Two Should be Better

Without a doubt, it was quite the busy day to where I nearly caught myself coming and going more than once. It looks like we’re heading into another frantic buying spree this year, as in past years, Fridays were normally our slower days to where we could get a few of our personal errands run, along with having time to plan our weekend schedules. Not anymore.

My first appointment, was to get a lock changed on a garage service door which suddenly went haywire, so I checked it out, called a locksmith, and had its entire lock replaced. Well, my biggest frustration, was realizing I needed an extra key, so out to Hardware Hank I headed to have another one made. From there, I drove back to that garage and found the new key not working, so back out to Hardware Hank I went to have another made. By the time that fiasco was over, I barely had time to make my 10:30 appointment for a second showing of a Prairie Place condo.

The repeat showing went very well, and likely due to the buyers finally agreeing to have me show them an exact floor plan that was occupied. Those particular owners have always been exceptionally good about allowing showings, and from the moment the buyers walked into their unit, I could see lightbulbs going off in their minds as to what that vacant unit they’d just viewed, would look like after they moved into it. Before leaving, I profusely thanked the owners for allowing us to see their fully-furnished unit.

By the time they left, it was the hour for me to head back to office and have a quick bite to eat before my 1:00 p.m. appointment arrived. With hectic days like today, I was reminded how good it is to have a refrigerator and microwave at the back of my office, just so I don’t have to needlessly spend more time driving to and from a take-away.

Speaking of take-away, I was furious when finding one of those “door dash” people having parked in the right-hand lane in front of First Citizens Bank Downtown office to make a delivery which caused a traffic jam at that stoplight. I’d say that driver was bordering on not even knowing “sic ’em”. Thank goodness I realized what he was doing before I got too close behind, just so I could drive around him since there wasn’t another car waiting to make a left-hand turn. That crazy “dash” was well-deserving of a ticket.

And now talking about crazy drivers; just this week, I was forced to wait twice at a left-hand turning signal, and only due to idiotic people likely playing with the cell phones. In spite of laying on my horn, I still missed that first light both times. I’ve always disliked that Taft and Hwy 122 intersection, but after these recent “double-waits” due to mindless drivers, I’m now on the border of hating of it.

My early afternoon appointment was to meet with a seller to present an offer on her home, and after a good long visit, she decided on a counter-offer, so I made the changes, had her initial and sign, and after she left, I scanned and emailed it to the buyers’ agent with a note saying, “Because the seller’s made a considerable price drop, she’s instructed me to tell you that your buyers can do all the inspections they want, but she’ll not make one repair concession.” About an hour later, I received an email saying the counter-offer was accepted by the buyers. That was chalked-up as one more sale for this week.

The remainder of my afternoon was spent with drop-ins and appointments with a seller and a buyer on a home I listed today. I first met with the seller, and then called the buyer who’d been waiting for it to be listed, as he’d known it was coming on the market and having made several prior contacts with my sellers. After several hours of back and forth dickering, we managed to get that one put together as well. Yeah! Two in one day! In situations like this, I can freely say, “If one’s good, then two should be better.” Yes, that line is but one more of my grandmother’s clever remarks.

My morning is going to be filled-up with desk work and showings I have scheduled, and hopefully I’ll have a few free hours in the afternoon to get some down-time from it all so I can continue working on my project. Yes, I’ve got a few more hairy and sticky ceiling fans to clean. The one in the kitchen is going to need a strong ammonia mixture to cut those multiple layers of grease, so if time allows, I’ll be going on the attack with them.

In spite of our skies being a bit cloudy, it was a far more pleasant day than it’s been of late to where it’s a-feeling more like Spring again, which means I really have to get some tree ordering done before it’s too late, as I’ve finally found a promising grower offering the species I’ve decided upon. I don’t want to make the mistake I made last year by buying from a supplier I’d questioned from the very beginning.

Now that I provided you with last night’s recipe for pie crust, I thought it appropriate to share one for a pie filling, and since my mother was a master at making lemon meringue pies from scratch, I thought the one I selected, all the worthy of a try.

Lemon Meringue Pie

  • 1 cup water
  • A pinch of salt
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 2 level tablespoons sugar for the meringue
  • 2 level tablespoons cornstarch
  • 2 eggs
  • The juice and grated rind of 1 lemon
  • Pastry

Boil the water and sugar together, add the cornstarch moistened with a little cold water, and cook five minutes. Then put in the yolks of the eggs, the lemon juice, rind and salt. Cool slightly and pour into a previously baked crust. Cover with a meringue made by beating the whites of the eggs with the two tablespoons of sugar. Put into a moderately warm oven to set and brown the meringue.

The reason so many meringues are failures, is because they are baked in too hot an oven and consequently browned before the white of the egg has had time to set all the way through.

Tonight’s One-liner is: I am, as I am; whether hideous, or handsome, depends only upon who is made judge.

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