Cotton Balls

With much to get done early this morning, I made sure to head out to office a little earlier so I could get what I needed done before the phones started ringing, and glad I did because a client of mine called and asked if I’d borrow my arms and legs to help him move something a bit too heavy for even him. I agreed to assist as long as it would be a quick in and out, and that’s all it was. I’d much rather offer a helping hand to just about anyone, rather than hearing they’d pulled a muscle or even worse while trying to handle something alone. I’ve been down that road myself, and later a hard lesson was learned.

By the time I returned and finished up on my to do’s, it was time for me to head over to meet with the owner of the home I was scheduled to list for sale. When I pulled up, the seller was already waiting for me, so we visited a spell, and then I went to work at getting documents signed, photos taken, and rooms measured. By the time I finished taking my photos, I soulfully announced, “You really have an exceptionally well-built home which I’m nearly convinced will sell quickly.” Every time I visit with long-term owners about pricing, they’re nearly always skeptical about their values. Well, today’s seller has lived there for just shy of 30 years.

What I most appreciated about today’s owner, was having been on top of its repairs, updates and maintenance from the very beginning, which is always a selling point in my book, rather than those lip-sticked pigs I’ve been seeing sold for big bucks which’ve have had at best, the weakest of updates.

Since the seller was raised on a working farm, we had a very good chat about the old days when you didn’t call someone to fix something, but instead, forced to learn how to make our own repairs. Since they also had sheep, I couldn’t help telling my story of a time back when I was likely five years old and playing “monkey” on those partitioning gates in one of our sheds. Well, even monkeys fall, and mine was flat on my back, and smack dab into a pen of curious sheep surrounding me. I was beyond frightened, because at that age, and where I was positioned, all I could see were many monster heads of sheep staring right at me, and thinking they were ready to eat yours truly. I’m sure my screaming had everyone running to get me snatched out of the middle of those four-legged cotton balls. In spite of my having been traumatized at the time, I quickly returned to my love of sheep. I was reminded today that when herding them from pasture to pasture, you always have to find the flock’s leader to help get their journey started. What a wonderful stroll down memory lane we had.

Now, getting back to that home. It just so happens to be in the River Heights Addition which is right in the middle of our City, and has always been a draw for those who like to walk and bike, as East Park is only about three blocks away, and that new bike trail they’re building, is only a half block. I could go on and on about the quality and comforts that home has to offer, but I’m sure if you pull up the photos and details of it, you’ll fully agree. I only hope whomever purchases it, will continue on with the detailed care and maintenance it’s had these past 30 years. If you know anyone who’s looking for a new home, have them give me a call, as it’ll likely be sold more sooner than later.

After returning to office, I decided to give another call to that young gentleman who missed out on that property he wanted to buy, just to see how he was doing, as I could tell he was very upset over missing out on it. He did pick up, so I proceeded to explain again the chain of events, along with my not being someone who continually badgers people to “buy it now”. He was glad I called him back, so hopefully I’ll be able to find him something similar or even better.

I’ve recently been hearing some complaints from fellow Realtors about how little business they’ve been getting compared to their stellar sales this past year. All I’ve been telling them, is this year being a “back-on-track” for me after having one of my worst of years this past. I’m coming to believe my market share runs in opposite directions of many other agents. I think part of it is due to my having worked in both high and low markets over these years, and perhaps it took me a full year to get my brain wrapped around the glaring differences. Just for an example, I had several acreage buyers last year who did end up buying, but not from me, and pretty much all they focused on, was finding something livable. One of them even said to me, “I don’t care if I over-pay for one, as I’ll be staying there for the rest of my life.” Ouch! Oh how people really don’t understand the winds of fate which can blow us in the most un-thinkable of directions.

While at Fareway today, I noticed they had a large number of seed potatoes at super-low clearance prices. You can’t imagine how I had to fight with myself to keep from buying a sack of them. As much as I like home-grown potatoes, they still need tending, and my “dance card” of work these coming months, is already near-full of time-consuming projects. My potato planting days will not arrive until I have more free time, and I mean it.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention my having found shoestring potato chips at Fareway today, so I purchased a larger can, as I’m on a burn to make a batch of “Harvest Popcorn” from that vintage recipe I shared with you days ago. I was actually surprised they still sell them, as I honestly don’t remember having noticed them on grocery shelves. The only time I’d eaten them, was years ago whenever visiting an old relative who believed them better tasting and less messy than potato chips. Way back when, they were also served at potluck gatherings. I later opened that canister and had a good taste. Yes they’re acceptable, and happy to see they’re still making them from real potatoes.

Tonight’s One-liner is: It kills you to see them grow up, but I guess it would kill you quicker if they didn’t.

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