Three Beer Bottles

For it being a Sunday, I sure had my plate full of appointments, and all of them real estate related, along with being glad the rain was over and our skies clear again. From what I heard this morning, we received just shy of two inches since the clouds moved in, which certainly gave our many dry fields a good dose of life-saving water.

Most of my morning was spent getting informational hand-outs created for my Prairie Place on 1st open house. Since there’s so much more information to be given on those units, it took much longer to create them, but by the time I was finally finished, they looked very much worthy of presentation. I did make more than enough, just so I would have extras for later use.

In spite of it being a Sunday, I actually received two cold calls on several of my listings, and one of them was insistent on my showing him it this morning. Well, after looking at the time, and then calculating the minutes I’d have to spare before my open house, I agreed, so off I drove.

The showing didn’t take as long as I’d expected, but what he saw he liked, so before leaving he said, “I’ll give it some thought and if I’m still interested, I’ll give you a call in the morning.” As much as I didn’t want to show it today, I’m glad I made the decision to meet him there.

My other caller was a gentleman out of my past of many years who wanted to see my new listing at 518 N. Pennsylvania, but the only time he had available, was tomorrow morning at 7:30 which I was more than happy to oblige. It’ll be an interesting encounter since I’ve not seen him in a very long time, and certainly glad he did call me instead of another Realtor. I’d lost track of him since he and his wife divorced, and the last I’d heard, he was living in an apartment.

I managed to get to Prairie Place about 20 minutes before the hour, which gave me enough time to get all the doors unlocked and lights on, as well as setting out some snacks for the visitors. I even went to the extent of grabbing a bottle of Windex and cleaning off a few smudges from the glass on their front doors. I keep telling myself and others that the first impression is nearly always the lasting.

To my delight, the lookers didn’t come in groups, but rather almost back-to-back which made it infinitely easier for me to show those units and the common areas of the complex in its entirety. Without a doubt, nearly all the lookers were serious buyers which made my afternoon all the more worthwhile.

My open house was to end at three, but by the time I finished up with those last-minute arrivals, and then visiting with several of the residents afterwards, it was nearing the hour of five. I’d say that was the longest open house I’ve hosted in a very long time, but well worth it because I’ll not be surprised if at least one of those units gets sold to one of today’s lookers.” Save one, I’d say all the others would make good a “fit” in those remaining units. I’m still in a bit of dis-belief that we started out with 32 units, and now down to two. Yes, they’re nearly filled to the brim.

I’ve got a phone call to make to one of the residents in the morning because she’d asked that I stop by before I left, and as chance would have it, I completely forgot about it until I arrived home. She said she had something funny to show me, so I’ll be looking for a good laugh.

After gathering up all my open house flyers, turning off lights, locking doors and picking up my signs, I headed back to office feeling as if I’d done a full day’s work. I really don’t mind hosting open houses, but when there’s a large turn-out, it becomes draining. I once said, “I could never be a politician because of the near-constant interaction I’d be having with our general public.” Yes, it was a good open house and glad I decided to have one today.

One of the people in attendance, just happened to be a woman out of my grade and high school years, and even though she had a face mask on, I recognized her eyes. I didn’t say anything the entire time I was showing her the units, but when she said something about her mother, she added that she was in school during the time I was and likely I didn’t remember her. Well, in spite of what she thought after I told her I’d recognized her by her eyes, the only reason I didn’t say anything, is because I couldn’t remember her name, so I just left it at that.

As chance would have it, she knew one of the residents who was seated in the social room, so we all had a nice chat over by-gone days. Isn’t it funny how years can make some people all the better, while making others something almost unrecognizable? The resident she knew, also knew my mother and grandmother from church, so that was another memory lane we went skipping down. Fortunately, today’s encounter was all for the better.

Before heading home, I made time to walk out to the back alley of my building and sweep up all the broken glass that’d been laying there for several days, and of course it must’ve been some smart-ass thinking it was a heroic deed to break three beer bottles on the concrete. I can only imagine how long that would’ve been there if I’d not swept it up. The indifference people have for their surroundings is really quite remarkable.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The simplicity of success is doing what’s right, the right way, at the right time.

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