Inland Migration

These past days have felt like a recurring Ground Hog’s Day with our overcast skies, strong winds, and biting cold. Some have said it’s going to last thru the week, so I guess we just have to keep on grinning while bearing it.

It was quite the busy morning for me with a number of errands I had to run, additional desk work, meeting with customers, and then scheduling a time to go over to St. Paul Lutheran to practice for their Sunday Services.

I must’ve spent a good hour over at St. Paul, just so to gain enough familiarity with Sunday’s selection, along with having a nice chat with one of their members who was making preparations in the Sanctuary. I was glad she was there so I could get some direction on the tempo of one of the hymns chosen which I’d not heard before. By the time I was finished practicing, I considered myself pretty much up to speed, and if I do a little more on my office piano, it should be acceptable. From the time I last played their organ, one of the lower pedal keys had gone noticeably flat, so I did mention to one of their members that if something sounded wrong, it would be coming from that pedal. The huge difference between an electronic organ and a pipe, is that the pipes can mysteriously go flat, which in turn creates a need for adjustment. Not to worry, as in the over-all, the music coming out of it, should still be in the realm of over-all approval.

One of my client/customers stopped by today to drop off an earnest check, and while there, we had a good chat about those beyond-explainable things which sometimes happen in homes that’ve somehow managed to get invaded by entities. He shared a few of his stories, as well my having offered a few more. I did mention my reading something some years ago about there being some sort of invisible “grid” which encompasses our globe, and at those intersecting grid-line points, is where supernatural activity will most likely manifest itself. If indeed that grid does exist, then I would consider such happenings more understandable.

We also agreed that when people are high on heavy drugs, there’s a likelihood of them to be unknowingly opening doors to evils which not only attach themselves to such users, but also infect their immediate surroundings. Many of us know of certain “sites” which for some reason, always have some beyond-normal, and most unfortunate happenings taking place. Now when I say “sites”, it can mean a house, a building, a section of a street, or even some piece of vacant land. Just for example, wouldn’t you think it likely, that a certain tree’s subatomic structure would be permanently changed if a human freely took its life by hanging from one of its limbs? It sort of makes me wonder now if the real reason the rest of those lots out in that subdivision on B20 haven’t sold because a person actually did that very thing some years ago. It’s certainly gives rise for a person to investigate.

My afternoon appointment was a repeat meeting with the gentleman with his “Gerber Baby” on-arm, who had to stop in and sign more documents. After getting them signed, we somehow got on the subject of this China-virus. He’s yet another who believes this pandemic was just too coincidental and likely being something that was either released by accident, or on purpose. He did mention something that really got me to thinking, and being, “Now if it was lab created and its release was an accident, then what was their end-purpose for creating it in the first place?”

Since we’ve not read much of anything these recent years about biological warfare, I believe it’s time we start sitting up and taking notice, along with making inquiries. When we have so many people in high places in our world governments who could care less about human lives, it wouldn’t surprise me if there’s a whole lot more experimenting going on in their laboratories. Whenever the lack of respect of human life grows in a society, that’s when the real uglies come out. It’s been said many times over, that if the human race does become extinct, it’ll be caused humans. Perhaps all of this impetuous acreage buying, is being prompted by an instinct in the primitive area of our brain which causes us to either flee or fight. Yes, we all have it to some degree or another.

Have you also noticed how much more popular those YouTube videos promoting the living off the grid, along with van lifers? From what I’ve recently heard, they’re numbers are rapidly growing and small companies now being created to assist in their needs. Yes, that’s one more market niche which has explosive growth potentials.

I just recently read where Worth County has placed a moratorium on erecting more wind turbines, which in my opinion has come a little late since that County’s landscapes are looking like a flea-bitten mongrel. One of my friends had me watch a video which was taken of one close-by as it was turning. Oh my goodness! I would be going bat-shite crazy if I had to listen to that all day. I couldn’t help mentioning my having recently read where prolonged exposure to noise, has a bad effect on one’s heart. It comes as no surprise because I just about come un-glued whenever listening to a car with a loud bass blaring as it’s heading down a street. Those nasty things should be outlawed.

Just yesterday, I was given a name of a gentleman who’s planning on moving here this summer from out West, so I called him this afternoon. Yep, we’ve got another member of this recent “Inland Migration”. Since he’d not purchased a home in some years, I directed him, to at least get himself pre-approved by a local lender. We had a nice chat, so hopefully he’ll call after he’s been pre-approved. I’m just hoping there’ll be something to his liking on our market when he arrives. Is this becoming an “Ice Age” migration?

Tonight’s One-liner is: By the time a man becomes presidential material, he’s been bought ten times over.

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