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Another cool and damp day happened again, and in spite of the sun trying to break thru ever-so often, it didn’t seem able to get past our high cloud cover, but now that we’re on the down-hill slide of March, our days will continue to get longer and warmer. Yeah!

My early morning appointments were taken up with getting another home sold which made it my “two-in-a-row” week. I’m not looking for any problems with either their loan approval or the appraisal on the home, so it should be one more my sales that’ll close with a soft landing.

I’m continuing to diligently work at getting that main floor unit over at Prairie Place sold, as it’s been getting a great deal of activity these past weeks. I spoke with both buyers today, and it sounds like they’re still riding their fences in regards to making a transition from stand-alone homes, to senior community living. I’ve been very patient and understanding, but sometimes I’d like to say, “Take care, as each year that passes, weighs all the heavier on all of us.” Without a doubt, it’s mostly all about the fear of change, and remember, fear is the greatest of our evils.

After grabbing a quick lunch, I headed out to meet another contractor to get a furnace up and running, and instead of there being one person on hand, there were two. For whatever reason, that company must be getting short on jobs to keep their workers busy, so they’re now doubling-up. I’m just glad they won’t be sending me their bloated bill. Oh, and of course, they had to be driving a very expensive pickup truck which looked like it gets a car-washing on a daily basis.

When I arrived back at office, I busied myself with desk work on my two recent sales, and then emailed off the title information to all parties involved. I figured since I didn’t have any pressing appointments, I just as well get it done more sooner than later.

With a little time to kill, I played catch-up on some of our international news with BBC online, and the one that troubled me the most, was a shocking article written about how the Chinese are exploiting the fishing industry in Gambia. It seems if there isn’t one horrible thing happening in Africa, it’s another. If you have time, do give the following link a read.

The factories turning West Africa’s fish into powder

I’m beginning to more fully understand why Mother Nature is turning against the human race, because if this willful destruction of the once sustained productivity of our lands and seas continue, then I guess we’re all going to be feeling “Mother’s” wrath. It always has to do with making a quick buck at the expense of others. Doesn’t it?

I had a real jaw-drop today as I was driving down the back-alley of my building and noticing a not so smartly dressed younger man and woman, digging in the dumpster next to La James. Since it took me a few moments to get my car backed into my parking spot, I continued watching them in the corner of my eye. Oh my gosh! I was so much wishing I hadn’t seen that guy pulling out of a sealed garbage bag, a clear plastic carton half filled with pastries. Yes, the two of them were shoving them down their pie-holes as they waddled down the to the next dumpster. Now that was something you’d expect to see happening in a starving 3rd world country. What is happening with our society?

During one of my phone conversations with a dear one today, I couldn’t help saying, “You know, I’m beginning to remember some of those old statements people would make which have fallen out of use.” He asked for an example, so I offered, “He doesn’t even know sic ’em.” Of course he had to give me his “corrected” example by saying, “He doesn’t even know the difference between sic ’em and come ‘er.” Now how long has it been since you’ve heard someone use that term? Too funny!

We’ve been getting more showings and offers on my listing over in Clear Lake, and I hope the next offer that comes in, puts it under contract, as my seller wants his home sold so he can move onward and upward with his career. If you happen know anyone looking to buy in Clear Lake, please tell them about 404 S. 9th St. which is one heck of a roomy ranch offering all the many extras.

Ok, now it’s time to move on with another recipe from my vintage cookbook, and tonight’s is one of its recipes for pie crust, which is what makes or breaks any pie.  I believe this one is very similar to what my mother used, so here you are.


  • 3 cups flour
  • 1 1/3 cups lard, or shortening
  • 1 level teaspoon salt
  • Ice cold water to mix

Sift the flour and salt together into a bowl, chop in the shortening with a knife till well mixed with the flour. Add ice-cold water to form a dough, cutting and mixing the pastry thoroughly while adding the water. Flour a board and roll the pastry out thinly, rolling only lenghtwise, and keeping the edges straight; then fold evenly into three layers (lengthwise like a sheet of paper would be folded to fit in a business envelope), turn it half around and fold again. Repeat the folding and rolling twice, and chill the pastry if possible before baking. It is the folding and rolling that produce the flakes.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Any truth so uncompromisingly told, will always have its ever-sharp and ragged edges which are the most painful.

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