Cut them Short

With our weather suddenly turning warm, I got out earlier than normal again, just so I could get some more of my personal chores done before putting on my Realtor hat. With the winds we had over this past winter, I created several large piles of sticks and branches to dispose of, so I loaded them up and hauled them off to our landfill so they could turn it all into the mulch they readily have on hand for those wanting it. That was another good job done, and hopefully there won’t be any more branches coming down from those straight-line winds we’ve been cursed with in recent years. After today’s 90+ degrees, you can be sure I’ll be putting away my woolies until Fall arrives. It was a bit too warm, but I’m still enjoying it.

While out in the country, I noticed a number of farmers in their fields planting what appeared to be corn, as I think it’s a bit too early for soybeans. They were likely wanting to get it planted before the rain arrives tomorrow. It would be nice if we’d get a long and gentle rain lasting two or three days, as our soil definitely needs it. I was just telling a friend today how it’s been many years since I’ve seen an April as dry as this past one. I’m growing concerned we’re going to be in a drought this season since having read somewhere several months ago, our National meteorologists predicting our Southwestern States will be experiencing a drought this summer. Let’s hope their weather patterns don’t start moving in our direction.

Part of my morning was spent preparing a lease for a new tenant of one of my clients, and once I had it readied, I called and had him come to my office to get it signed, along with paying both his first month’s rent and security deposit. There was only one concern I had with him, and that was his ability to pay his rent since his weak monthly income had me wondering, but the owner said go ahead, and so I did.

The “powers that be” in our City, haven’t a clue as to the financial struggles our young workers are having, as well as our many Seniors who’re drawing “bottom of the scale” Social Security checks. I bristle every time I think of the fiscally willful waste of money our City’s been directing towards that “Bridge to Nowhere” crossing over S. Delaware from that worthless Music Man Square, and certainly not expecting that arena to be operating in the black anytime in our lifetimes. Like I’ve said before, there are too many of those mindsets believing it’s just OK to do something, even when in their hearts they know it’ll be creating another money pit we the tax paying citizens have to fund.

Just these past years, I’ve noticed all the more who’re in the know, wanting to get out of Dodge, and usually buying out in the country, or even moving to another County. You’d be shocked to find how many people who work for our City and County governments, actually not even residing in our City. I personally know some who’ve chosen to live in Worth, Floyd, Franklin and Hancock Counties. In the past, I always thought it odd, but seeing how our City and County has most recently chronically wasted money, they must’ve sensed it was coming years before.

My public open house over at 619 – 3rd St. SE was a great success to where I had a dozen visitors. It was a perfect day to have it, and I actually didn’t hear any negative comments about the home, so perhaps it’ll go under contract soon. There were three different parties whom I’d not seen in years, so we had a good chat while they were looking. Thinking it would be a little slow, I took a book with me to read, but only about two pages were read while I was there. Yes, today’s two hour experience was all good.

There happened to be a young couple and their parents show up, and after they had a good look, I could tell one of the young ones must’ve thought it wasn’t good enough for her and hubbie. Once again, the parents didn’t step forward and say something like, “This is far better than what we started with when first married.” Oh did I have to keep my lips zipped, as that home is in far better condition that those pricy lipsticked pigs our young couples are purchasing, and what really gets me, are those many parents giving their blessings on those junk piles. It’s very interesting to see how the dynamics have changed in these recent generations to where there’s no real soulful counseling being done on the parents’ part, to where they just leave their children to do as they wish.

In our age of specialization, I’m also seeing a drastic rise in the numbers of those who don’t even know how to change a furnace filter or the batteries in thermostats and smoke detectors. Now if they don’t know how to do that, how can we expect them to know how to remove wall paper, patch nail holes and cracks, and paint walls and ceilings? The real recent jaw-drop, was finding a higher salaried medical professional, not even knowing how to clean a stovetop. Pretty sad don’t you think?

After returning my open house signs to office, I checked messages and returned several calls, and then decided to head back to my little/big project and quietly work for several hours. Oh, what a refreshment it was to have no interruptions while working there. Someone just today said that whenever he’d see his uncle out working in his garden, there’d be times he’d stop for a nice visit, while others, he’d be completely ignored until he’d embarrassingly walk away in shame. He said it bothered him the first couple times he’d been ignored, but then realized there were times when his uncle wanted to be left completely alone. I’ve not completely ignored people, but I have been know to cut them short if they’ve knowingly interrupted me for far too long.

While out showing a property some days ago, I spied something memorable, so I grabbed my camera and captured it. I’ll bet many of our young haven’t a clue regarding its use. Isn’t it a rustic gem?

Tonight’s One-liner is: My loathings are simple: stupidity, oppression, crime, cruelty, and subwoofers.

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