 days or two weeks in the middle of it, the remaining weeks don’t seem so endless until Spring finally arrives. I still don’t understand why people end up buying winter homes because that to me, is a nightmare in the making. Who wants to be worrying about possible break-in’s, power outages, storms, general upkeep, and of course the never-ending insurance, utility, and tax bills. For me, that’s an indication those people have more money than brains.

My first appoint of the day, was to show a home located in one of our area small towns. When I pulled up, my buyers were already waiting at the curbside, which I’ve come to believe they’re they type who’d always arrive 15 minutes early at any given appointment.  I’ve know a number of people like that, and have come to the conclusion they’re the type who want to get an early “feel” for whatever surroundings they’d be finding themselves in. When thinking about it, that’s not at all a bad thing, and especially when looking at a home to purchase. A great deal can be learned about a given neighborhood while seated in a car waiting for a Realtor to arrive.

That particular showing was an absolute waste of my buyers’ time, because what was shown in the online photos, was definitely not representative of what we discovered while touring it. By the time I finally got out of there, I felt as if nearly all my energy had been sucked out of me. My past experiences with such an energy drain, becomes the internal message being, “Don’t go there!”. I firmly believe there are negative resonances lingering in homes long after they’ve been vacated, as well as being near-certain they can remain for many decades depending on the intensity or depth of such negativities.

Not too long ago, a home I’d shown some years past, which at the time, my having seen a flash of a shadow in a built-in mirror, sold and closed once again. For the strangest of reasons, that house has been purchased, but then a few short years later, sold for more times than one would ever imagine. When the sale of it closed about ten years ago, I decided to go digging in those old transfer books in our Courthouse, and wouldn’t you know, it did show far too many transfers from the time it was built. I’d never mentioned to anyone about my seeing that shadow in a mirror, but when visiting with one of the neighbors down the street about that address, she said in a whispered voice, “I’ve heard it’s haunted.” If her words were true, you can bet none of its past owners ever gave the real reason why they wanted to sell. After all these years, I can still vividly see myself there while getting a creepy glimpse of that “shadow in the mirror.”

With it nearing the hour of eleven, I drove out to a drive-thru and picked up a small burger for lunch, and while on my way back, I stopped at Hy-Vee Drug and went picking thru their 75% off sale items. Of course I did have to buy a couple of plants, but the real bargain I found, was a stack of very well-made tomato stands which were of the thicker metal and painted red. Knowing how poorly made the ones I’ve had for a number of years, I decided to buy all 20 of them. I’d looked at them before, but the price was what turned me off, but with 75% off, how could a person go wrong. And by the way, they were manufactured in USA which made me all the happier. There are still a few of the green ones left, along with the many more being unpainted, so if you’re in need of stronger stands, head over to Hy-Vee Drug while they last. Now that my tomato plants are growing nicely, it was perfect timing. Those flaming red stands sure look handsome standing there with back-drops of greenery.

After getting those purchased and loaded, I headed back to office for my quick lunch before heading over to Clear Lake for my open house at 404 S. 9th. I got there just early enough to get all the lights on and doors unlocked before the first arrivals entered. I was a tad bit concerned I’d be getting casual lookers stopping by, but in reality, most in attendance were serious buyers. There were two young couples who definitely seemed interested, so we’ll see if I get call-backs for another viewing.

I don’t know how many times I’ve mentioned how well built that home is, and if I were wanting to live in Clear Lake, I’d have it purchased due not only to the quality contained within, but the convenient walking distances to their lakeshore and downtown. Just think how fun it would be when able to walk to all their festivities instead of having to find parking spots. Of course if a person had just a little too much giggle water to be driving, what safer bet would there be than taking a wobbly stroll home?

Before heading home, I stopped to pick up a few things at a groceteria, and wouldn’t you know, a face out of my past was crawling out of his pickup. I know he saw me, and likely hoped he wouldn’t run into me because he and his wife punished me by listing their home with another, and only because I couldn’t get an offer thru on a home listed with another agency. The greatest blame is on the shoulders of that agent who lied to me. Once again, it’s remains unfortunate whenever finding the messengers being killed.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Bad habits are always hard to break, and the good ones even harder to find.

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