Japanese Beetles are Back

With great relief, I can actually say I made it thru this tumultuous week without any misgivings other than my having shown a little of my fury this morning with a tenant next door to my building, who parked a moving van in my normal spot, and then a tradesperson with truck and trailer, later parking sideways across the other two remaining slots. I don’t think I would’ve been so verbal with them if they hadn’t gestured to me their body languages of “So what?”. Unfortunately for them, that’s when I verbally bristled. If there wasn’t already a “No Parking” sign out there, or even if they’d come and asked, but to be of the mindset that if there’s a free spot, it’s to be taken, that’s when it became unforgivable. Oh how the mindsets of our society has changed. My being considered a dinosaur or not, I still insist it’s not all about me.

Most of my morning was taken up with getting signatures on court documents from two of my sellers, and since that listing has been my problem child for far too long, I’ve been doing everything I can to keep it moving along on a fast-track. The attorney for the estate had sent in regular mail, one that needed to be signed, and because I was also emailed a copy, I went ahead and got them signed and back to the attorney’s office in less than 24 hours. All parties to that transaction now know how much I want that to close without a hitch, and fully understand why I’ve been more than demanding we not lose even a day’s time. Even the lender has been put on alert that we want the buyer’s loan approved more sooner than later.

Before heading to work early this morning, I discovered those vile Japanese beetles are back at their munching. I’ve been keeping a close eye out for them, so from here on out, I’ll know that when July 1st arrives, they’ll be at our doors. Thank heaven I already have a supply of traps, and will be placing them where need be this weekend. Most have no idea how destructive they are until they’ve had an infestation. They are nasty creatures.

My listing over in Clear Lake is getting some renewed activity, and likely because the buyers still out looking, have been noticing my conspicuous directional signs. I had a jaw-drop today when an agent texted me asking, “Does it have central air?”. Oh my goodness! It clearly states in the online detail sheet it having central air. Yes, I’ve been getting some really bizarre questions asked of me by other agents to the point I’m wondering if they’re bothering to read the details of our homes that are listed for sale.

As much as I didn’t want to, I was forced to present a ridiculously low offer to one of my sellers that was emailed me earlier today. While seated at table with seller, and as soon as I mentioned the amount that agent’s buyer had made, I could sense a deep anger building. All I could say was, “It’s my duty to present any and all offers, and that’s all I’m doing.” After going over it in its entirety, I was directed to submit it back to that buyer’s agent with a formal written and initialed rejection. My seller then asked, “Do they think I’m desperate or possibly even mentally ill?” You’ve now been given but one example of how such offers being submitted, create a form of poisoning in the relationships with our sellers, as they really don’t fully understand that it’s the rules of our State that forces us to present such crazy offers. When I returned to office with rejection in hand, I scanned it, and then emailed it to that agent with a few non-emotional lines. What a waste of time and energy.

The few hours I had free, were spent on my first of the month accounting, along with getting prepared for two homes I had to show later this afternoon. I was also checking every hour for new listings in my buyer’s price range, but unfortunately nothing showed up. I did get a call from him asking to see a listing that’s in one of our small towns, and since it’s owner-occupied, I had to schedule it for early tomorrow morning.

The two listings I showed, was one that has been on the market for some time and recently reduced in price. That particular home was one I sold many years ago, but this time around, it has a nearly new double garage. I’d warned the buyers about the home being small, and when they had a good look-thru, they agreed it wasn’t big enough.

The second showing was a repeat on my listing at 207 N. Hampshire, and since the owner has more of her furnishings removed, it appeared all the larger. I think my buyers are now thinking more seriously about it, and if they can’t find anything better in the coming weeks, I won’t be surprised if they end up buying it. I did promise the seller I would take new photos once all her furnishings were out and the cleaning crew had done their magic.

I’m now of the belief, that home is going to end up being sold to a single person who’s very much wanting to live close to East Park, along with a desire to be on a less-traveled street. That’s actually the reason my seller purchased that home way back when, as she’s been a lover of nature and not liking the sound of traffic. Irregardless who ends up purchasing it, they’ll be happy they did once they’re settled into that charming expanded bungalow perched above the park. I know that neighborhood well, and still insist it’s one of those charming little districts that oft-times go un-noticed.

Taking a quick glance at the online news today, I read an article about China’s leader having given a saber-rattling speech regarding how his country will crush the heads of those who dare to challenge their might. Knowing how they’re now treating the Muslim minorities in their northwest territories, I can’t help being reminded of “The Borg” in some of Star Trek’s episodes. Remember the line, “You will be assimilated.”? I’m beginning to think the Chinese Communist Party is evolving into our real-life “Borg”.

Tonight’s One-liner is: One of the less talked about bonuses of old age, is having naturally developed the ability to reminisce selectively.

Joe Chodur

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