Electromagnetic Fields

When reading our weather last evening, it was saying our rain was over, but while out this morning, it was sprinkling off and on, and then a good pavement-wetting arrived. Oh well, what can we say about North Iowa’s unpredictable weather?

Upon arrival at office, I at once proceeded to get my Sunday morning contemplative prayer session started. It was another uplifting experience, along with being glad that I was able to return to the level I’d attained before having fallen into a spiritual “funk” some days ago, but all is well now, and that’s what matters.

When visiting with a colleague several days ago regarding how people in these times do everything they can to take advantage of others, which absolutely boggles my mind, I proceeded to give him several examples of recent shenanigans taking place with some people I’ve done business with, alone with asking how such people can sleep nights, let alone go to their respective churches while thinking they’re morally fit. After I’d given him an earful, he in a matter-of-fact manner replied, “They’ve likely only skimmed the surface of what’s right and wrong, but you Mr. Chodur, have gone to far-deeper depths of spirituality thru your inward self-analysis of soul on a regular basis, which is now the reason why you see the works of others in different lights.” I didn’t realize until after he made that statement, my having told him about the new spiritual path I’d taken since our China-virus arrived. My only response was, “Thank you for your kind words, but I’m still delving deeper, just so I may possibly evolve into the soulful person I’m attempting to become.”

After my session was over, I changed my clothes and headed out to put in a good day of very hard labor. I dare not mention the full extent of my toils, but at least I did get everything accomplished I’d wanted, and after looking back at those six rugged hours, I was very happy to see the end product. Had I hired someone to do it, my bill would’ve been well over $500, and since I’m still physically able, why not? After recently hearing a client had been charged $470.00 to replace two normal-sized squares of sidewalk which couldn’t have taken more than an hour, I’d say our concrete contractors are out to cut some fat hogs this season. Having worked with concrete enough over the years, I can still see a good job at a fair price, along with a poor one with a bloated bill. Yes, and they’re all driving shiny pickup trucks and living in upper-crust housing. Oh, could I tell the true stories of past indiscretions and vulgar overcharges by the likes.

After finishing up my work-out day, I had to nearly drag myself back to office and get my clothes changed, and judging by the number of aches and pains I’d already had, I’m going to be feeling the after-effects in the morn. On a positive note, I believe it’s always good to give oneself a good sweat-inducing workout from time to time, as it sure beats paying a gym’s entry fee.

When realizing I was lacking a few things, I headed to a groceteria before calling it a day, and wouldn’t you know, I just happened to run into a dear one whom I’ve not talked to in months. Of course she’s of the same mindset as I am regarding the way in which people dress while out shopping. She’s got quite the sense of humor, and certainly put it to use when pointing out a number of them, and then making giggled comments about their mindsets. She also made mention her having just turned 76, and wicked me gave her a good looking up and down and said, “Truthfully. You don’t look a day over sixty-five and a half.” Gosh, seeing her today gave me a much-needed up-lift.

As you can tell from tonight’s photo, I’m still out taking shots of North Iowa’s blooming trees and shrubs. I have absolutely no idea what type of bush tonight’s is, but it sure has some interesting green flowers on it, which may possibly turn white later on. I can’t imagine why more people don’t brighten their surroundings with flowering trees, shrubs, and perennials, because as for me, they’re like living portraits you’d see hanging in art galleries. Yes, they take extra time, but they’re very much worth it. I’ve been working on growing a half-dozen baby Golden Staghorn Sumacs which I’ve always considered worthy of being either a hedge-row, or single specimens, but once again, growing them is a piece of cake, but the real problem is keep the deer and rabbits from eating their bark during the winter which either stunts their growth, or kills them.

Several days ago, I read a disturbing article regarding the increased physical and mental problems caused by being overly-exposed to EMFs, which is an acronym for “electromagnetic fields”, and their numbers are growing with all these power lines, computers, cell phones, and now those wicked neighborhood 5G towers being installed.

Since most of Northern Europe is farther ahead of us with their cell phone systems, they’ve found the numbers of people with long-lasting effects from them, are rapidly growing, and the biggest problem they’re causing, is how the EMFs are weakening our immune systems to where there’ll be increased numbers of people coming down with diseases which can be closely-linked to their weakened immune systems, like cancer.

Truth be told, I’ve always been wary about living near high-power lines and stations of transmission. I’ve not forgotten a certain “60 Minutes” episode from many years ago, being centered around the physical effects that were caused by a string of monster power lines running very near a milking farm up in Wisconsin. Those EMFs were not only physically affecting their dairy herd, but that entire farm family as well. They’d taken it to court, and if I’m not mistaken, the judge and jury ruled in their favor. I encourage all of you to do your own research on those invisible EMFs which are affecting all of us.

Tonight’s One-liner is: To abandon facts, is to abandon freedom, so if at the end of the day, nothing’s true, then it’s all been a spectacle.

Joe Chodur

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