Not the Snakes

Oh how wonderful the weather was today, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to get out and enjoy it as much as I’d wanted, but as we in real estate know fully well, business must always come first when trying to make a decent living. My morning started extra-early again with having another file to work on before a seller arrived to sign his transfer docs, and fortunately had everything readied by the time he arrived.

My internal temper had spiked when seeing the closing agent having made over a $300 error on their supposed “correct” closing statement, which created more emailing back and forth between us. In spite of what our general public believes, our banking institutions can make some of the most glaring mistakes which never would’ve been made if they would’ve taken the time to review the numbers our listing agents supplied them. Of course I was forced to share that error with my seller, as I wasn’t able to go over the fully-corrected one that should’ve been emailed to me in the first place.

I was very much creeped out after reading today’s obituaries when finding a woman I’d just asked about no more than two weeks ago, having passed away several days past. The person I asked about her condition, didn’t know her, so I was left wondering until I pulled-up today’s online obit postings.

Several years ago, I had to list her home for sale, and the only reason being, she’d come down with a slowly debilitating disease which required nursing home care. The three times I was in contact with her, I found her to be the sweetest person who enjoyed a good visit over brighter times of her life. This pandemic must’ve sent her spirally down all the faster, as I’ve read enough articles about how this China-virus has had noticeably bad effects on the minds and bodies of our seniors who’d been trapped in isolation for many months. I’ll definitely remember that dear soul with her sparkling blue eyes.

After getting everything needing done for the day, I sent myself back down into the “pit” of online “Zoom” education which started at the hour of one and didn’t finish until five, which was another enlightening experience.

Believe it or not, there were 66 people in that class, and since I was able to see every one of them, I’d say I was watching the cross-cut of today’s society. I’ll likely never get used to seeing people dressed as they were, and doing things they were told not to do while in class, such as texting on their cell phones. There was one woman who was on her phone more than she was looking at the instructor’s screen. I’m surprised she wasn’t kicked out for not paying attention. What I also found, were the number of participants casually eating snacks which was being seen by all.

When looking at their surroundings, I’d say at least 75 percent of them were at home, and dressed in less than casual attire. There was actually a young man stationed in what looked like a workshop filled with a table saw, along with all the other pieces of equipment you’d find in a contractor’s shop. Another jaw-drop, was seeing several of them lounging on a sofas, and one of them even had herself wrapped in a blanket. Mercy me, what is this world coming to? Thank goodness the hour of five finally arrived before I entered the realm of “The Twilight Zone”.

When afterwards thinking about that class, the only positive thing the instructor did, was to split our big group of people into smaller cells where we could discuss different topics amongst ourselves, and then later share with the whole class via a designated spokesperson. The three or four times I was in one of those small groups, they’d asked me to be their “voice”, but I quickly declined by saying, “I’m just an observer today.” I did manage to share some pointers on which several of them even took notes. It never hurts to share knowledge as long as one knows such situations will be encountered.

I managed to dodge a bullet late this morning with a prospective seller being one of those on again/off again characters who’d been changing his mind about selling, along with the directions he’d be taking in the near future. Just after this morning’s document signing, that seller called again, and this time, he demanded it get listed “Today!”. Well, yours truly does everything he can to oblige, but when knowing I’d already scheduled myself for this afternoon’s class, I encouraged him to wait a day or two, and in the meantime, get his house presentable for the photos I’d be taking. Well, he refused to oblige my request, and abruptly said, “I’ll find someone else because I’m not gonna wait.”, and then so rudely hung up on me.

Wouldn’t you know, when I got out of my class, I looked online, and there was his house listed with one of my competitors. After getting a much closer look at those photos, you can be sure that home’ll look far worse in person than those shots were visually presenting. Personally, I wish him well, along with being happy I wasn’t going to be dealing with his vacillating duality on a daily basis. As many of our seasoned Realtors know, there are buyers and sellers out there that are able to suck endless hours of non-productive time out of us, so whenever believing you’re about ready to climb down into a snake pit, make sure you understand that those were your choices, and not the snakes’.

An offer came in on one of my listings this afternoon, and after giving it a good looking-over, I’d say the seller’s not going to take kindly to it, but I’ll still go over it with him in the morning, and then relay his wishes to the selling agent. Yes, it was quite the remarkable day.

Tonight’s One-liner is: I’ve always found it curious when noticing we hang our petty thieves, yet appoint greater ones to public office.

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