Five Pieces of Junk

Wasn’t it the craziest with our wind having changed directions overnight? So if we don’t having it blowing our brains out from the south, it turns right around and pounds us from the north. I still remember that mid-century print of Mason City where the creating artist had it named, “Mason City, the Windy City of the North.”, which was most appropriately named. Being a little naughty tonight, I may have to add that some of the decisions being made by those who think they know what’s best for our City, must’ve been out in the wind too long to where our strong winds blew out the candles in their brains.

I arrived at office a little earlier to get some bills paid and errands run which included placing a sold sign on one of my recent sales. I was hoping we could get that house closed before the weekend, but I’m starting to doubt it due to having to wait on transfer docs coming from the East. As much as the buyer would like to close early, I’m afraid it won’t happen unless an attorney pulls a rabbit out of a hat. We’ll see.

While waiting for a customer to arrive at my office, I decided to place a call to a dear one, just to have nice chat about this and that. Since our families have crossed paths since the time I was young, it’s easier to recall those vintage events, and placing them into clearer perspectives this morning. I had to laugh when talking about a certain “hound” at the time, by saying how much he’s always considered himself a victim of every circumstance which was not to the liking of most, including his having too much of an appetite for chasing women. I couldn’t help adding, “To this day, I’m sure he blames his mother for all his philandering, by insisting that on a daily basis, she’d secretly oiled his trouser zippers to where he couldn’t keep them zipped-up.” Yes, I was being a bit naughty, but wouldn’t it be a hoot if it were more true than not? As much as I would’ve liked to continue our visit, I received a text from a client asking me to give him a call at my earliest convenience, which prompted me to end our conversation.

When noontime arrived, I headed over to a groceteria to purchase a few necessities, and while there, I just happened to notice the father of a person whom I’d wasted far too many hours with last year. I’m not sure if he’d noticed me, as I just continued on my mission of getting what I needed and leave. Isn’t it funny how good and bad memories come rushing forward when even seeing a glance of someone out of our past in the corner of our eyes? All that running around and extra time spent ended up being all for naught, and likely his child hasn’t a clue regarding the degree of valuable time I freely offered, which could’ve been used in far more productive fashions. Not to worry, as I’ve sent it all out into the universe while knowing it was all on them instead of me.

After realizing March 31st is only hours away, I was again reminded of a truth that was told me by a long-time car salesperson, which stands to reason. Did you know that the best time to buy a vehicle, is on March 31st, and the reason being, the dealers want to make sure they can show as many sales on their books for their first quarter, which in turn offers them better standings with their suppliers. I personally purchased a vehicle on the 31st of March some years ago, and wouldn’t you know, after about three hours of dickering, I got a vehicle purchased for a good price, and an even better trade-in on my old one. So if you’re looking to change vehicles, go shopping tomorrow.

Speaking of vehicles, just today I noticed while driving around, five relatively new Mitsubishi Foresters. I did read about five years ago where they’re becoming more popular with our general public. What surprises me, is the fact we don’t have any car dealers here in North Iowa that sell them, other than those being traded in on a different makes and models. I’ve not even seen their interiors, let alone drive one, so if I should have an opportunity in the future, I’ll have to check one of them out. All of the drivers of those those Foresters I noticed today, were at least 55+, so perhaps they’re considered a preferred “senior” vehicle.

The highlight of my day, was getting another home listed and sold in less than 24 hours. If this trend continues, I’ll not be having to worry about the holding time of office listings. I’m still of the belief, pricing is the key ingredient to getting a home sold quickly in today’s market. The more discriminative buyers who’re still out there, know fully-well when they’ve found a fair-priced new listing, and certainly ready to jump on it without wasting any precious time. Good for them for remaining patient long enough for their “right fit” to hit the market.

My schedule for tomorrow is filling up to where I’ve already got two possible listings to preview, and one of them will likely be one that’ll fit the needs of a young couple I’ve been working with of late. After seeing about five pieces of “junk”, they’ll likely pull the trigger on that one when I get it listed.

I’ve been noticing how some of the stores are preparing their parking lots for this season’s potted plants, trees and shrubs. I have a feeling we’re going to be seeing even more people gardening this year since the word is getting out about growing one’s own fruits and veggies. I only hope many of them do enough research regarding soil preparation and choice of garden sites, as I’ve seen too many failed gardens caused by them having been planted too close to tree drip-lines, and especially the many toxic black walnut trees we have growing in North Iowa. Another important consideration, is how much direct sunlight there’ll be available for their their annual crops. Of course it’s even more important to make one’s garden pest proof by creating appropriately sized fencing to deter all of our short and tall varmints as their numbers are growing exponentially. I’m looking forward to seeing more of them being created in our City.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Whatever fortune brings, don’t be afraid of doing things.

Joe Chodur

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