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For the strangest of reasons, I had one of those rare days where everything seemed a bit “off”, and the longer it lasted, the more I felt as if there was something terrible in the cosmic winds heading our way. As much as I attempted to dismiss it as a by-product of this near-sunless chilly day, it continued to linger. Fortunately nothing earth-shattering happened, so I’ll be sending it down as one of my rare “in a funk” days.

After my arrival at office, I began focusing on getting two closing files readied for mid-week, and fortunately I was able to deliver all the docs to one of the closing agents, but after calling the other one and asking for her final paperwork to be sent today, I still don’t have it. The next time I see her, I’ll be making mention of the many times she wanted something from me pronto, and me gladly accommodating her. Isn’t it funny how so many quickly forget that the world does not revolve around them. I think what irritated me the most, was how she hung up the phone. I’m going to be thinking in a positive fashion that she must’ve dropped it on a concrete floor while trying to hang up. In olden times, such actions in public would be considered and example of “ill-breeding”. Isn’t it crazy how so many of such references have fallen by the wayside?

Another project I had to work on, was getting myself prepared for an upcoming Zoom meeting which is going to be my virgin voyage with that online platform. I’m pretty sure I now have all the docs I need, and the link in place, so we’ll see how it goes. You can be sure I’ll be sharing that day’s experience with you all, just so you’ll be prepared for your first. Just today, one of my clients stopped by to visit about a notice he’d received in the mail from our City regarding a Zoom link that was provided in that notice. Oh my goodness! Whomever sent that out, must’ve been mindless, as only but a few exceptional typist in our City, are in possession of the ability to type that very long link into their computers without making mistakes. It’s become a regular occurrence to find more dunce-like decisions being made by our “powers that be”. What gives?

I did get yesterday’s sale posted, which was another one of my listings to go under contract, and when visiting with the selling agent today, I’m all the more convinced that home’ll be a long-term “good fit” for them. As chance would have it, I received two calls on that home today, and one of them seemed highly disappointed it had already sold. I did take his number and promised to call him if it fell thru. After hearing what his needs were, I agreed to watch for something similar.

My internal anger with Windstream phone services started all over again when looking at a final bill they sent which showed charges that shouldn’t have been added to it, so when I called their “robot” automated services, they’d already wiped off my account number and phone number, just so I couldn’t get thru to them, which forced me to email them. The response I got back was typical of them which read, “Your message was received, and we will be contacting you in the next 7 – 10 business days.” Yes, another par for the course with such corporate parasites, which is why I’ve lost all respect for companies with similarly poor business practices. What really gets to my core, is knowing it’s only one more way for them to extort free money from our general public.

I had another real eye-opener today when visiting with a young man regarding a rental I’d shown him after sharing the amount his current rent and monthly utilities were. After reviewing his application and noticing he’d worked a full-time job at the same company for over 3 years, and still making less that $15.00 per hour, I became truly empathetic towards his financial predicament. When personally knowing how much it costs to stay afloat on a monthly basis, I was fully understanding why he needed to be renting something much cheaper. What really gets me, is seeing a person approaching 30 years old, and still living from pay to pay. Yes, there is something wrong with our system.

When visiting with another agent today, I got another jaw-drop when hearing a property that recently went on the market, sold for many thousands of dollars over asking price. If this impetuous buying doesn’t slow down, there’ll be millions of Americans upside-down on their mortgages once our next correction hits. This pandemic has certainly awakened that primitive area of our brains, and unfortunately too many are being guided by it. I’m sure I mentioned something about it before where that section controls a primitive instinct in us to where we either fight or take flight, and the “taking flight” could be translated into “taking cover” in a home they’d be able to consider their sanctuaries from the daily stresses this long pandemic has created. Make sense?

I just read today where our ex-Secretary of State is now insisting this pandemic was created within a laboratory in Wahun, and the Chinese are now doing everything they can in their very weak ways, to convince our world otherwise. What’s the most troubling about all of this, is the possibility they’re hell-bent on creating their own arsenal of biological weapons. From the very beginning, I’ve had a core “feeling” that it was a man-made virus that somehow escaped, or did it? More sooner than later, there’ll be some illuminating truths being exposed.

While reading another online article, I also discovered that several high-ranking military officers have admitted UFOs are real, and definitely not another conspiracy being promoted by those bat-shite crazy groups knowing our world’s end date. Without a doubt, there’ll be more real-life encounters slowing being spoon-fed to news reporters, and not surprised when reading there’ve been more sightings than previously reported, so let’s hope they’re just observing us, instead of waiting for the appropriate time to re-colonize. That movie “E.T” must’ve been produced by a true visionary. Maybe?

Tonight’s One-liner is: One of the most sincere forms of respect, is actually listening to what another has to say.

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