A Growing Crowd

My wishes were at least partially fulfilled when seeing this light rain continuing-on towards noontime. Now if we had a good three full days and nights of it, we’d all have an example of what our old farmers considered “a million dollar rain”, as such rains usually don’t go running off into creeks and rivers, which allows our soils to absorb nearly all of it. Out West, drip-watering is the most beneficial as well as cost-saving.

With it being the first work day of our month, I had plenty to keep myself busied with nearly the entire day. Having noticed my office supplies were running low, I headed out and went on a buying spree, as I’d rather get stocked up on everything I’m lacking for a good six months or more.

I did run into one of the dear ones from Prairie Place on 1st, and very happy to have seen her after those long winter months. She’s still as bubbly as always, and definitely willing to tell you just like it is. I was happy to hear her proud-fully announce she’d lost 20 lbs. over the winter, and happy for it because she feels much better with that extra weight gone. I teasingly said, “You’ve now unknowingly been kicked out of The Abdominous Club.” She got a good laugh along with saying, “Well, I noticed now that I’m getting older, all that extra weight I’d been carrying was metaphysically dragging me down.”

While visiting, I asked is she’d returned to her quilting, as I’ve always admired people who have the time and talent to create those useful works of art out of fabric. She did say she’s been working at it again, but not as much as she’d been before her move. I’m sure once she’s fully settled, she’ll be back at it all the more.

Somehow we got on the subject of church-going, so I mentioned my having played over at St. Paul yesterday morning. Her eyes brightened up while asking, “Would you mind calling me the next time you’re scheduled, because I’d like to hear you play, along with getting familiar with that church.” I promised to call her, along with insisting St. Paul’s community of faith are some of the nicest folks. I’d love to see more people in attendance over there, and perhaps their numbers are beginning to grow because I counted over 40 people, which was a good number more than the last time I played.

Having somehow lost my old organ shoes, the new pair I ordered arrived today, and fit me like a glove. They’re almost good-looking enough to wear to work, but I doubt I’ll be doing that because they’re not build for extended use on sidewalks and streets. I was too fussy with my old pair to where I’d carry them with me whenever I had to play at a different church some years ago, and only put them on when I got there. I’ll not be doing that, but rather changing into them at office before heading over, but only if it’s not wet with rain or snow outdoors, as wet leather soles are not long-lasting.

It was time to turn the dehumidifier on in the basement of my office today, but before I did, I thought it best to check its filter. After pulling it out and seeing how much dust had accumulated last year, I gave it a good soap and water cleaning before turning it on. While cleaning it, I began wondering how many people don’t even bother checking the filters on their own, and likely spending more in energy costs due to the inefficiency caused by dust build-ups. If you have one, make sure its filter is cleaned before turning it on for another season of basement dampness.

One of my old clients called today to inform me she’s going to be moving closer to her young relative, along with asking if I’d be interested in selling her home. Believe me, she didn’t have to ask twice, but I was saddened she’ll be moving away, as she’s another gentle soul who’s done good things for all the many others her entire life. I knew she’s been having some health issues, but today she informed me all was well, other than the added weight of growing older. I’m also thinking her move was precipitated by this pandemic and the added isolation, as she has no other close friends or relatives living in our area. I’m sure the opportunity to move very close to a blood relative, was the deciding factor. As well-deserving she is, I’ll soulfully wish her the absolute best.

A laborer stopped by this afternoon to get paid for some work he’d done, which offered me an opportunity to grind on him regarding the way in which he’s allowed himself to appear as if he’d just arrived from some mountain-man hideaway and having lived off the land for months on end.

Before bringing up the subject, I said, “Please don’t think I have any hidden agendas, looking to be mean-spirited, or trying to mold you into a different character.” I then went on to say how odd I’ve considered it, whenever seeing so many of our young men, growing those many scraggly facial hairs, along with the long hair on their heads growing in every direction. He started blushing which was OK, so I went on to say how I’ve always believed that if you look your best, you’ll feel your best, and not to mention the first impressions others have on such shaggy appearances. He started saying something about wanting to be different, so I let him have it by saying, “Not so in these times, as you’re falling right in with a growing crowd.” Before he left, he did admit that if his grandfather were still alive, he’d teach him a hard lesson by having him hog-tied while being clipped and shaved with the dullest of scissors and razors. Too funny.

If I have time tomorrow, I may be taking a short trip to go out and look at several homes an owner is wanting to sell. He was being a little demanding when saying, “I’m not going to list them with you, but I’ll give you my bottom dollar and then you can add your fees.” For sure it won’t work that way, so if I think they’re marketable, we’ll have another hard chat.

Tonight’s One-liner is a well-deserved dig at someone who came down “the chute” on this day: Within all of us, complacency is a state of mind that only exists in retrospective, as it has to be shattered before being ascertained.

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