When Lilacs Last

This cloud cover and chilling humidity we were experiencing nearly our entire day, reminded me of those we’d find in mid-October. As I mentioned before, when we have so much moisture in the air, our plants are actually able to absorb it in their leaves which is a good thing considering we’re on the verge of a drought.

My first important business of the day, was to head back to my darkened corner and get my contemplative prayer session completed, and after finishing up, I changed into my work clothes and headed out to get some of my personal chores taken care of which’d been haunting me this past week.

I’d say I got a good physical workout those four hours of near non-stop hammering, pulling, and throwing, and when seeing how long I’d been at it, I gave it all good looking-over, and then called it a good half-day’s work on that project. Whenever being able to see real progress on a given job, it creates an inspiration within to do more. I’m more-fully understanding how people like quilters, woodworkers, and all those others who work tediously on long-term projects, can continue at it by always looking back at what they’d already finished. I believe that’s the key keeping them working till the end.

I headed back to office to grab a bite to eat, and just as I was pulling up, an agent sent me a text saying she’d just emailed an offer on the home I had open yesterday afternoon, so I headed to my computer and printed it out. Seeing the short response time, I quickly ate my noontime snack, and then picked up the phone and called my seller. Fortunately she was home, so I asked if it was Ok if I stopped over and presented that offer. She was available, so I made copies and headed over. After going over the offer with her, and then giving a run-down on selling expenses, she decided it looked good enough, so I proceeded to have her sign and initial it.

After getting that out of the way, we had a nice visit about how all the more of our seniors are being targeted by scammers. Oh my goodness! The stories she had to tell of people she personally knows who’ve been targeted was troubling. She herself was called at least three times by people pretending to be either her grand-daughter or grandson who were in immediate need of money due to either an accident or some other crazy reasons they came up with. As far as I’m concerned, there’s too much personal information in the “cloud” about our overly-trusting elderly, which those shysters are using to gain their confidence. I insisted this nonsense is going to get worse before it gets better, which will prompt us all to be more on-guard against it.

We both agreed that having on-line bill-paying and banking, is just an invitation for those many hackers to abscond with funds belonging to others. Many of our phone companies charge extra when you pay by check instead of their preferred automatic withdrawals which I continue to insist it be against the law. Several days ago I was forced to pay an extra $5.00 when registering for a class, just because I preferred to pay by check rather than using my credit card. I almost challenged that young lady over it, but I figured it wasn’t worth my time and energy to go into a likely losing battle.

Speaking of such, I know for a fact that many companies store the information on our credit an/or debit cards, along with keeping track of what we’ve purchased, just so they can profile our wants and needs, and then start sending all their mailings to addresses that’ve been embedded in our cards’ “chips”. Yes, it would be far more scary if we fully-knew to what degree we’re being profiled. Do we have any relief from such information gathering? Well, I’d say when being stalked by a computer, it’s best to pay with cash whenever possible, and if you don’t believe me, just ask a trusted computer geek.

With all the drug addicts we have in constant need of something to steal and then sell for a short “high”, you can bet they’re keeping watchful eyes on the movements of their next victims, which is no wonder why more people who can afford it, are plugging themselves into home and business security systems. I happened to have a listing some years ago which had an exceptionally sophisticated system to where it would go off even if its inside temperatures varied by several degrees, along with also tripping if there were the slightest of movements within. I soon discovered that if a window’s drape had been pulled open which faced the sun and left that way, the increased temperature generated by that room’s un-shaded window, would also trip its system. I was fully brought up to speed with how touchy that system was to the point of having to meet a police officer at it’s front door several times while it was listed. Any time another agent was wanting to show it, I’d have to personally go out and dis-able it, and then come back after they left to re-activate it. Yes, that was a good learning experience.

When after my return to office and had my new sale file readied for tomorrow’s posting, I headed back out to begin my mowing duties. While at one property, I had to walk over and visit with a young man who was parked where he wasn’t supposed to be. After having a good chat with him, I’m confident he’ll be all the more soulful about parking on another’s property. He actually was far more understanding than most, along with showing no signs of wanting to be combative. I did share a few insights with him, which in time, will sink-in to the point of his understanding their true underlying meanings.

Unfortunately, while at another “mow”, my pusher decided quit on me, so I loaded it up and called it a day. It’s likely a good thing it did quit because by the time I arrived home, I felt like a horse that’d been ridden hard and put away wet.

While out today, I made time to take a handful of photos, and tonight’s is one of a gorgeous lilac in bloom. Nearly every time I see or smell lilacs, I’m reminded of one of Walt Whitman’s poems named, “When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom’d”.

Tonight’s One-liner is: We must never be fearful of deliberately walking thru dark places, for that is how we reach the illuminating light on the other side which helps to guide our soul/spirits.

Joe Chodur

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