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To my dis-belief, I’ve been hearing we’re going to have some mid to upper 80’s temps on Saturday, which is pretty unusual for this time of year. Yes, I was hoping for higher, but not that high. You can bet our Spring flowers will be wilting in that heat, but at least it’s supposed to cool right back down on Sunday.

Our office had another soft-landing sale close this morning, and to my delight, I did manage to meet the buyer who was ecstatic over her new home and exceptionally eager to get moved in. She went on to say how happy she was in getting beat out by another buyer on a different home she offered on, as the one she purchased is more to her liking. Yes, sometimes a defeat, will in the end, into a victory turn. Since the buyer had already moved out of town, I went and deposited her proceeds check into an account at one of our City’s banks.

I had some last-minute things to get done later this morning over at a home owned by one of my out of town investors before the new tenant arrived at my office. As always, little projects take twice as long as some of the bigger ones. More than once it was insisted I send a bill, and the second time it was said, I replied, “Don’t worry, I’ll be emailing you a bill.” Believe it or not, doing those little things myself, saves me more time than calling around and trying to find someone to get them done. As I’ve said before, we have a major shortage of able-bodied people who’re willing to make repairs in a timely manner, and above all, pricing those jobs fairly.

Not but a week ago, one of my colleagues got a little sassy with me when speaking about having lost a client/customer whom I’d done a great deal of good real estate business with over the years. Since he had his own specialty company, I’d use him on occasion, as well as refer him to others in need. Well, it took him but one time to grossly over-charge me, and I was done. So the next time, I used another who did similar work for half the price, as well as with doing a better job. When he found out I’d switched, he called upon another Realtor to fulfill his future real estate needs. Good for him.

Now getting back to my colleague, after my mentioning that incident, along with saying, “I’ll never understand why the greed factor has become more intense in these times, to where it appears even more want it all now.” After I said that, my colleague said, “Well, weren’t you being greedy by dropping him for another just to save money?” You can bet I sassed right back by insisting, “There’s one huge difference Mr. “X”, because I think it’s very wrong for tradespeople to charge prices that they know are above what’s normal.” He was soon brought up to speed after my having explained the difference between fair-pricing and rampant greed. Are more of us now living in “The now, now?”

The sad part about greed, is the fact that it becomes an all-consuming lust for more, but like the gentleman I spoke of, there are always those intervening circumstances which come out of the darkness and strike. Unfortunately for him, the last I heard, he’s now suffering thru some life-threatening health issues. I’ll wish the best for him, as well as a genuine hope for his recovery. Irregardless of what anyone may think, money cannot as of yet, buy a healthy bodies.

I did fulfill my promise today, and copied that recipe for yesterday’s alley visitor, printed it out, and then paid a visit to her office where I delivered it. She was surprised I had it to her so soon. I explained my reason being, if I didn’t get it to her while it was fresh in my mind, I would’ve likely been shoved to my back burner of to-do’s. Even though I explained to her yesterday that it was from a vintage cookbook I found, she somehow assumed it was one of my mother’s. I set her straight on that notion.

Today’s new tenant arrived on time, so I proceeded to go over his lease with him, and then have him initial and sign where needed. After having a good chat, I grew confident he’ll be a good fit for that home, and hopefully he’ll stay longer than a year, as that home offers some extra features which most wouldn’t find in that price range. I wished him a pleasant summer in his new digs. I did manage to snap the above photo of a bleeding heart in full-bloom while I was over at his new home this morning.

I finally got in touch with the owner of 619 – 3rd St. SE, and did get permission to have a public open house on it this coming Saturday afternoon. I’m now beginning to wonder if our wagon train of buyers is coming to a halt, as had that been listed a month ago, we would’ve likely had an offer on it right out of the gates. I mentioned to one of my colleagues this afternoon, my belief that we’ll not be seeing our across-the-board buying spree any longer, and likely only in certain price ranges, and one of them being the under $100K homes which I personally have more than one buyer now actively looking. We’ve got to get more entry-level homes on the market, but as chance would have it, I’ll be listing one sometime soon, and if that sells right away, it’ll then be my confirmation of there still being many entry-level buyers on the prowl.

Before heading home, I stopped at Staples to pick up a few office supplies, and while driving away, I was piqued by a desire to see what Fleet Farm’s outside garden lot had to offer, so I stopped. Well, after more than a half hour of getting a good look, I decided to buy a couple plants, and then spent another fifteen minutes waiting in line. Wow. The prices are even going up on plants. What’s next?

Tonight’s One-liner is: The evolution of sense, in a sense, is the evolution of nonsense.

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