It Begins with an L

When our afternoon arrived, the temps had risen enough to where it felt like we were right back with the pleasant days we were having before the snow and cold returned. As much as I’m remaining positive we’ll not be having anymore snow this season, I keep reminding myself that we’ve had measurable snow all the way up into the first of May. I’ll never forget my mother speaking about a year back in the 1940’s where they had a snowstorm hit on the 21st of May, and so much so, it froze off their sprouting corn which had to be re-planted. Yes, when living so deeply inland, it’s always a crap shoot when predicting our weather patterns. In spite of global warming, our wobbling jet stream is still capable of sending down a bruising punch of bone-chilling arctic air.

With it being another hectic Friday, I was prepared to be on the run with already scheduled appointments. The first thing on my list, was to get over to my HVAC guy’s office to talk about getting one of those electronic air filters removed and replacing it with changeable filters. He said he could do it, so I gave him the number of the occupant, just so he could make arrangements to get in to work on it.

My next appointment was to have a lease signed by new tenants whom I think are going to be a good fit for the home they’ve rented. Even one of my regular contractors mentioned how nice that house was while working there. I also mentioned how careful they must be when hanging pictures by using sheetrock pins, along with the other types which you can either order online, or purchase at a local hardware store. I shared my recent encounter with walls of a home having over twenty nail holes that were made by galvanized shingle nails. Now that was purely an idiotic disregard on their part. But, they were subsequently charged for their damage, and did pay, but my disgust with them continues to linger. It all goes back to many of our young not having been taught to be respectful of property belonging to others.

My mid-morning appointment was to look at two different homes that may get listed in the near future. Both inspections went very well, and the occupants were pleasant enough to allow me entry so I could take necessary notes, just so I’ll be able to come up with an educated estimate of value for the owners. One of them asked me to take my shoes off, which I agreed, and after they were removed, I kiddingly said, “I’m a bit embarrassed by showing off my striped socks.” That home was clean enough to walk around in socks, but I can tell you many stories about people insisting I take my shoes off, and then later finding how dirty my socks were after removing them at home, which is why I normally wear rubbers during the winter, just so I don’t have to take my shoes off. By the way, don’t you find it a bit odd when seeing nearly no men wearing rubbers any longer? As expensive good shoes have become, you would think they’d work at taking better care of them. Oops, I keep forgetting we’re living in a throw away world.

I did manage to have time to get the last of those windows washed, and as I was driving away, I gave it a good rubber-necking, along with comparing them to its surrounding homes. Yes, I’d say its windows are now the cleanest in that entire block. As my years have climbed, I’ve found myself loving natural light all the more to where I can’t even stand being in another’s darkened residence. One of the homes I was in today, was a classic example of that tenant’s attempt at making his whole main floor feel like an earthen cave. Not only were his blinds and heavy curtains pulled, his walls were painted a near chocolate brown. Yes, there certainly are different strokes for different folks.

Now that we’re on the heels of this year’s vernal equinox, I want to mention again how important it is for everyone to be watching their early morning and late afternoon driving, and only because most of our streets are on a true east/west grid, and when driving straight into that rising or setting sun, one’s visibility is greatly diminished. I daren’t think how many more car accidents there are during our two equinox periods.

Once we’re past the equinox, we’re going to be finding some real greening-up of our landscapes. It won’t be long when we’ll be seeing our farmers out in their fields, so to get them prepared for yet another growing season. I checked on my seed flats, and just today, I noticed several pepper seeds beginning to sprout. The grow-box of my specialty hedge seeds will mostly likely take longer to germinate, and if they all grow, I’ll be babying them immensely.

My mid-afternoon closing took place without a hitch, and upon returning to my office, I called the buyers’ relative to come and pick up keys and the abstract. As chance would have it, he was already Downtown, and able to make a quick arrived at my front door. We had a good chat about how much that’s going to be a near-perfect fit for their needs, along with my assurance of stopping out to see them when they’re fully settled. What a wonderful site onto which a dream home was built. Yes, those buyers got lucky.

One of my clients called today to tell me about an encounter she’d had with our postal service. Unbeknownst to her, our local postal service is now insisting on any new owners of homes with letter slots, to have ground level post mailboxes installed, and given a very short period of time to do it, or they’ll hold their mail until they’re erected. Knowing that district as well as I do, I couldn’t help saying, “If they’re insisting on those mailboxes, they you have every right to demand they not walk across your front lawn, as I’ve noticed distinct paths that’ve been created by its postal carrier who’s not using those homeowners’ sidewalks.” The question was posed, “Why do they do that?”, and my only answer was, “It begins with an L and ends with a Y, and you know the rest it.” At least we got a few much-needed uplifting chuckles over it, along with now knowing yet another of local USPS rules. Will they ever end?

Tonight’s One-liner is: If you don’t know what you want, you’ll end up with a lot you don’t.

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