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I hope these strong winds are not going to be the mode of our days and months ahead, and if they should be, we’re going to have some major tree and structural damage done before it’s all over. Every time I went to open a storm door today, I had to hold on tightly or would’ve been ripped out of my hand. They used to say March winds would bring April showers, but not meant to be this strong.

There was an early morning appointment I had to keep which was out of town, so I got myself situated at office, and then headed out. While driving, I managed to get a good fill of our early Spring countryside, yet still not seeing any greening-up with the fields and ditches.

My appointment didn’t take as long as I’d expected, so back to Mason City I headed, and unfortunately, I ended up in the traffic of those heading to their jobs in our fair burg. I’m now wondering what percentage of the working residents of those towns surrounding us, work here in Mason City. I’m not even sure if those communities have any statistics regarding where their populations work.

When I arrived back at office, I busied myself at getting a valuation on that home I looked at yesterday. Lucky for me, I did find one that was a very close match which sold about six months ago. There were two others I thought worth using as comparables, but that near dead-ringer is the one I talked about when I called the owner. The only major difference between the two, was the location of the one I looked at, not being in as popular neighborhood as the one that sold, but I felt it wouldn’t make that great of a difference in pricing. I found myself saying to him again, “Your’s is the cutest of homes.” I should’ve added the fact that if I like a given home, it makes my selling of it all the easier. I hope he decides to list it.

With our office’s recent sales, I had some extra desk work to get done, as I really don’t like having any of our sale files laking in updates. Yes, last week was a good week for Holtz Realty, and I hope it continues only as long as we can keep the listings coming in. This first quarter, has been a big change from last year’s which had me a bit nervous about continued business, and then later finding I had to play catch-up the rest of the year. It appears my office is falling back into its regular cycle of listings and sales.

I have a home to show for the second time tomorrow, and hopefully the buyers will come to the realization that it’s over-priced, and if they plan on making an offer on it, they should start much lower than it’s listed. Since our real estate market has evolved into “buy it now” mentalities, all I can do is give my honest opinions of value, and then move forward with their wishes.

Around mid-afternoon I stopped over to a home which I’d looked at about a week ago, as the owner had a few more questions of me, and to my delight, she later announced that she was going to list her home with me. After our second meeting, I had a “feeling” we were going to get along marvelously, while also sensing that she was fully aware that I’d do my absolute best to get her home sold quickly, as well as for a fair price. She mentioned some things she wanted to get done first, which would take about two weeks to accomplish, so hopefully I’ll have it listed before the 15th of April.

I was emailed something today which caused me to internally bristle after reading how some dark-minded individual had taken financial advantage of circumstances involving an elderly person. For sure I’ll be calling upon karma to settle that score because it was all a devious ploy to acquire more money. I’ll never forget my having at the time, warned one of the people involved regarding what I believed to be that person’s ill-intentions. Don’t you absolutely hate it when you find yourself being right, and especially when it regards a person’s character. Every time I see people taking advantage of the elderly, I just wanna go out and spit three times.

There seem to be more reprehensible characters in our midst who continually focus their thoughts on exploiting really good people for their own financial gains. I fully understand getting homes at a discount due to their conditions which impair their marketability, but when there’s a willful intent to take advantage of a seller’s trust/weakness, or via some jurisdictional loop-holes, I’ve always then considered it to be terribly wrong. I used to ask, “How can they sleep nights when know what they’ve intentionally done”, but more sooner than later, I realized their souls had grown dim to the point of being less than a flicker.

I still can’t get my brain wrapped around the continued buying of more homes with our rental barons. Now if they’d at least make honest attempts to take care of them, that would be one thing, but instead of fixing up those rat-traps they already own, they’re out buying all the more. I’m beginning to wonder if they’ve turned into house hoarders, just as others hoard the most curious of things. As much as our “powers that be” think they’re making a dent on getting our City cleaned up, all I consider that to be, is nothing less than one trying to put out a forest fire with squirt gun. You may think me a bit acid-tongued tonight, but not, because I’ve recently dubbed myself a chronic realist with a sentimental over-lay. That’s it.

Ok, it’s recipe time. Here’s my first from that 52 year old Mexican cookbook I spoke about yesterday.


  • 2 cups flour
  • a pinch of salt
  • 1/2 cup sifted confection sugar
  • 1 cup pecans, chopped fine
  • 2 sticks of sweet butter, softened
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Mix the flour, sugar, salt, and nuts together. Stir in the vanilla. Work the butter into the mixture until it forms a ball. Shape the dough into 24 patties; place on a cookie sheet; and bake in a pre-heated 350 degree oven for 30 minutes, or until the cookies are delicately brown. Lift off the cookie sheet; cool slightly on wire racks; then dust thickly with confectioner’s sugar.

After reading this, tonight’s cookies sound very much like modern-day pecan sandies, only without powdered sugar. Yes, this recipe is worthy of a try.

Tonight’s One-liner is: To be called one thing, is oftentimes to be another, but in a more filterless fashion.

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