A High Thread Count

I was happy to find rain having finally arrived, but unfortunately I had to change today’s plans due to my having scheduled a full day of outdoor labor. Oh well, I did end up the entire time with my real estate hat on instead.

My arrival at office was much earlier than normal, and the reason being my having to scan and email to an agent a great number of documents regarding Prairie Place on 1st which that agent showed late yesterday. I received a text last night saying something about writing an offer on one of the units, which I had to reply back that there were specific offer forms that had to used which I would forward early this morning.

I had them emailed long before the hour of seven, and wouldn’t you know, I’ve yet to hear back from that agent other than a blurb in an email acknowledging receipt. If those buyers woke up this morning with a different attitude, then I’d say they were too hyped-up yesterday. I’m not worrying about it, as now there’s only two units remaining which will likely prompt even those who’ve been “circling” for months, to step up to the plate.

The biggest disappointment today, was finding another agent’s buyers having made far too high monetary demands on my seller regarding non-critical items that were brought to their attention by one of our nitpicking whole-house inspectors. After that emotional roller-coaster came to an end, all I said to the seller was, “We’ll find another more realistic buyer for your home, and hopefully it’ll be an owner-occupant instead of an investor.” The both of us were highly insulted when hearing how much of a discount those buyers were expecting from my seller. Such mentalities of greed quickly tire me.

When my seller announced it was her birthday today, I couldn’t help saying I’ll never forget the day of her birth because today just so happened to be the anniversary of the death of my dear sister who passed unexpectedly four years ago. I also shared how close we were when young, as well as how heartbroken I was the day I was informed of her death. That was a soul-wrenching day I’ll likely never forget for as long as I live.

Later this afternoon when thinking about my client’s birthday and knowing how much she likes raspberries with heavy cream, I took a fresh package of raspberries and a small carton of heavy cream over to her home and exclaimed, “Happy Birthday from me!”, and handed her my gift. Isn’t it fun to just on the spur of the moment, do something kind for another? The growing selfishness in our world needs to be counter-balanced by even more self-less giving.

With it raining all morning and into the early afternoon, I made sure to find something at office to keep me busied. At the end of the day, I already have three agents scheduled to show my new listing at 518 N. Pennsylvania on Monday. It would be great if I could sell that one myself, but I just don’t have any buyers in that range right now, but one never knows from one day to the next who’ll be calling, emailing, or arriving at office.

After the rain stopped, I called a client of mine who does quilting, just to make sure she was home so I could drop off some large pieces of solid-colored fabric. I’d spoken to her about it several days ago and she agreed to take it. When I arrived there, I could tell she was amazed at the quality of those pieces, and especially one particular which I believed to have a high thread count, yet still soft. When she was more closely inspecting them, I could tell she was already thinking about what she’d be able to create from them. I’ve always admired people who have not only the artistic ability to create such beauties, but also the determination to work those many hours to complete them. I’ve been told it’s very relaxing which doesn’t surprise me.

Late this afternoon, I was informed we’ve already had two and a half inches of rain and more heading our way. I’m just hoping they’ll be soft showers instead of thunder-busters. In just one day, my garden suddenly looks like it’s going to make it thru the season. I noticed there were already four flowers on my cucumbers. I planted them in a safer place away from the varmints, and if they do well, I may have enough to make kosher dill pickles, as I’ve always liked homemade ones better. One thing about cucumbers, is that you absolutely must keep them picked or they’ll stop bearing.

While on my way to office this morning, I happened to catch sight of a fox running across a street in the faint light of early morn. There was something else I noticed when nearing my office which caused me to bristle, and that being some evil minds in the night, having thrown one of the outside chairs belonging to Market 124 in the street, thrown over tables, along with tipping over several of those big pots of flowers, and one of them actually lay broken at curbside. Such vandalism is just plain evil, and I hope they catch those who did it. You can be sure there was more than one of them, and likely being either high on some sort of recreational drug, or filled to the brim with giggle water. When in such states, they always seem to embolden each other to commit such vile deeds. The owner of Market 124 certainly doesn’t deserve such, as she’s done wonders with that building and should be commended for it instead of being punished.

As of now, I have pretty much everything readied for tomorrow’s open house over at Prairie Place on 1st. The only thing I have left to do, is to pick up some bottled water, and then create a stack of handouts. I’m also providing a small sweet snack for those in attendance. I haven’t looked at the weather, but from what I’ve heard, we should have clear skies by morn. Do wish me luck on getting those last two units sold.

Tonight’s One-liner is: It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but even more so, to stand up to our friends.

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