The Cutest Home

Oh, if only that north wind wasn’t blowing so hard today, as if it weren’t, it would’ve been a much warmer sun-filled one. I’ve noticed tulips coming up on the southern exposures of several homes, which is always the best place for them in our windy North.

On my way to office this morning, I stopped at Hy-Vee to pick up a few things I was needing, and reminded that I really should go early because of how few people there are in their store at that time. The only annoying thing, was there only one check-out open and a healthy long line of people waiting. Oh well, I got what I needed and headed off to work.

With it being another Sunday morning, my first duty was to return to my contemplative space so I could get my much-needed prayer session started. While settling myself down, I was thinking about a conversation I had earlier this past week with an old schoolmate of mine regarding my returning to a form of prayer I’d walked away from a number of years ago, along with sharing the benefits I’ve been receiving from it. After giving my brief explanation, I could tell he was more than casually interested in what I had to say. I do hope he gives it a try, but I did warn him that it’s not something that happens overnight. As with most abilities, one must work hard at getting better, along with maintaining strict schedules. I’ll be meeting with him again soon, so we’ll see if he brings it up during our conversation.

After my session was over, I had some time to kill while waiting for it to warm up outdoors, so I plopped myself down at the piano and ran thru a few of my more difficult pieces. As much as I would like to follow my old piano teacher’s advice, I’ve found setting aside twenty to thirty minutes a day for practice, a bit too much, but I do try not to stay away very long. It’s been a blessing St. Paul Lutheran had asked me to play twice a month for them, as it forces me to practice while learning more religious hymns.

When I looked at how high the sun was, I figured it time for me to head out for a wide-circled drive-round North Iowa so to snap a few more photos for my collection which I usually share with all of you. It was a longer than normal journey, and the reason for it, was my wanting to drive past an acreage I sold last Fall which the buyers purchased to build their new country home. Oh my goodness! When I slowly drove past it, I was shocked to see how many trees they’d removed. All I could think about was our winter’s drifting snow, and summer’s blistering heat, and to think I took the time to point out to them the species of trees I’d keep, and those deserving a cut and burn. So much for offering a little advice. Of the few still remaining, I did spy several Silver Maples which would’ve been the first ones I would’ve cut down. I’m now wishing I never drove past it, and for sure I’ll not go out of my way looking for it again. Yes, there certainly are different strokes for different folks.

After returning to office, I headed back to my project of getting those many remaining staples, nails, and tacks removed from that staircase. I did manage to get them all pulled, while saving nearly every one of them which I may take to office and keep in a bucket, just to show a few people how many there were, along with informing them that it took me over seven hours to get them all removed. You can bet your breeches I’m going to have some major aches and pains tomorrow morning, as I now know what it feels like for someone to be kneeling on a hard surface for hours on end. That was another project I was glad to have over.

While in conversation with a client of mine some days ago, I couldn’t help saying how internally upset I get whenever having to deal with those who’re not only lazy, but stupid as well, and today’s removal of all that metal from those filthy stair steps was one more very good example.

Luckily, I managed to get back to office in time to get my clothes changed and meet with a seller this afternoon, which was my appointment to do a walk-thru on a home that may be coming on the market. He was already there waiting for me, so I decided to give the exterior a good inspection before heading inside. I’d driven past that home many times, but never had the opportunity to take a peek at its interior. It didn’t take me but five minutes after entering, for me to decide it being for some time, one of the cutest homes I’ve had the opportunity to view.

The exterior style of it would’ve been typical of homes built in the 1860’s – 1880’s, but the interior design was what wowed me, and the most charming, being its open staircase leading up to the second floor from its large eat-in kitchen. For the strangest of reasons, I’ve always liked such floor plans. The second floor had two generous-sized bedrooms and a roomy bathroom. I was also impressed with how solid-built it was, and likely due to its builder using full-sized floor joists that were milled from old-growth lumber. I’m sure the seller was thinking me a bit touched by how excited I was over it’s design and appeal, along with how many times I said, “It’s the cutest home!” Before leaving, I assured him that if it’s priced right, it’ll sell quickly in this market, as there are a very many first-time buyers who’d jump at the chance of making it their own. I’ll be working on my valuation of it tomorrow, and then give him a call with my numbers.

Since I’m in this sharing of old recipes mode, I dug out another cookbook in which supposedly contains, the complete guide to Mexican cooking. It’s last publication was in 1968, so with it being 53 years ago, there’ll likely be some originals, along with those being long-forgotten. I’m semi-familiar with Mexican cooking, so we shall see what the author has in store for us.

Tonight’s One-liner is: It’s better to fail in originality, than to succeed in imitation.

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