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Our sun finally decided to come out when the day was half done, but at least we did get some rays which always helps to brighten our days. Since I had large amount of outdoor work to do, I was glad the north wind finally started dissipating around mid-morning.

With it being Sunday morning, my first duty was to get myself back to my quiet little corner so I could get spiritually washed of this past week’s roller-coaster ride, and even more to work at prioritizing those illuminating truths I was told by someone close who’s in the know. Fortunately I was able to get myself centered once again, which has been my ultimate goal since starting my sessions over a year ago. After having walked out of my soul-workshop, I was once again feeling all the more metaphysically refreshed.

Late yesterday, I decided to take a marathon run at getting some serious yard work done, as I really don’t like waiting until everything greens up, so I changed my clothes and headed out.  After eight near none-stop hours, I managed to get all the trash that’d blown in during the winter, hundreds of sticks, trees trimmed, rocks picked up, and my list goes on. I now have a half dozen trash bags ready to be delivered to our landfill.

In spite of it being a very long and physically laborious day, I was actually enjoying myself. Once in a while I’d get that “feeling” the spirits of Nature were blessing me for it, which is why I so much wish people would turn their phones off, and head outdoors for a “re-connect” with all those natural happenings which they’ve long-overlooked.

Just this past week, I mentioned to a very learned man, how much our society should be slowing themselves down to the point of noticing all our beauteous surroundings. Just as an example, I was able to get a good shot of a Magnolia tree’s deep-fuscia flower buds beginning to open which I’m sharing with you tonight. I also managed to get a shot of a hawk circling above. There was a brilliantly red cardinal evading me every time I grabbed my camera, along with getting good whiffs of all our natural outdoors scents.

The few breaks I did take, was having seated myself out in the middle of it all, just so I wouldn’t miss but one act in Nature’s daily occurrences. For sure, I’ll be having some major aches and pains tomorrow morning, but I’ll send them all down as the price of admission for today’s communion with our great outdoors.

While getting myself cleaned up afterwards, I couldn’t help feeling a bit sorry for many in our society, as they’ve never been taught otherwise by their parents, schools and universities. It seems they don’t even want to have their curtains opened for full-views of it all, so perhaps they’re getting their faux “fixes” by watching it on TV, and what a shame that is, because when you’re not out in it, you don’t get the full treatment/effect.

When I looked in the mirror after I got myself cleaned up, my face was pretty sun-burned again, and if I continue to be outdoors like I’ve been, by mid-Summer, many will think I’d been playing 18 holes of golf every day. Yes, I’ll likely be wearing a wide-brimmed hat when the temps get higher, and in spite of owning a half dozen baseball caps, I just can’t get used to wearing them, which is likely why many give me a second look when driving by, as nearly all males in North Iowa are wearing them whenever casual dress is allowed. I really have no idea where that all got started, but it’s sure deeply imbedded in today’s culture.

Back when young and working in the gardens and fields, I would always wear a wide-brimmed cloth hat which helped to keep the sun off the back of my neck, but with baseball caps, they’re not made to shade your rear-side. Just trying to remember back so far, I’m sure my grandfathers never wore baseball caps, and rarely if ever my father, but my step-father would’ve likely worn his to bed if my mother would’ve let him. It’s no wonder he had very little hair on the top of his head, and likely due to his near-constant wearing of a baseball cap.

I also had to laugh to myself when thinking perhaps my mouse-gray hair will be mouse-white by the time our summer is over, as I do know how our sun bleaches nearly everything, including hair. Truth be told, I’ve never been a sun worshiper, and mostly due to my skin type which is not sun-tolerant. Over all these years, I’ve never been able to sport an honest to goodness suntan, as I’ll either remain an ivory white, or turn beet-red from a sunburn, which is why I prefer being shaded while outdoors.

First thing tomorrow morning, I have to get myself busied with a full-blown market analysis which I’d agreed to do for some clients of mine. I would’ve likely had it done by now, but last week had me too engaged with offers and closings. The last time I prepared one that detailed, the owners ended up selling the property at auction, yet it still sold in the price range I’d given them. I’m not worrying about compensation for it, as they’ve been very loyal and faithful over the years which has meant a great deal to me.

Since many of you don’t get out and about much in our City with our pandemic still raging, I do encourage you to slowly drive by those grain silos on 4th St. NE which is only about a half block from Shalom Towers. It’s best to go in the early morning so you can get a good look at our resident turkey vultures taking in the rising sun. They are so ugly, they’re cute. I’m wondering if their breeding season is where they winter, as I’ve never seen them nesting here in North Iowa. They’re Mother Nature’s rendering works, and very much part of our eco-system.

Tonight’s One-liner is: It’s always the simple that produces the marvelous.

Joe Chodur

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