Biting their Purses

A pleasant day finally managed to arrive with gobs of sun and warming temps,but having over-dressed this morning, I found myself beginning to perspire while outdoors this afternoon. I can only imagine how our animals must feel whenever having to endure such drastic temperature changes. It felt a little bit like a “dog day” in April.

Having a little free time this morning, I was able to get some personal errands run, and while out, I ran into a business owner who’s been doing some extensive re-modeling on his building. After mentioning how much I’d like to see his progress, he looked at his watch and said, “If you’ve got time now, I’ll give you a nickel tour.”

I spent well over a half hour getting a good look at what he’d already done, and then listening to what his end-game plans are. Wow! What an undertaking that’ll be quite the marvel when completed. We shared a few of our own personal stories regarding the many hours of work it takes to do something right. While walking out, I thanked him immensely for the tour while insisting my time spent looking at it, will be the highlight of my week.

When I returned to office, I found a message on my answering machine, so I called the gentleman back, and wouldn’t you know, he was calling to tell me he was ready to make an offer on a property I’d shown him some weeks ago, as he had his bank’s pre-approval in hand. Oh, did I so much not want to tell him it went under contract last week, but I had to do it. Since I’d come to know him well enough, I knew he’d be only blaming himself for not moving faster, and that’s exactly what he did. On a positive note, I did tell him I’d keep an eye out for something similar. When situations like that happens, it makes me sad because I was at the time, already “seeing” him in ownership.

Since I was exceptionally busy last week, I returned a call to an out-of-State client of mine who’d sent a message asking for my opinion on a real estate matter. I shared my thoughts, and then moved on to other pressing matters. He said something which went to my bone, and only because I’ve been feeling similarly, and that being a belief there’s a growing number of people in our society who’re more interested in taking advantage of others, rather than performing honest work for fair prices. Before hanging up, I announced my recent walk-thru of Southbridge Mall where I counted at least 21 closed storefronts. He kicked back with a laugh while insisting it be re-named “Ghost Mall”, and quite appropriate I dare say, as it gave me a bit of a creeping-out while within.

After recently hearing how much tuck-pointing contractors are charging, it’s no wonder we have so many brick buildings in our City in need of repair. You can bet there are companies out there who’re now developing hi-teck coatings for those exteriors at a fraction of the cost. Several years ago, I did hear about a coating they’ve come out with, which when time permits, I’ll have to investigate. Back in the old days, there were a large number of available people who knew how to tuck-point, and did a very good job at it. Why have those talents not been passed on, or even resurrected?

I had to go out and open up a unit belonging to one of my clients today, for a man who does sewer cleaning, as the tenant called this morning to say her toilet wasn’t flushing properly. After following him to its basement, and watching him perform his “magic”, I once again bristled when being told the “plug” was a big wad of wet wipes. Irregardless of what’s stated on their labels, I’m still in disbelief how people can be so stupid to flush those nasty things down their toilets, as I personally don’t even like the “feel” of them. I did tell the sewer cleaner about an article I read regarding the major plugging of London England’s sewer lines by people who just won’t stop flushing them. It’s amazing to find so-called intelligent people getting into the dirtiest of habits. Yes, I did send a stinging text to that tenant, but of course no response. I did have to laugh when the sewer cleaner said he can even tell what brand of toilet paper’s being used. Wow.

The calls are still coming in from people looking for rental housing, and it seems to always pick up as we near the end of another month. I’m beginning to think some of those callers are looking for cheaper housing due to our rising costs of goods and services. I got a real eye-opener yesterday morning after filling my vehicle with gas, and seeing an amount I’ve never had to pay to get a fill-up. I can only imagine what those workers who live out of town are paying on a monthly basis when having to drive upwards of 30 minutes one way. I’m sure these gas prices are now biting their purses.

Oh, I do have to tell you the creepiest of cool stories. You do remember when I posted that recipe for Molasses Cookies several nights ago, along with mentioning it sounded something like those delicious Christmas cookies I received from a dear friend? Well, I received an email from her this morning saying that recipe is exactly the same as the one she used to bake those cookies, and being one which’d been generationally passed down to her. She’d admitted the only difference being, her substituting her vintage recipe with butter instead of the lard it called for. Now wasn’t that quite the coincidence? For sure I’ll have to make a batch or two and share, because those cookies were beyond good.

The highlight of my afternoon, was spending time with sellers who’d arrived at my office to get their transfer docs signed on a closing coming up this week. While there, we did have a nice chat about how our real estate inventories have dwindled to a trickle. I honestly can’t remember a time when we had so many buyers and so few listings, and just remember, I’ve been doing this job since before many of our trees were planted. I did share my concern that we’ll be seeing a correction, as our average workers cannot continue stretching their dollars, along with remembering, almost all comes full-circle.

Tonight’s One-liner is: What we owe society, should ever mirror what we owe ourselves.

Joe Chodur

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