A Wooden Stake

What a miserable day to be outdoors with our gray clouds and cold wind. Of course yours truly had to be out in it, but when one already has appointments scheduled, we just have to make the best of it.

My early morning appointment was to get an offer signed by a young man who happened to have his diapered son with him. Oh how cute! Every time I’d look at his smiling face and that reddish-brown curl hanging down his forehead, I was convinced he’d be a strong candidate as a poster boy of a Gerber Baby Food advertisement. By the time they left, I’d already nicknamed him “My Gerber Baby”. What disturbed me the most about that hard-working young man’s purchase, was his determination that he had to buy something out of our City because his real estate taxes have been causing his house payment to be so high, he’s now barely able to make ends meet. As I’ve said before, people should not be buying at the top of their debt to income ratios, as more sooner than later, their payments will continue going up due to the continued rising costs of insurance, along with our ever-increasing real estate taxes.

I’m finding all the more of our residents speaking out about these elitist projects like that idiot walkway leading from Music Man Square, to a hotel project that doesn’t even have loan approval. As much as I’m very much into music, that Music Man Square needs to have a wooden stake driven thru its heart and given a Christian burial. In a realistic voice, I’d say both Southbridge Mall and Music Man Square have created the most willful waste of our taxpayers’ money in the entire long history of our City. As much as I’ve been a bit of a historical buff of River City, those two build-outs never should’ve been allowed. Since we’re in the age of information, I think more of our citizens are finally coming into a full understanding of that multi-million dollar waste of money. Now truthfully, what do we have to show for it? In the real business world, if a company can’t sustain itself, it closes its doors, but not with these build-outs that’ve been in the red since they first opened their doors, so why are they still going? Because of our general population and charitable organizations being bullied into footing their bills.

Truth be told, it was at least ten years before I poked my head into the doors of Music Man Square, and the only reason being, was my having been shamed into attending a wedding reception. Since I wasn’t enjoying it the least, I took a stroll around the “block”, and after finishing my inspection, I said to one of the attendants, “What brand of crack was the architect smoking while designing this dysfunctional classic?” He laughed while adding, “The ones approving it must’ve been smoking a similar brand.” Yes, that’s one more example of what happens when our “powers that be” get pumped full of short-sighted irrational exuberance. Pretty pathetic isn’t it?

With having so many “to-do’s” going on this morning, I found myself three minutes late for an out of town appointment I had scheduled. Thank goodness my client wasn’t thinking me one of those chronically late Realtors attempting to make an impression they’re very busy at being successful. Personally, I absolutely hate being late, and whenever I am, there are real reasons given, along with honest apologies. The appointment didn’t take long, so I took my time driving back, just so to have more of an opportunity to see what was going on in our fields in North Iowa. For the first time this season, I actually spied two bigger than big John Deere tractors with their tank-like rubber wheels, preparing a field for planting.

When I arrived back, I stopped at a drive-thru for something small, just so I’d have a quick lunch before heading out to show four homes. While eating my snack at the back window of my office, I couldn’t help noticing all the Finches and Sparrows hopping around in the sprouting grass, while pecking away at whatever looked edible. For the first time since I’ve been working out of my office, the thought of having a Finch feeder came to mind, and the more I thought about it, the more it seemed a good idea. I’ll have to have a good sleep on it, and if I feel the same way in the morn, I’ll have to look into purchasing one. I wouldn’t want anything large, as it would encourage all the more of our evil starlings and crows to be hanging about.

My showings went very well, and believe it our not, after the second viewing of a particular home, the buyer decided to have me write an offer on it, and wouldn’t you know, by the time the hour of six arrived this evening, we had it under contract. Without a doubt, that was a near perfect match-up for today’s buyer to the point where I’m now convinced it was all meant to be. When sales like today’s takes place, I’m left with a very warm and soulful feeling about it all. Yes, in the whole scheme, it was meant to be.

Later this afternoon, I received a call from a gentleman who has a friend planning on moving back to our area, and asking if I’d give him a call tomorrow. Other than there being a definite date of his arrival, he wasn’t sure if he’d be able to buy, or if he’ll have to rent. The preferred home he’s looking for, is a ranch containing at least two bedrooms and two full baths. So, unless he’s willing to pay well over 100K, the likelihood of filling that order, will be slim to none. Let’s hope he’s got his financials in order.

With my days rushing by, I’ll have to make time tomorrow to head over to St. Paul Lutheran and get some practicing done for this coming Sunday’s Service which I’m scheduled to play. It’s going to be another good lesson of learning to play more religious music. Before being asked to play for them, my “thinking” being, there wasn’t much I’d not played, but so soon to be my humbling contradiction. Not to worry, as I truly enjoy playing for that fine community of faith.

Tonight’s One-liner is: At any given moment, our public opinions are caught-up in a whirling chaos of superstition, misinformation and prejudice.

Joe Chodur

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