A Stylish Mini-mall

It was a beautiful day, but the wind certainly kept us bundled against it while outdoors. I heard we may be getting frosted overnight, and if we do, it’ll be in our lowlands. In spite of my seedlings growing like weeds, I’ll not be planting them until it warms up a bit more. Rushing a growing season by planting tomatoes and peppers too early, can in one night, be devastating, as they absolutely cannot tolerate even the lightest of frosts.

Speaking of planting, I read something that I’ll have to investigate further, which is a chemical many of our farmers are spraying on their soon to be harvested crops, which causes them to dry out faster. According to that post, the most disturbing about it, is that chemical also being used in Roundup which has already been proven to cause different forms of cancer. What really gets me, is our scientific community knowing fully-well that what plants and animals absorb, will get passed on to those eating it. Most don’t realize that toxins we take into our bodies, are usually stored in our fat, which is why some people start having other health issues after loosing a great deal of weight. What was safely stored in their fat, gets back into their systems when their bodies start burning it.

For me, it’s like making a comparison of our bodies being like burning bonfires when it comes to creating energy, so if we’re using clean and naturally dried wood, the fire is pleasant, but when burning railroad ties and anything else containing man-made substances, you end up with some pretty dark and stinky smoke. Nobody wants to be near such fires, as the smoke alone is enough to poison lungs. Back in the old days when more people used to junk as a side-line, whenever they’d have a fire started to burn off copper wire coatings and the like, those nose-biting and eye-watering particles would travel far and wide. The few “burners” I knew, went to meet their maker more sooner than later. Gee, I wonder why.

Getting back to this artificial way of drying out cereal grains, I can’t believe our farmers would do such things, and likely to save a few more bucks with their drying costs. If that be the case, then their greed has blinded them, or their ignorance to its cause and effect would be worthy of some very long scientific information sessions. When time permits, you can be sure I’ll be doing a little more investigating on the subject.

Most of my morning was spent doing some research on several homes I’ll be inspecting this week, along with paying additional bills which arrived yesterday. I did take a break and drove over to where one of my clients has been working on a project, and today he seemed in far better spirits than the last time I was there due to the daunting task he’d taken on in his spare hours. After getting a good look-round, I said, “Are you happy about it now?” He hesitated a moment while looking at his labors and then replied, “Yes I am”. We must not only encourage ourselves, but also those similarly in need of a good nudge.

While I was pulling up to a gas station, I happened to notice a big pickup truck with three guys in it, and mounted on the bed of it, was one of those cherry-pickers, and what confirmed my suspicion they were “tree people”, as a trailer filled with tree branches was hitched to its rear. Since I’d just pulled in, and they were driving out, I really didn’t have time to catch them, but I did happen to see what direction they’d turned which was not back out on the highway which caused me suspect they were still working here.

After I got my fill-up, my next duty was to go and pick up a lockbox at our MLS office which just happened to be in the direction that tree trimmer had turned, and while driving there I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be crazy if I found them?” Well, believe it or not, I decided to take a short cut on a less-busy street and when I turned, there was that truck parked at a different block’s corner. I went down the block and stopped next to them, rolled down my window and said, “I see you do tree work.” His reply was, “Yep”, so my next question was, “Are your prices reasonable?” To my delight his answer was, “Everybody I’ve done work for around these parts, say we give the lowest bids and do the best work.” You can be sure I took his name and number down, and will be calling him this week for some estimates. Now how fortuitous was that? The creepiest of my finding them, was the fact I rarely go on that street, and only if I’m in a big hurry, which I wasn’t. Seeing them at the gas station and then “accidentally” finding them, bordered on something out of the Twilight Zone.

When I returned to office, there was a message from another real estate office asking for closing numbers on one of our mutual sales. The message was in a “hurry-up” tone, which caused me to remember my having told them weeks ago, to let me know the exact day their buyers wanted to close so I could prepare the seller’s side of my closing statement. I just sent that annoyance down, and went to work at getting the numbers put together, invoices rounded up, and emailed to the involved parties. We’ll see how long it takes them to give me the time and place of closing. I’ll be glad when that sale is closed, as it’s been a quirky one to say the least. While on my way home, I stopped and placed a sold sign on it, just so the neighbors would know it’s been sold.

While driving back to my office, I happened to notice the owner of Market 124 out sweeping the sidewalks in front of her mini-mall, so I pulled over and had a good chat. I’m beginning to think she’s got the stamina of Wonder Woman, as she’s continually working at growing her business. There’s no question she’s in possession of drive and vision, as I just happened to have that building listed when they purchased it from me. She should be getting a trophy from our City for being able to transform that historic building into a stylish mini-mall. I enjoy buying greeting cards from her store, as they’re filled with clever sayings, and above all, created in our area. My hat goes off to you Katie, along with wishing you many prosperous years ahead.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Revelation can be more perilous than revolution.

Joe Chodur

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