Havana Syndrome

This light rain was a welcome arrival, so let’s hope it keeps a-coming until our soil gets what it needs for North Iowa’s various crops which are now germinating. I think once we get past this week, it’ll be time to plant our veggies that love hot days and warm nights, which means I have to get my peppers and tomatoes in the ground.

I was finally able to get this week’s two closing files finished up, and now fully readied to have their soft landings since the last of my transfer docs were personally delivered to a closing agent before noon today, so we’re set. While there, we did have a nice chat about how crazy this real estate market has been since the pandemic arrived, which has me now wondering what it’s going to be like once it’s over. All we can do is hope for some price stabilizations to arrive.

I did have to take care of a personal chore this morning, which was to take my push mower to a guy who works on them, just to see what it needed to get running again. After I dropped it off, he took one look at its under-side and knew exactly what was wrong. I haven’t been able to use it since late last summer due to my having un-knowingly hit part of a tree stump which brought it to a screeching halt. Oh well, he said he could fix it, which made me happy since it’s been a workhorse that’s always been easy to handle whenever out mowing. For me, it’s just the right size. As much as people sing the praises of self-propelled, I’d never want to own another one due to how cumbersome they can be while trying to maneuver them.

After getting all my calls returned and emails sent out, I decided it was time to give the wooden floors in my office a good scrubbing, so I changed into my “Farmer Joe” clothes and went to work. After a good three hours had passed, I had them back to their normal shine. I was expecting them to be more soiled than they were, but not so, and likely due to my keeping them swept as often as possible. Tiny pebbles and fine sand can quickly wreck havoc with real wood floors, which is why I do a great deal of sweeping.

I happened to notice the Chamber of Commerce lady and a few others out in my block on North Federal, watching the changing of the guard with those “yard art” creations they have shipped in from all directions. The one across the street which had been there for a year, I found to be somewhat artistic, but today’s replacement is going to be something I’ll be forced to look at for the next 12 months, which is a giant fish with its sharp-toothed mouth wide open. Yes, it does have the appearance of a more expensive piece of “yard art”. Hey buddy, you wanna go fishing?

I’ve often wondered why the person who picks those creations, doesn’t establish some sort of progressive theme, instead of it being a cornucopia of just about anything that’ll withstand 12 months of North Iowa’s weather. I know there’ve been some Downtown entities who’ve purchased a few them over the years, but for the most part, they get shipped back to where they came from. Several years ago, the Chamber of Commerce sent me a price list on the ones for sale, and after seeing those prices, I felt them to be too rich for my blood. I’m now wondering how much more “tourist traffic” we get out of having them stationed all over our Historic Downtown. Do you think there are people living in our driving distance from metro areas, arriving here to specifically see what’s perched on those limestone blocks every year? It would be interesting to find out how many more tourist dollars are being spent in our City due their placements.

I couldn’t help sharing with another today my thoughts regarding how some who’re supposed to be example-setters, walking around in public with their heads of hair looking as if they’d had a rough night, crawled out of bed, got dressed, and then walked out for all our public to view. I couldn’t help laughing when the gentleman replied, “You gotta remember everyone’s become so used to working from home, and what we’re now seeing, is how they look at home.” I then couldn’t help adding, “I think you’re right, because they’re freely running about while sucking on their cups of coffee.” Ouch.

After locking up office for the day and walking to my car, I happened to notice a dear one driving down the back alley, so I waved him over, just to find out how the world’s been treating him. Oh how glad I was to see him, and for the reason being, every time we have a visit, there are always things he says that makes me laugh, and of course I never miss an opportunity to get him laughing. After having known him for at least a good six years, I’ve come to believe we’re kindred spirits when it comes to the way in which we view the mentalities of others. Yes, seeing him was my “lift-up” for the day.

On another note, I hope you’re all watching and investigating this trickling news that’s been coming out recently regarding the number of Americans who’ve been seriously affected by what the doctors and scientists are claiming to be “microwave energy blasts” which’d affected some embassy staffers in Cuba, which is why they’ve named it ” The Havana Syndrome”.

After a little more of my in-depth reading today, I’ll not be surprised if it’s some sort of weaponry invented in either China or Russia, and now being covertly used against targeted citizens in our Country. Let’s hope they get to the bottom of this real soon because the health and welfare of our general public is at stake. I’m a bit troubled as to why this hasn’t been brought to the forefront of our daily news before just recently. Just one of the long-term affects, is its ability to trigger the onslaught of Parkinson’s Disease, and Heaven only knows what other permanent damage those rays are causing in the bodies of its targets. Keep a keen watch for more news on the subject.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The greatest pleasure in life, is doing what people say you cannot do.

Joe Chodur

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