Uncomfortable Words

In spite of it misting rain nearly our entire day, we still haven’t even close to the amount we’re needing, and now seeing the clouds breaking up, let’s hope it’s just a “sun-break” before more rain clouds start moving into our area.

I made sure to get my tuchus at office early enough, just so I’d have everything I needed to get done, fully finished before my online Zoom class started at the hour of eight. With it being a bit muddy out, I was conscientious enough to take my shoes off after entering due to my just having yesterday deep-cleaned my wooden floors. I can’t control the tracking of others, but I sure can my own.

About 10 minutes before today’s 8 hour class started, I opened up Zoom and then pasted the course link into it, just so I’d be a few minutes ahead of the game in the event my computer wouldn’t connect. I had to re-load it a second time, due to my having moved too quickly, but all ended up well.

In an over-all sense, that class was fine, but I sure had some acclimating to do with my having to listen to a high-pitched female voice on a wireless speaker. It was a bit annoying at first, but I got used to it after the first hour. Since there were 29 students plugged-in, I could see all of them, and I’d say at least two-thirds of them were still home, including the instructor.

My how times have changed when seeing how those people were dressed, along with what they were doing while in an on-line classroom. Firstly, there was a woman who had her lapdog crawling around on the table in front of her nearly the entire time. Then there was a guy seated in his kitchen and eating from a very large bag of chips. Another chap had a very revealing muscle shirt on which I would’ve considered more “gym” appropriate. I dare not even mention how many men were seated with their baseball caps glued to their heads.

Yes, that was quite the eye-opener for me in the way in which those people presented themselves in the company of others. Do you think all the more are trying to make themselves look as disheveled as possible, just so they can attract more attention? I didn’t wear anything special other than my regular Realtor clothes, and without a doubt, I was the best-dressed in that class to the point where I felt a bit out of place.

There was an older gent in class who for some reason, would either ask a question or make comment on something, and instead of speaking in a normal fashion, he’d stutter and stammer while looking for some rarely used word in one of his sentences. I’m sure he was attempting to impress the instructor, while for me, it created just the opposite. The use of uncomfortable words, is the defining sign of someone wanting to be acknowledged. I’ve nearly always been careful to never use words in conversation which I’m not personally comfortable with, as most of the time, it’s glaringly noticed when someone else is listening. I continue to insist that if such words don’t flow, then they needn’t be used. I’m sure all of you have encountered such characters.

There was a Realtor here in our City who used to fully-enjoy spouting archaic and overly-grand statements which would absolutely turn me off. There happened to be a time years ago when I actually scolded him over the way in which he so pretentiously conversed with me to the point where if a person would ask him a yes or no question, they’d sure to get a good twenty more words dancing around the answer to a simple aye or nay enquiry. I’m glad he’s enjoying his retirement, along with myself all the more.

Since my office had two closings today which we didn’t need to attend due to our having had everything delivered to the closing agents the day before, that’s all I needed to do, was my making sure two different sellers had their proceeds checks in hand before the end of our business day. Thankfully, one of the sellers picked up his at the closing company, while the other just happened to stop by my office while I was in my class. Luckily I noticed him at the door, so I made a mad-dash to unlock it and then catch him before he walked off. All I could do was hand him his check and closing docs while insisting my being in need to get back to class. He seemed a bit stirred by my shortness which bothered me to the point where I called him during my next break, and glad I did because he’s one of those more sensitive souls who could’ve taken my bluntness the wrong way. At least I got him to understood why I was a bit intense at the time.

During my very short lunch hour, I had to contact a seller who was waiting for a call from me, and for him to come to office and sign a purchase agreement. By the time he got there, signed everything off and headed out, I had five minutes to grab something from my office fridge to eat, and today’s pickings were slim. There’s no question I’ll have more things to eat in that fridge before another scheduled Zoom class arrives. I did think it a bit funny when seeing others still munching on their lunches when their videos were re-activated.

For being my virgin voyage with online classes, I’d say it was an OK experience, along with my being hopeful over the more I’m plugged into them, the more comfortable I’ll be with these ever-changing ways in which we’re now interacting with others. Long after this pandemic is over, I’ll not be surprised if the Iowa Association of Realtors will continue to offer Zoom classes. Today was another example of how much more we’re becoming islands unto ourselves, but at least we’ll all be comfortably seated and in our favorite on-line settings.

Tonight’s One-liner is: I don’t smile as much as I should, even though I smile inside a great deal.

Joe Chodur

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