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It was a bit of a weird beginning of a day due to my having been awakened around 3:00 a.m. this morning, and later finding myself unable to fall back to sleep, so after several wasted hours of counting sheep, I decided to get up, and prepare myself for a very early journey to office where I’d have more than enough time to catch up on emails and correspondence. Even when finished, I found it still before the hour of eight, so I picked up the phone and gave a much-needed return phone call to my dear friend.

We had a nice long chat, and happy to hear she’s already been jabbed with her first vaccine, and waiting for the days to pass so she can get her second. It appears our conspiracy theories are still going strong with some thinking those shots have got some sort of microscopic chips in them to where they’ll forever be under 24 hour surveillance by our government. Where in the world do people come up with such craziness? They certainly must be reading all that hogwash on the dark net.

Looks like we’re going to have to be all the more careful with our computers since Biden called out Putin to be exactly what he is, so now there’ll likely being a kicking-back from that Soviet-style kleptocrat by ordering even more computer hackings, along with polluting our social medias with fake information. He’s another world leader who definitely has some serious psychological issues which should’ve been addressed decades ago. I’m still of the belief that both Russia and China are in secret, financially fueling the fires of our Country’s far-right and far-left movements.

I just read today where both Josh Hawley and Marjorie Taylor Greene have recently reported record donations to their political war chests. Now doesn’t it make a person question, from where and whom, those funds are coming from. Again, I wouldn’t put it past our not so friendly Russian and Chinese governments having a hand in it. Every time I see those two, the only word that comes to mind is, “possessed”. It’ll be a cold day in Hell before I forget what Hawley did when he egged those Capitol rioters on by raising his clenched fist. They’re but two more classic examples of politicians using their so-called religious beliefs, only to promote their own secretive secular agendas.

My first appointment out of office, was to meet at a home we’re closing on tomorrow, with a close relative of the buyers, just to do a final walk-thru for them, as they’re on their way across our Country and won’t be arriving until Monday. The home was in exceptionally good condition, and glad the sellers didn’t leave it dirty or any personal property behind. There’s no doubt that home was meticulously built, and will likely out-last all our other cheaply-built homes of today. When looking out at its a stunning river view, I found myself all the more wanting to be surrounded by such natural beauty. For sure, its new owners will be in hog heaven once summer arrives.

With about an hour to kill, I stopped over at my project of washing windows, and cleaned a few more, so if tomorrow’s weather is pleasant, I’ll be able to get them knocked out and finally chalked-up as one more belated chore. The only reason I didn’t get them finished earlier this week, was due to my having to take the really dirty ones outside and give them a good washing with that mixture of muriatic acid and water, as I certainly didn’t want to do it inside the house. It always makes me a bit nervous working with it, but oh boy, does it get rid of all that caked on cement dust and dirt. The few people I’ve mentioned my using an acid wash, hadn’t heard of such until I spoke about it. Yes, that’s but another example of how many of our tried and true homemade formulas have long been forgotten.

My second appointment was to meet an old client of mine out at a home her grandparents owned over a half century ago. Since it happened to be recently listed for sale, I called the agent and asked if I could walk her thru it, which she agreed. By the time we finished looking, I’m pretty sure she’s now wishing she’d never asked, because it looked much different, and in a very bad way. As many times I’ve encouraged people to never go back thru a “closed door” of their past, they still do it, and usually sorry for it. There’s no way in “yell” I’d want to walk back thru that “door” of the big farm we lived on when I was very young, because I know fully well, it isn’t even close to looking like it did when we lived there, and again, mostly due to it’s continued deterioration caused by neglect and abuse by multiple ownerships.

The reason I encourage people not to go back down those old roads, are their fond memories being suddenly distorted, and then subsequently polluted forever. Like they say, “God gave us memory, just so we can have roses in December.” Of course there are those who live in their own distorted pasts, so if a given house and furniture were frozen in time, and you’d hand-walk one of those mindsets back thru it, they’d be in denial. I personally know a handful of people with such mindsets. Just last week I re-read a letter I received some years ago from just such a person, and after reading it once more, all I came up with was, “I’m convinced she’s deranged to the point of there being no help available.” Some years ago I challenged her reasoning abilities, and her only response was, “I only listen to what I want to hear, and no matter how much you try to make me listen, I won’t hear what you’re saying.” That was but one more of my many clues.

It looks like I’ll be having a full day tomorrow with my inspection of three homes which may possibly be new listings. I’ve done some preliminary research on them, but I won’t have any real ideas of value until I do a personal inspection on them. Remember my talking about buying a can of soup without its label? Well, that’s what it’s like when trying to do a windshield valuation where you know it’s a house, but you don’t know it’s “ingredients” are.

Tonight’s One-liner is: When people talk, listen completely, as most never listen.

Joe Chodur

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