Wobbling Again

When I awakened this morning and found the sun on the horizon and the temperature at a comfortable level, I decided to spend a few minutes outdoors before heading to work. Those dawn choruses of birds singing have always moved me, and oft-times wondered if they’re singing their praises due to the return of light after a night of frightening darkness. Whether we want to believe it or not, we are part of the animal kingdom, which is why the bulk of us do enjoy our light-filled days more than the veils of darkness at night. Having lingered longer than planned, I quickly bid my farewell to those many chirping voices coming from the Mother Nature’s theatre.

There were several emails that came in overnight, so I responded to them, and then seated myself at my piano and did one last run-thru of all the music I was scheduled to play over at St. Paul Lutheran Church. After I’d finished playing the last piece, I placed my sheet music back in the order I was to play, and headed over to their church.

Unfortunately, the pastor forgot to unlock the side door for me, so I had to ring the bell for him to come down and let me in. As soon as he opened the door, my first question of him, was getting a confirmation regarding my not playing an introduction on two of their selected pieces which he did confirm, so I was good to go, and made my quick trip up to their gallery.

Since there weren’t any persons within other than the pastor, I figured I’d run thru today’s music one more time on their piano. Only keyboardists know that every instrument is just a wee-bit different than say the one we just walked away from. Sometimes it’s the height of the bench, the angle of the music holder, and/or the “action” of the keys. Yes, their piano has a different “feel” than mine, but I quickly adapted to it. Truth be told, it has been a very long time since I played their piano, which was all the more reason to get myself accustomed to it.

After a handful of early-comers arrived, I played about a half dozen religious pieces, just so to help create a reverent mood for them as they were getting comfortably seated. By the time I finished playing the last one, it was close to the time for their Services to start.

Once the Pastor began with his introduction, I looked over the gallery rail and made a quick count of the numbers in attendance. There weren’t as many there as the last time I played, but still higher than I was seeing last winter. When knowing North Iowan’s are now vacationing and/or visiting relatives, I wasn’t a bit surprised.

The readings today were quite moving, and most appropriate for my ears since this past week was quite the eye-opener regarding the degree in which some people will go to make the lives of others miserable. Both the Old and New Gospel readings should’ve been broadcast around the world, as there was so much truth in what was shared, and very much appropriate for the times in which we live. The key message of those two readings, was how self-anointed “good” people will work at making better people appear evil, and at the end of the day, they’re the nefarious ones. Yes, under their cloak of evil, you’re sure to find long-lasting hate, jealousy, greed, as well as all the other cardinal sins. Don’t bother trying to confront them, as they’ll have their ears closed to the truth.

From the time I entered their church, I had a gut feeling I was going to make a mistake, and so it happened, which was my not coming in at the right time with their Communion hymn. After their Services were over, I went down and asked one of those “in the know”, what my cue was to be, so after today, it most likely won’t happen again. One of them did mention having had goosebumps while I was playing one of their hymns, which gave me a good lifting-up, and especially when she added, “I rarely get goosebumps over the music being played here.” After a moment’s thought, I just considered it another welcome intervention of the Holy Spirit. It was a very good Service, and while walking over to my car, I actually felt lighter and brighter to the point where I was convinced I’d be having a good rest of the day.

When I returned to office, I spent a few minutes getting caught up on our “non-fake” online news feeds, and the one headline that grabbed me, was about Condolezzsa Rice’s comments regarding our world having too quickly believed the Chinese in regards to the origins of their virus which created our global pandemic. Either sooner or later, I’m of the belief they were doing a major cover-up on its true origin, as there’ve been too many coincidences from the very beginning, and yet today, there’s no solid evidence as to what animal caused it to jump to humans, which leaves us to point in the direction of an actual lab-leak. If indeed it was a leak, then our world government’s had better start by re-aligning their thoughts about this globalization which China is on a burn to have toe-holds in every single country, which I find very troubling.

The remainder of my day was spent working outdoors on various projects, as well as doing some major watering of plants, weeding, and then working again at cutting up fallen limbs and branches. When hearing the temps in southern Texas were noticeably lower than ours, I’d say our jet stream must be wobbling again. This rapid melting of the Arctic is taking place far faster than experts had projected, and what we were passing off as a far-in-the-future event, may all the sooner be at our doorsteps. Anyone who pays close attention to the abnormal shiftings which’ve already taken place in North Iowa, already know it’s coming. As much as the developed nations are moving away from fossil fuels, the Russians, and thanks to Putin, are now building oil extraction platforms in the Arctic. Yes, it has always been about control and greed. How very regrettable.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The pleasure of those who injure you lies in your pain, so therefore, they’ll be the ones suffering if you remove their pleasure by not feeling pain.

Joe Chodur

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