As Good as it’ll Be

I was up, out and at ’em early this morning, as I had many little errands to run before my earlier than normal closing, and thankfully I did, as I just managed to make it to the closing office in the nick of time.

When I walked in, the buyer was already there waiting for me, and since the closing agent wasn’t quite ready for us, we had a nice visit about gardening. I found out the main reason he likely purchased that home, was because it sits on a double lot which affords him more room to have a vegetable garden as well as a place for raspberries and strawberries. He went on to say there’s never been a year he didn’t have a garden plot, and not only does he work his own, but also helps his aging parents with theirs. He will go down in my book as a very kind and gentle man of the earth. Yes, that was another good match-up with a buyer to a good-fitting home.

When back at office, I decided to get started on my end of the month accounting, and when opening the recent phone bill I just received from my new carrier, I found it a good hundred dollars less than what I was paying to the one I ditched some weeks ago. I can’t imagine how many businesses are getting ripped off by that nasty company. My advice to everyone, is to make sure you’re paying fair prices for insurances, medias and phone services. Those are the three I consider being the worst, which is why I’ll be scrutinizing them even more from here on out.

My next closing went equally as well, but was mortified when seeing my buyer had accidentally burned the top of his hand about a week ago, and when I got a good look at it, I could feel his pain running thru me. I truly empathized with him, as back when I was young and working on the farm, I managed to get the palm of one of my hands burned, and let me tell you, it was a painful summer to remember. At least my buyer’s burn was on the top, as I believe a deep “palm burn” takes longer to heal.

I never did get the full story as to what happened, but from the sounds of it, he had an open can of gas near a small fire he’d started, and likely the fumes coming from that can, ignited the gas within. He’s darned lucky to be alive, as gasoline is highly flammable and moves like lightening. He also went on to say the hair on his head, eyebrows, and facial hair was singed. One of his neighbors called the fire department, but for some reason, he refused medical attention. Since it happened, he’s been doing his own form of burn therapy, which prompted my insistence he go see a doctor if it’s not healing properly, as infection can quickly set in. All I could do was wish him a quick recovery, along with being forevermore careful with flammables around open flames.

After our closing was over, I made sure the sellers had their proceeds checks in hand before noon arrived. I couldn’t help mentioning the ordeal with that buyer who burned himself, while also adding that I’ll likely have a nightmare tonight with fire being its main character. Truth be told, I was nearly nauseated when looking at that severe burn on his hand.

Over the noon hour, I had to make a quick trip to our landfill, and wouldn’t you know, the smell was just as bad as I remembered. What shocked me the most, was seeing a huge 18-wheeler dumping garbage out there that had something written on it about being Wright County waste removal. Now if we’re getting garbage from Wright County, it’s no wonder that mound is growing in size. It looks like our County was appropriately named “Cerro Gordo” which in Spanish means “fat hill”, and fat hill is what it’s becoming. I was glad I changed into my work clothes before heading out, as that smell would’ve been sticking to my office togs the remainder of my day.

With it being the end of the month, I had to field phone calls and prospective tenant arrivals at my office. One of them insisted on filling out his application while there. When seated and watching him, I was all the more convinced our younger generation is very lacking in penmanship, and it’s no wonder since everyone seems to be doing all their communications with smart phones. Please don’t think I was looking down on him as being weak-minded, but rather feeling more sorry for him instead. After he finished, I looked it over, and noticed he’d left out critical information, which I asked for, and then filled in those blanks for him. I’ll have to tell the owner of that home I’d helped, as he’ll be wondering why some of that application was penned by a different hand.

I spent about a half hour going over that slightly difficult hymn on my office piano, and by the time I stopped, I figured it was as good as it’ll be when I’m over there. If I had another week to get more familiar with it, I’d be fine. Irregardless how it goes, I’ll be holding it back as one of my practice pieces, which I’ve always thought a good idea whenever working on improving my sight-reading and fingering skills.

Before calling it quits for the day, I made sure to have all my handouts printed and in the file for tomorrow’s open house I’ll be hosting over at 619 – 3rd St. SE. One of the agents who showed it today, said his buyers were exhibiting some definite interest in it. As I mentioned before, if you know anyone looking for a rock-solid home, please have them stop over while I’m there from 1:00 – 3:00 pm.

It seems our news is filled on a daily basis with the thousands of people who’re dying in India from this China-virus. I had a terribly dark thought when considering that virus was an escaped lab creation, and we all know how much China and India have been at odds for very many years. I can’t begin to imagine the daily struggles they’re going thru.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Nothing revives the past so completely as a smell that was once associated with it.

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